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Craftsman 919.167370 Owner's Manual

Permanently lubricated tank mounted air compressor
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Tank Mounted
Safety Guidelines
and Adjustments
Read the Safety Guidelines
and All Instructions Carefully Before
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179
Visit our Craftsman website:
Rev. o 11J14Jo7



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  • Page 1 Safety Guidelines Assembly Operation Maintenance Service and Adjustments Troubleshooting Repair Parts CAUTION." Read the Safety Guidelines and All Instructions Carefully Before Operating. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman website: N000317 Rev. o 11J14Jo7...
  • Page 2 FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY AiR COMPRESSOR If this CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, Sears will at its option repair or replace it free of charge. Contact your nearest Sears Service Center (1-800-4-MY-HOME ®) to arrange for repair, or return the Air...
  • Page 3: Glossary

    Model N e. 919-187370 Running HP "1.1 Bore 1-7/8" St re ke 1-1/4" Voltage-Single Phase 120V Minimum Branch Circuit Requirement 15 amps Fuse Type Time Delay Air Tank Capacity Approx. Cut-In Approx. Cut-out *SCFM @ 40 psig *SCFM @ 90 psig *(Tested per ISO 1217) Refer to Glossary for abbreviations.
  • Page 4 _This product contains chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. not operate this unit until you read and understand this instruction manual for safety, operation and maintenance instructions.
  • Page 5 RISK TO BREATHING (ASPHYXiATiON) WHAT CAN HAPPEN HOW TO PREVENT iT The compressed air directly from • Air obtained directly from the com- your compressor is not safe for pressor should never be used to breathing. The air stream may con- supply air for human consumption.
  • Page 6: Accessories

    • Unauthorized modifications to the • The air tank is designed to with- safety valve or any other compo- stand specific operating pressures. nents which control air tank pres- Never make adjustments or parts sure. substitutions to alter the factory set operating pressures.
  • Page 7 RiSK FROM FLYING OBJECTS WHAT CAN HAPPEN HOW TO PREVENT iT • The compressed air stream can • Always wear certified safety equip- cause soft tissue damage to merit: ANSI Z87.1 eye protection exposed skin and can propel dirt, (CAN/CSA Z94.3) with side shields chips, loose particles, and small when using the compressor.
  • Page 8 RISK OF UNSAFE OPERATION WHAT CAN HAPPEN HOW TO PREVENT IT • Unsafe operation of your air com- • Review and understand all instruc- pressor could lead to serious injury tions and warnings in this manual. or death to you or others. •...
  • Page 9: Duty Cycle

    Become familiar with these terms before operating the unit. CFM: Cubic feet per minute. SCFM: Standard cubic feet per minute; a unit of measure of air delivery. PSIG: Pounds per square inch gauge; a unit of measure of pressure. Code Certification: Products that bear one or more of the following marks: UL, CUL, ETL, CETL, have been evaluated by OSHA certified independent safety...
  • Page 10 Unpacking Remove unit from carton and discard all packaging. HOW TO SET UP YOUR UNIT IMPORTANT: The outlet being used must be installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and Location of the Air Compressor ordinances. Locate the air compressor in a clean, dry and well ventilated area.
  • Page 11 Extension Cords Voltage and Circuit Protection Refer to the specification chart for the Using extension cords is not recommended. The use of extension voltage and minimum branch circuit requirements. cords will cause voltage to drop resulting in power loss to the motor _Risk of Unsafe and overheating.
  • Page 12 Know Your Air Compressor READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR UNIT. Compare the illustrations with your unit to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Tank Pressure Gauge Safety Valve...
  • Page 13 Drain Valve: The drain valve is Before Starting located at the base of the air tank Break-in Procedure and is used to drain condensation the end of each use. _Risk of Unsafe Operation. Serious damage may result if the following break-in instructions are not closely...
  • Page 14 How to Start: Before Each Start-Up: Place On/Auto/Off lever to Turn the On/Auto/Off lever to "ON/AUTO" and allow tank "OFF" and close air regulator. pressure to build. Motor will Pull regulator knob out, turn stop when tank pressure reaches counterclockwise until it stops.
  • Page 15 Customer Responsibilities Before Daily each or after each 3heck Safety Valve • Drain Tank • To Drain Tank _Bisk of Unsafe Operation. Unit Set the On/Auto/Off lever to cycles automatically when power "OFF" and unplug unit. is on. When servicing, you may Pull the regulator knob out and be exposed...
  • Page 16 ALL MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Unscrew the check valve (turn OPERATIONS NOT LISTED MUST counterclockwise) using a socket wrench. BE PERFORMED BY TRAINED SERVICE TECHNiCiAN. Make sure the valve disc moves freely inside the check valve _Risk of Unsafe and the spring holds the disc in Operation.
  • Page 17 To Replace Regulator Release all air pressure from air tank. See "To Drain Tank" in the Maintenance section. Unplug unit. Using an adjustable wrench or specified wrench remove the Hose Clamp gauges (7/16" wrench), quick connect (13/16" wrench), and safety valve (9/16" wrench) from the regulator manifold.
  • Page 18 Before you store the air compressor, _Risk of Bursting. Water will make sure you do the following: condense in the air tank. if not Review the Maintenance section drained, water will corrode on the preceding pages and weaken the air tank causing a risk perform scheduled maintenance of air tank rupture.
  • Page 19 Risk of Unsafe Operation. Unit cycles automatically when power is on. When servicing, you may be exposed to voltage sources, compressed air, or moving parts. Before servicing unit unplug or disconnect electrical supply to the air compressor, bleed tank of pressure, and allow the air compressor to cool.
  • Page 20 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Pressure reading It is normal for "some" If there is an excessive on the regulated pressure drop to occuK amount of pressure drop pressure gauge when the accessory is used, drops when an adjust the regulator following accessory is the instructions in the...
  • Page 21 PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Motor will not Fuse blown, circuit breaker Check fuse box for blown run. tripped. fuse and replace as necessary. Reset circuit breaker. Do not use a fuse or circuit breaker with higher rating than that specified for your particular branch circuit.
  • Page 22 Air Compressor Model Number 919.167370 ..11/07TS N000317 Compressor _ MODEL NUMBER 919.16737 N000317 22- ENG...
  • Page 23: Assembly

    A19718 Check Valve SSP-473 Nut Sleeve Assembly (5/16") CAC-1254 Pump Isolator ¢20 SSF-621 Screw N000321 Nameplate LA-3069 Craftsman Label LA-3027 Drain Tank Label LA-3108 Hot Surface Label D20675 Quick Connect Body LA-3266 Warning Label 1000001262 Tool Rating Label D28123 Wheel ¢37...
  • Page 24 Air Compressor Model Number 919.167370 N000317 24- ENG...
  • Page 25 Air Compressor Model Number 919.167370 ITEM PART DESCRIPTION 101 1000001685 Right Shroud 102 1000001684 Left Shroud 103 CAC-1196 Head 104 1000001269 Tube Seal 105 Z-A05346 Outlet Tube 106 Z-D24819 Head Gasket 107 Z-A08548 Valve Plate Assembly 108 A03865 Gasket 109 Z-A04714 Pump Assembly 110 AC-0815 Timing Belt...
  • Page 26 GARANTJA TOTAL DE UN Al_iO DEL COMPRESOR DE AIRE Si este compresor de aire Craftsman fallase debido a defectos de materiales o de fabricaci6n dentro del ano de su fecha de compra, Sears, a su opci6n, Io reparara o reemplazara sin costo alguno.
  • Page 27 Modelo N ° 9t9.167370 "1,1 HP de Trabajo Diametro interior 1-7/8 po (47,6 mm) Carrera 1-1/4 po (31,8 mm) 120V Voltaje-corriente manof_sica Circuito minimo requerido Tipo de fusibleAcci6n retardada Capacidad de aire en el tanque 17 Galones (56,8 litros) Presi6n de corte de entrada 120 psig Presi6n de corte de salida 150 psig...
  • Page 28 RIESGO DE EXPLOSION O INCENDIO _,QUE PUEDE SUCEDER? COMO EVITARLO • Es normal que los contactos electricos • Opere siempre el compresor en un dentro del motor y el interruptor de Area bien ventilada libre de materiales presi6n produzcan chispas, combustibles, gasolina o vapores de solventes.
  • Page 29 " Los materiales pulverizados come " Trabaje en un Area con buena pintura, solventes para pinturas, ventilaci6n cruzada. Lea y siga las removedor de pintura, insecticidas y instrucciones de seguridad que se herbicidas pueden contener vapores proveen en la etiqueta o en la ficha da_inos y venenos.
  • Page 30 Neum_ticos: El inflado excesivo de los neumAticos Utilice un medidor de presi6n de podria causar lesiones graves y dado a neumAticos para controlar la presi6n la propiedad de 8stos antes de cada uso y mientras los infla; observe el flanco para vet la presi6n correcta del neum_tico.
  • Page 31 RIESGO DE OBJETOS DESPEDNDOS COMO EVITARLO _,QUE PUEDE SUCEDER? Utilice siempre equipo de seguridad La corriente de aire comprimido puede certificado: anteojos de seguridad provocar lesiones en los tejidos blandos de la piel expuesta y puede impulsar ANSI Z87.1 (CAN/CSA Z94.3) con protecci6n lateral al usar el compresor.
  • Page 32 " Intentar hacer funcionar el compresor Cualquier reparaci6n requerida por con partes da_adas o faltantes, o este producto debe ser realizada por intentar reparar el compresor sin las un centro de servicio de un centro de cubiertas protectoras puede exponerlo servicio autorizado.
  • Page 33 Familiaricese con los siguientes t6rminos, antes de operar la unidad: CFM: (Cubic feet per minute) Pies cObicos per minute. SOFM: (Stardard cubic feet per minute) Pies cObicos estAndar per minute; una unidad de medida que permite medir la cantidad de entrega de aire. PSIG: (Pound per square inch) Libras per pulgada cuadrada.
  • Page 34 Desempaque Extraiga la unidad de su caja y descarte todas las partes de embalaje. COMO PREPARAR LA UNIDAD IMPORTANTE: El tomacorriente que ser_ utilizado debera haber sido conectado a tierra conforme a todos los c6digos Ubicaci6n del compresor de aire locales y ordenanzas.
  • Page 35 Cables de extensi6n el_ctrica Protecci6n del voltaje y del circuito No se recomienda la utilizaci6n de cables Acerca del voltaje y la minima cantidad de de extensi6n el6ctrica. El uso de cables circuitos requeridos, refi@ase al cuadro de especificaciones. de extensi6n el6ctrica originarA una caida de tensi6n, Io que determinarA una Riesgo de Operacibn p@dida de potencia del motor as[ como...
  • Page 36 Conozca su cornpresor de aire LEA ESTE MANUAL DEL PROPIETARIO Y SUS NORMAS DE SEGURIDAD ANTES DE OPERAR LA UNIDAD. Compare las ilustraciones contra su unidad a fin de familiarizarse con la ubicaci6n de los distintos controles y regulaciones. Conserve este manual para referencias futuras.
  • Page 37 V_lvula de drenaje: La valvula de drenaje Antes de poner en marcha se encuentra ubicada sobre la base del Procedimiente para el asentamiento tanque de aire y se usa para drenar la condensaci6n al fin de cada uso. Riesgo de Operacidn Insegura.
  • Page 38 Antes de cada puesta en marcha: C6mo porter en marcha: Coloque el interruptor On/Auto/Off en la Mueva la palanca On/Auto/Off a la posici6n "OFF" y cierre el regulador de posici6n "ON/AUTO" y deje que se aire. incremente la presi6n del tanque. El motor se detendra una vez alcanzado el Tire de la perilla del regulador, gire en valor de presi6n "de corte"...
  • Page 39 Responsabilidades deJ cliente Antes Diadamente cada o luegode cada _/erifique la v_lvula de seguridad • Drenaje del tanque • C6mo drenar el tanque Riesgo de Operaci6n Apagar la unidad colocando Insegura: La unidad arranca interruptor en On/Auto/OFF autom_ticamente cuando est_ "OFF".
  • Page 40 TODO TIPO DE MANTENIMiENTO Desenrosque la valvula reguladora (gire Y OPERACIONES DE REPARACION en sentido antihorario) utilizando una NO MENCIONADOS, DEBERAN SER Ilave tubular. EFECTUADOS POR PERSONAL TECNICO AsegQrese que el disco de la valvula se ESPECIALIZADO. mueva libremente dentro de la v&lvula Riesgo de reguladora y que el resorte sujete al Operacibn...
  • Page 41 Para reemplazar el regulador Drene la presi6n del tanque de aire. Vea las instrucciones para el "Drenaje del tanque de aire" en la secci6n Mantenimiento. Desenchufe la unidad. Usando una Ilave de tuercas regulable o una Ilave especifica para Hose Clamp cada caso, saque los medidores (7/16 pulg.), el acople de conexi6n r_pida (13/16 pulg.) y la v_lvula de...
  • Page 42 Antes de guardar su compresor de aire, Riesgo de Explosi6n. asegLirese de hacer Io siguiente: El agua se Revise la secci6n Mantenimiento condensa dentro del tanque de aire. Si no se drena, ella corroer_ debilitando las pAginas precedentes y ejecute paredes del tanque de aire, originando el mantenimiento...
  • Page 43 Riesgo de Operacibn Insegura: La unidad arranca autom_ticamente cuando est_ enchufada. AI hacer el mantenimiento, el operador puede quedar expuesto a fuentes de corriente de aire comprimido o a piezas movibles. Antes de intentar hacer reparaciones, desconectar el compreser del tomacorriente, drenar la presi6n de aire del tanque y esperar a que el compresor...
  • Page 44 PROBLEMA CORRECClON CAUSA Si hubiese una caida excesiva La lectura de la Es normal que ocurra algLin de presi6n durante el uso del presi6n sobre un descenso en la presi6n. accesorio, ajuste el regulador de man6metro acuerdo a las instrucciones de la viene equipado secci6n Operaci6n.
  • Page 45 PROBLEMA CORRECClON CAUSA El motor no Verifique la caja de fusibles Fusible fundido; interrupter funciona. observando la existencia de fusibles automatico del circuito disparado. fundidos y sustitt_yalosen caso de necesidad. Restablezcael interruptor automatico. No use un fusible o interruptorautom_ticocon valores que excedan los especificados para la rama de su circuito.
  • Page 46: Installation

    Repair Protection Agreements Reparaciones Congratulations on making a smart Felicitaclones per hacer una compra purchase. Your new Craftsman ® product inteligente. Su nueva unidad Craftsman ® est& is designed and manufactured for years disehada y fabricada para ahos de operacion of dependable operation.
  • Page 47 47-SP N000317...
  • Page 48 Your Home For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters.