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CRAFTSMAN 171.25490 Owner's Manual Page 7

Industrial router table.
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NOTE: It l_e head of the screw is "V-shaped"
you wltl
be countersinking.
ff the head of the screw is net "V-shaped" you
will be counterboring
With lhe desired bit in the ,'outer, select a throat plate
insert with a center h01e slightly larger than the diameter
of the router bit, NOTE: For bits 1- =/_" diameler and
larger, do nol use an Insert.
8. Countersink or counterbore holes into the throat
plate to a depth so the heads of the screws are
slightly below the top surface of the throat plate.
9. Now select a drill bit with a diameter thai is lhe same
as or slightly bigger than the threads on the screws.
Drill holes through the throat plate at the previously
countersunk or counterbored holes. Use care so drill
goes through the centers of these holes.
10. Assemble the throat plate to the table as described
in a previous section.
11. Assemble the router to the throat plate as de-
scribed above using the screws thai held the
base plata to the router. Put the base plate in a
convenient location for storage.
WARNING: Do not use bits having diameters larger
than 2".
The throat plate inserts are designed to be snapped into
tr_e throat plate. Slide the large tang under the edge of
the large hole in the throat piate as shown in Figure 9.
Using your thumb, press down on the insert until the
small tang snaps into position.
To remove the insed, place the point of a small screw-
driver into the slot (with the small tang) and pry the insert
out of the throat plate.
Use Screwdriver to
Remove Table Insert
Use thumb pressure to
snap table inserl imo
Throat plate


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