Operation; Maintenance; Lubrication; Impact Clutch Lubrication - Craftsman 875.191180 Owner's Manual

Pneumatic 1/2" drive impact wrench
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Figure I - Air Hose Hook Up
This tools power output may be adjusted by rotating the
regulator valve (fig. 2) until desired output is achieved.
The settings on the regulator are only for reference only
and do not denote a specific power output. Turn clock-
wise to zero for less power and counterclockwise
to four
for maximum power. Push reverse pin towards the rear of
tool for reverse and towards the front of the tool for
forward (fig 3). Power is regulated in both forward and
reverse direction.
An in-line filter-regulator-lubricator
(fig 1) is recommended
as it increases tool life and keeps the tool in sustained
operation. The in-line lubricator should be regularly
checked and filled with air tool oil. Proper adjustment of
the in-line lubricator is performed by placing a sheet of
paper next to the tools exhaust ports and holding the
throttle open approximately
30 seconds. The lubricator is
properly set when a light stain of oil collects on the paper.
Excessive amounts of oil should be avoided.
In the event that it becomes necessary to store the tool for
an extended period of time (overnight, weekend, etc.), it
should receive a generous amount of lubrication through
the air inlet (fig 3). The tool should be run for
approximately 30 seconds to ensure oil has been evenly
distributed throughout the tool. The tool should be stored
in a clean and dry environment.
Figure 2
Regulator Valve
Figure 3
Tool Diagram
Once a bolt or fastener is seated, impacting for longer
than five (5) seconds will cause excessive wear and
possible damage to the impacting Mechanism. If it
takes longer than five seconds to tighten or loosen your
bolt or fastener, we recommend the use of a larger size
impact wrench.
Use air tool oil or any other
high grade turbine oil containing moisture absorbent, rust
inhibitors, metal wetting agents and an EP (extreme
pressure) additive.
(See Fig. 3 for Iooation/air inlet).
Impact clutch lubrication:
The tool reservoir in the anvil
housing should be checked every 40 hours of operation.
Remove the oil plug From the housing and hold tool so
the oil port is lower than the anvil housing. Drain oil.
Measure and refill with approximately 1 oz. (30 ml) of SAE
30 weight oil. Never overfill the anvil mechanism or
excessive pressure will be created reducing tool speed
and power, if the tool becomes sluggish after adding oil,
remove a small amount of oil and check performance
again. (Fig 3 Oil Port Hole)

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