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Operation - Craftsman 315.ID2000 Operator's Manual

3/8 in. impact wrench 19.2 volt
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Do not allow familiarity with this
product to make you careless. Remember that a
careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict
serious injury.
Always wear eye protection with side
shields marked to comply with ANSI Z87.1. Failure to
do so could result in objects being thrown into your
eyes, resulting in possible serious injury.
Do not use any attachments or
accessories not recommended by the manufacturer
of this product. The use of attachments or
accessories not recommended can result in serious
personal injury.
You may use this product for the purpose listed below:
 Driving nuts and bolts using an impact rated socket
This product will accept Craftsman 19.2 V lithium-ion bat-
tery packs and Craftsman 19.2 V nickel-cadmium battery
For complete charging instructions, see the Operator's
Manuals for your battery pack and charger models.
Craftsman 19.2 V lithium-ion batteries are designed with
features that protect the lithium-ion cells and maximize
battery life. Under some operating conditions, these built-
in features may cause the battery and the tool it is power-
ing to act differently from nickel-cadmium batteries.
During some applications, the battery electronics may
signal the battery to shut down, and cause the tool to stop
running. To reset the battery and tool, release the trigger
and resume normal operation.
NOTE: To prevent further shut down of the battery, avoid
forcing the tool.
If releasing the trigger does not reset the battery and
tool, the battery pack is depleted. If depleted, the battery
pack will begin charging when placed on the lithium-ion
See Figure 2, page i.
The C3 energy indicator window located on the side of
the handle, just above the base, will light when a PP2010
or PP2000 Craftsman 19.2 V lithium-ion battery pack is
installed and has charge.
NOTE: Feature will not light with Craftsman 19.2 V nickel-
cadmium battery packs.


See Figure 2, page i.
To install the battery pack:
 Place the direction of rotation selector in the center
 Insert the battery pack into the product as shown.
 Make sure the latches on each side of the battery pack
snap in place and that battery pack is secured in the
product before beginning operation.
To remove the battery pack:
 Depress the latches on each side of the battery pack.
 Remove the battery pack from the tool.
ing condition. Therefore, the switch should always be
locked when not in use or carrying at your side.
See Figure 3, page i.
To turn the product ON, depress the switch trigger. To turn
it OFF, release the switch trigger.
The switch trigger can be locked in the OFF position. This
feature can be used to prevent the possibility of accidental
starting when not in use. To lock switch trigger, place the
direction of rotation selector in center position.
The variable speed switch trigger delivers higher speed
with increased trigger pressure and lower speed with de-
creased trigger pressure.
See Figure 3, page i.
The direction of shank rotation is reversible and is con-
trolled by a selector located above the switch trigger.
With the impact wrench held in normal operating position,
the direction of rotation selector should be positioned to
the left of the switch trigger for forward impacting. The
impacting direction is reversed when the selector is to the
right of the switch trigger.
Setting the switch trigger in the OFF (center lock) position
helps reduce the possibility of accidental starting when
not in use.
the shank to come to a complete stop before chang-
ing the direction of rotation.
To stop the impact wrench, release the switch trigger and
allow the shank to come to a complete stop.
8 - English
Battery products are always in operat-
To prevent gear damage, always allow

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