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Model No. 247.762460
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Sears Brands
IL 60179, U.S.A.
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  • Page 1 SAFETY ASSEMBLY OPERATION MAINTENANCE CAUTION" Before using this PARTS LIST product, read this manual o ESPAKIOL follow all safety rules and operating instructions. Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our website: FormNo. 769-08750A (January21,2013)
  • Page 2 FOR TWO YEARS f rom thedateofpurchase, thisproductiswarranted against a nydefects in material o rworkmanship. Defective p roduct w ill receive free repairorfreereplacement if repairisunavailable. Forwarrantycoverage d etails to obtainrepair or replacement, This warrantycovers ONLY d efects in material a ndworkmanship. Warranty coverage d oesNOT include: •...
  • Page 3 Thissymbolpointsout importantsafety instructionswhich, if not Thismachinewasbuilt to beoperatedaccordingto the safeoperation followed, could endangerthe personalsafetyand/or property of practicesin this manual.Aswith anytype of powerequipment, yourself and others.Readandfollow all instructions in this manual carelessness o r error on the part of the operatorcanresultin seriousinjury. beforeattempting to operatethis machine.Failureto complywith these Thismachineiscapableof amputating fingers, hands,toesandfeet and instructions m ay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis symbol, HEED...
  • Page 4 Always stop e ngine when edging or t rimming is delayed or when Never r emove gascapor addfuel whileengineishot or running. Allow transporting machine from one l ocation toanother. engineto coolat leasttwo minutes beforerefueling. Never leave arunning machine unattended. Stop the engine, disconnect Never o ver-fillfuel tank.Toallowforexpansion of the fuel,do not fill above spark plug w ire a nd g round...
  • Page 5 SPARK ARRESTOR According to the Consumer Products S afetyCommission ( CPSC) andthe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), thisproducthasanAverage Useful Lifeofseven(7)years, o r 70hoursof operation. A tthe endof the Average Useful L ifehavethe machine inspected annually byanauthorized service Thismachineisequippedwith an internalcombustionengine andshould dealerto ensure thatall mechanical andsafetysystems areworkingproperly not be usedon or nearany unimprovedforest-covered,brushcoveredor andnot wornexcessively.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT: Thisunit isshipped without gasoline or oil inthe engine.Becertainto service enginewithgasoline andoil asinstructed i n the Operation sectionbefore Blade Control startingor runningyourmachine. Upper NOTE: Reference t o right andleft handsideof the edgerisobserved from the Handle operatingposition. Assembly Handle Remove a nddiscard anypackaging cardboard thatmaybepresent b etweenthe Z-Fitting upperhandle a ndthe lowerhandle.
  • Page 7 Securing Blade D epth C ontrol C able Unwrapthe bladedepthcontrolcableandrouteit upthe rightside of the handle. Pullthe depthcontrolleverout of the first positionof thedepthcontrol bracket. Pushleverall the wayforward. Release l everinto lastpositionof bracket. Hook the Zendofthe depthcontrolcableinto the holeonthe depthcontrol leverasshownin Figure 4. Starter Rope Locate the ropeguideandwingknobfoundinthe manualbag.Usingthe wingknob,secure but donot tighten the ropeguideto the right sideof the...
  • Page 8 Theprimerisusedto pumpgasinto the carburetor a ndaid instartingthe engine. placedinanapplicable notch,it aidsinstabilizingthe edgerwhileedginggrass Use it to startacoldengine,but donot useit to restartawarmengineafterashort alongacurb. shutdown. MeetsANSI S afety Standards Craftsman Edgers c onform to the safetystandard of theAmerican National S tandards I nstitute (ANSI).
  • Page 9 GAS ANDOILFILUUP IMPORTAN# T hisunit isshippedwithoutgasoline oroil inthe engine.Becertainto service enginewith gasoline andoil asinstructed inthis sectionbefore startingor runningyourmachine. OU(one 15ounce bottleshipped w ith unit) FirstTime Use Remove o il fill dipstick(G). S eeFigure 8. Withthe moweronlevelground,emptyentirecontents of oil bottle provided intothe engine oil fill (H). Replace o il fill dipstickandtighten.
  • Page 10 Besurenooneother than the operator isstandingnearthe lawnmower while starting engine or operating mower.Neverrunengine indoors or inenclosed,poorlyventilated areas.Engine exhaust containscarbon monoxide,an odorlessanddeadlygas. Keephands,feet, hair andloose dotNng away from any moving parts on engine andlawnmower. ToStart Engine Movethe bladedepthcontrolleverbackto the START positioninthe adjacent ( top)notch. Push the primerthreetimes.SeeFigure 9.
  • Page 11 Edging AlongACurb Trenching Theright rearwheelof theedgercanbeloweredintooneof five positions to ease Youcanutilizethe edger's optionaltrenching featurein orderto create a wider the taskof edgingalongacurb.Toadjustthe heightof curbwheel,proceed as cutting pathforsuchthingsaslayingwirefor landscape lighting. follows: Lower the right rearwheelbymovingthecurbheightadjustment l ever slightlyto the left. See Figure11. Disconnect the sparkplugwire andground againstthe engine before performing the following steps.
  • Page 12 MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Followthe maintenance s chedule givenbelow.Thischartdescribes s ervice guidelines only.Use the Service Logcolumn to keeptrackofcompleted maintenance t asks.Tolocatethe nearest S ears Service C enter o r to schedule service, Beforeperforming any type of maintenance/service, d isengageall controls andstop the engine.Wait until all moving parts havecometo a complete simplycontactSears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME ®.
  • Page 13 Alwaysstop engine,disconnectsparkplug wire, andground againstengine before performing anytype of maintenanceon your machine. General Recommendations Always observe safetyruleswhenperforminganymaintenance. Thewarrantyonthisedger/trencher doesnot coveritemsthat havebeen subjected to operatorabuse or negligence. Toreceive full valuefrom warranty, o peratormustmaintainthe equipment a s instructed here. Changing of engine-governed s peed will voidengine warranty. All adjustments shouldbe checked a t leastonceeachseason.
  • Page 14 Check Engine Oil Check o il levelbeforeeachoperation. B esureoil levelismaintained. Check t he oil withthe enginestoppedandlevel. Remove t he oil fill dipstick(G)andwipeit clean.SeeFigure 16. Insertandtightendipstick.Remove i t to check the oil level. If the oil levelis nearor belowthe lowerlimit markonthe dipstick,remove the oil filler cap/dipstick, a ndfill with the recommended o il (H)to the upper limit mark(J).Donot overfill.
  • Page 15 Lubrication EdgerBladeCare Wheels Lubricate the wheelsandbearings at leastoncea season witha light oil.Alsoif the Theedgerbladeissharp.Wearleatherwork glovesto protect your hands wheels areremoved for anyreason, l ubricatethe surface ofthe axlebolt andthe when working around the edgerblade. innersurface of the wheelwith light oil. Periodically i nspectthe bladefor cracks, especially ifyoustrikea foreignobject. PivotPoints Replace w hennecessary.
  • Page 16: Belt Replacement

    Carefully remove the belt from off of the pulleys, a gainmakingsureto note Belt Replacement the orientationofthe belt. Discard the belt. SeeFigure 21. NOTE: Toaidin reassembly, notethe orientationofthe drivebelton the two idler pulleys andthe engineflywheel pulleypriorto performingthe followingsteps. Belt Guard SpindleSheave Referto Figure 20.
  • Page 17 Neverstore edgerwith fuel intank indoorsor in poorlyventilated areas where fuel fumes may reachan openflame, spark,or pilot light ason a furnace,water heater, clothesdryer,or gasappliance. PreparingThe Engine PreparingThelawn mower Clean a nd lubricate e dger thoroughly a sdescribed inthelubrication Forengines storedover30 days: instructions.
  • Page 18 Disconnect the spark plugwire andground itagainst t heengine to prevent unintended starting. Before performing anytypeofmaintenance/service, disengage allcontrols andstoptheengine. W aituntilall moving p arts have come toa complete s top. Always wearsafety glasses during operation or whileperforming anyadjustments or repairs. Thissectionaddresses minorserviceissues. T olocate the nearestSearsServiceCenteror to schedule service, s imply contact Searsat 1-800-4-MY-HOME _. 1.
  • Page 20 Craftsman E dger/Trencher-- ModelNo.247.762460 4o I ® Trencher Kit...
  • Page 21 Craftsman E dgedTrencher -- ModelNo.247.762460 687-02022 936-0232 Wave Washer .531 x .781 x .013 Curb Height Adjustment Lever 687-02585 736-0234 Curb Height Adjuster Plate Flat Washer, .385 x 1.5 x .075 687- 02126 736-0258 Flat Washer .385 x 1.0 x .135 ±...
  • Page 22 CraftsmanEngine Model No.09P702-OOO4-F1 ForCraftsmanEdger/TrencherModel No. 247.762460 ® 1 718 0...
  • Page 23 CraftsmanEngine Model No.09P702-OOO4-F1 ForCraftsmanEdger/TrencherModel No. 247.762460 1026J I022 358 ENGINE GASKET SET 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAULKIT 163 d 868@...
  • Page 24 CraftsmanEngine Model No.09P702-OOO4-FI ForCraftsmanEdger/TrencherModel No. 247.762460 1036 EMISSIONS L ABEL 188 _il 745A 9 3328 334_...
  • Page 25 CraftsmanEngine Model No.09P702-OOO4-FI ForCraftsmanEdger/TrencherModel No. 247.762460 318 _i_ 1238 @1°4% 1127 4 1395_:_...
  • Page 26 CraftsmanEngine Model No.09P702-OOO4-FI ForCraftsmanEdger/TrencherModel No. 247.762460 590519 Cylinder Assembly 591108 Rope-Sta rter 299819s Kit-Bushing/Seal (Magneto Side) 691915 Grip-Starter Rope 590569 Sump-Engine 590546 Washer (Flywheel) 590525 Head-Cylinder 793480 Screw (Flywheel Guard) 799586 Gasket-Cylinder Head 590558 Pin-Float Hinge 590522 Tube-Breather 591997 Jet-Main (Standard) 799587 Gasket-Crankcase...
  • Page 27 CraftsmanEngine Model No.09P702-OOO4-FI ForCraftsmanEdger/TrencherModel No. 247.762460 591116 Bowl-Float 590551 Bracket-Mounting (Carburetor) 1022 591255 Gasket-Rocker Cover 793515 Nut (Governor Control Lever) 1023 590513 Cover-Rocker 796503 Dipstick 1026 590515 Rod-Push 691876 Seal-Dipstick Tube 799579 Filter-Air Cleaner Foam 1029 590526 Arm-Rocker (Exhaust) 793514 Bolt (Governor Control Lever)
  • Page 28 Craftsman E dgedTrencher-- M odelNo.247.762460 777S30282 777S32140 Operation Of This Equipment May Create SparksThat Can Start Fires Around Dry Vegetation. A Regulations RelatingToFirs Prevention Requirements. 777S33503 777120102 h_heel Adjustment Bracket (Right Wheel). 777122074 777122073 777D18783...
  • Page 29 (This page applicable inthe U.S.A. and C anada only.) Sears Brands Management Corporation (Sears), the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U,S, EPA) Emission Control System Warranty Statement (Owner's Defect Warranty Rights and Obligations) EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY...
  • Page 30 Congratulations onmakingasmartpurchase. YournewCraftsman ®productisdesigned andmanufactured f or yearsof dependable operation. B utlikeall products, i t mayrequire repairfromtime to time.That'swhenhaving a Repair P rotection Agreement c ansave youmoneyandaggravation. Here'swhat the Repair ProtectionAgreement _ includes: 10,000 [] Expertservice byour professional repairspecialists [] Unlimitedservice and nocharge for partsandlaboronallcovered repairs [] Productreplacementupto $1500 if yourcovered productcan'tbefixed [] Discount o f 25%from regular priceof service andrelatedinstalled p artsnot covered bythe agreement;...
  • Page 31 Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managernylife For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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