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Craftsman 247.77013.0 Operator's Manual

675 series engine power propelled yard vacuum
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675 Series Engine
Model No. 247.77013.0
read this
and follow
and operating
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179, U.S.A.
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FORMNO. 769-03943



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.77013.0

  • Page 1 SAFETY ASSEMBLY OPERATION CAUTION: Before using MAINTENANCE this product, read this PARTS LIST manual and follow o ESPANOL safety rules and operating instructions. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our web site: FORMNO. 769-03943 2/4/2009...
  • Page 2: Back Cover

    Service andMaintenance ......Pages 16-21 Service Numbers ........BackCover One Year Full Warranty on Craftsman Yard Vacuum This equipmentis coveredby a one-yearwarranty,providedthat it is maintained,lubricated,and tunedup accordingto the instructionsin the operator'smanual.Duringthewarrantyyear, if this equipmentexperiencesanyfailuredue to defectsin materialor workmanship, R ETURNIT TO YOURNEARESTSEARSPARTS&...
  • Page 3 This symbol points outimportant safety i nstructions which, This machine was built to be operated according to the ifnotfollowed, could endanger thepersonal safety a nd/ safe operation practices in this manual. As with any type of or property o fyourself andothers. Read a ndfollowall power equipment, carelessness or error on the part of the instructions inthismanual before attempting t ooperate...
  • Page 4: Operation

    Check for any loose parts and tighten to assure SafeBandling of Gasoline: continued safe operation. To avoid personal injury or property damage use extreme care in Do not allow an accumulation of processed material to build handling gasoline. Gasoline is extremely flammable and the vapors up in the discharge...
  • Page 5: Spark Arrestor

    Follow this manual for safe loading, unloading, transporting, SparkArrestor and storage of this machine. Never store the machine or fuel container inside where there is an open flame, spark or pilot light such as a water heater, This machine is equipped with an internal combustion engine and furnace, clothes dryer, etc.
  • Page 6: Safety Symbols

    SafetySymbols This page depicts and describes safety symbols that may appear on this product. Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the machine before attempting to assemble and operate. ° I °_' READ THE OPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read, understand, and follow all instructions in the manual(s) before attempting to assemble...
  • Page 8 IMPORTANT: T his unit is shippedwithoutgasolineor oil in the engine. Be certain to serviceenginewithgasolineand oil as instructedin the separateenginemanualbeforeoperatingyourmachine. Wing Nut NOTE:Referenceto rightand left hand sideof the YardVacuumis Upper Hose observedfrom the operatingposition. Handle Bracket _ Cable Guide Rope Guidejj_ OPENING CARTON Star...
  • Page 9: Attaching The Handle

    ATTACHING THE HANDLE 1. Removethehairpinclips from the handlebracketsand removethe carriagescrewsand wingnuts from the lowerhandle. a. Placethe bottomholesin lowerhandleoverthe pinson the handlebracketsand securewith hairpinclips. See Figure2. b. insert carriagescrewsthroughupperhole in lowerhandlefrom the inside and securewith wingnuts.See Figure2. 2. a. Unfoldthe upperhandleuntil italignswith lowerhandle.Make surethe rope guideis on the rightside of upperhandle.See Figure3.
  • Page 10 ATTACHING THE HOSE ASSEMBLY 1. a. Slidehoseadapterof hoseassemblyintothe baseadapter locatedon the left front of theYardVacuum.See Figure5. b. Pullspringloadedpin out on the baseand align pin with the first hole (closestto the end of the tube) in the hoseadapter. c. Releasethe pin to lock the hosein place. 2.
  • Page 11 ATTACHING THE BLOWER CHUTE NOTE:Thebag must be removedbeforeinstalling t he blowerchute. 1. a. Graspblowerchutewith one handand slide lockingrod on mountingbracketwith otherhand towardengine.Use the end of mountingbracketas leveragewhenslidingthe lockingrod.See Figure8. b. Slip blowerchute overrimof dischargeopeningand release locking rodto securechute in place,as in Figure8. c.
  • Page 12 Drive Control Speed Control Choke Control Starter Lower Hose Bag Handle Bracket Oil Fill Hose Assembl_ Gasoline Fill Hose Handle Plug Wire Nozzle/Hose Blower Chipper Lever Chute Chute Nozzle Nozzle Heig Adjustment Lever Figure10 Nowthat youhaveset up youryardvacuumfor operation,get iMPORTANT:Movethe speedcontrol onlywhenthe engineis acquainted with its controlsand features.These are describedbelow running.Changingthe speedcontrolsettingwith theengine off can and illustratedon this page.This knowledge will allowyou to useyour...
  • Page 13 BAG HANDLE Althoughmulti-viscosity oils (5W30, 10W30, e tc.)improvestarting in coldweather,they will resultin increasedoil consumption when Usedto grasp bagin orderto assistin attaching,removing,and usedabove32°E Checkyourengineoil levelmorefrequentlyto avoid emptyingbag,See Figure10, possibleenginedamagefrom runninglow on oil. Checkthe oil level makingcertain notto rub thedipstickalong the insidewalls of the oil fill tube. This wouldresultin a false dipstick Collectsshreddedmaterialfed throughthe chipperchute or vacuumed reading.Refillto FULL markon dipstick,if necessary.Capacity throughthe nozzleor hose.
  • Page 14: Throttle Control

    Whenmovingthrottlecontrol lever,be carefulof heatedsurfacesand sharpedgeson mufflerguard. ThrottleControl TO START ENGINE ChokeControl Attachspark plugwire and rubberbootto sparkplug. The bag/chuteswitch buttonmustbe fully depressedbythe tip of front tab on baghandleor blowerchute for engineto start. Makesurebag/chuteswitchwire is connectedto engineand groundedto mountingbracket. Gas tank shouldbe filled3/4 to full beforestarting. Movethrottlecontrolto START/RUN (Rabbit) _ position.See Figure11.
  • Page 15 TO REMOVE BLOWER CHUTE Graspblowerchute withone handand pull lock rod on mounting bracketwith otherhand towardengineto release.Referto Figure 8 in the ASSEMBLY section. Removeblowerchutefrom overthe rim of the dischargeopening. USING THE NOZZLE VACUUM Placenozzle/hosevac leverin the top positionon the nozzleto vacuumthroughnozzle.See Figure14. Thespringloaded pin mustbe in the first hole(closestto the end of the tube)of the hoseadapterto operatethe nozzlevac.
  • Page 16: General Recommendations

    Electrode Porcelain Alwaysstopengine and disconnectsparkplug wire beforeperforming I anymaintenanceor adjustments. A lwayswear safetyglassesduring _operation or whileperforminganyadjustmentsor repairs. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS • Alwaysobservesafetyruleswhenperforming anymaintenance. • Thewarrantyon this yardvacuumdoes notcover itemsthat have ,<----.020 inch(.51ram)gap been subjectedto operatorabuseor negligence. T o receivefull valuefromwarranty,operatormustmaintaintheequipmentas Figure16 instructedhere.
  • Page 17 Check Engine Clean Engine Stopengineand wait severalminutesbeforecheckingoil level. • Dailyor beforeevery use,cleangrass,chaff or accumulated With engineon levelground,the oil mustbe to FULLmarkon debrisfrom engine.Keeplinkage,spring,and controlsclean. dipstick. Keepareaaroundand behindmufflerfree of anycombustible debris. Removeoil fill dipstickand wipeclean with cloth. • Keepingenginecleanallowsair movement a roundengine. Replaceandtightendipstick.Removeand checkoil level.Level shouldbe at FULLmark.
  • Page 18: Drive Control

    Beforeperforminganytype of maintenance on the machine,wait for all parts to stop movingand disconnectthe sparkplug wire. Failure I to followthis instructioncould resultin personalinjuryor property [damage. DRIVE CONTROL CABLE ADJUSTMENT Adjustthe drivecontrolcableif the yardvacuumdoesnot self propel with thedrive controlengaged,or if theunit hesitateswhilethe engine maintainsthe same speedafter approximately 20 hoursof use.
  • Page 19 Removeself tappingscrewon rightsideof unitthat attachesto the flailscreen.See Figure20. Removehexscrewon top of rear housingnear mountingbracket and the flangelock nutthat securesflail screen.See Figure20. Removeand cleanthe screenby scrapingor washingwith water. See Figure21. Reinstallthe screen. SHARPENING OR REPLACING CHIPPER BLADE NOTE:Whentippingthe unit, emptythe oil and fuel tank and keep enginespark plug sideup.
  • Page 20 Removethe four screwson the upperhousingthat securethe nozzlecover,See Figure24. Carefullytilt and supportthe unit up to provideaccessunderneath to the nozzlemountinghardwareand impeller.Removethe three shoulderbolts securingthe black plasticlowerflail housingto the lowerhousing.Referto Figure25, Tilt top of black plasticlowerflail housingtowardthe engineto remove. Usinga 3/16"allen wrench,removetheflat headcap screwsthat hold thechipperblade to the impeller.
  • Page 21: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Beforeperforming anytypeof maintenance/service, disengage all Followthe maintenanceschedulegivenbelow.This chart describes controlsandstoptheengine. W aituntilall movingpartshavecometo serviceguidelinesonly. Usethe Service Logcolumnto keeptrackof a completestop.Disconnect sparkplugwireandgrounditagainst t he completedmaintenancetasks.To locate the nearest Sears Service engineto prevent u nintended starting. A lwayswearsafetyglasses during Centeror to scheduleservice,simplycontactSears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
  • Page 22: Preparing The Engine

    Neverstoreyardvacuumwith fuel in tank indoorsor in poorly ventilatedareaswherefuel fumesmay reachan open flame,spark, or pilotlight as on a furnace,water heater,clothesdryer,or gas appliance. PREPARING THE ENGINE PREPARING THE YARD VACUUM Forenginesstoredover30 days: • Whenstoringthe yardvacuumin an unventilated or metalstorage shed, careshouldbe takento rustproofthe non-paintedsurfaces. To preventgumfrom formingin fuel systemor on carburetor Usinga lightoil or silicone,coat the equipment,especiallyany parts, run engineuntilit stopsfrom lackof fuelor add a gasoline...
  • Page 23: Need More Help

    Enginefails to start Throttlelevernot in correctstartingposition Movethrottleleverto START/RUN position. Chokenotin ON position MoveCHOKEto ONposition. Sparkplugwire disconnected Connectwireto spark plug. Faultysparkplug Clean,adjustgap,or replace. Fueltank emptyor stale fuel Filltank with clean, freshgasoline. Cannotpull recoilcord Obstructionlodgedin impeller.Disconnectspark plug wireand removelodgedobject. Safetyswitchnotdepressed Safetyswitch mustbe depressedby the fronttab on thebag handlewhen securingthe bag.
  • Page 24 Craftsman 675 Series Yard Vacuum Model 247.77013.0...
  • Page 25 Craftsman 675 Series Yard Vacuum iVlodel 247.77013.0 Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref.No. Part No. Description 731-0981A HubCap 681-04027 IdlerAssembly(Incl. Ref.#74-80) 749-04163-0637 UpperHandle 710-1650 ShoulderScrew,#12-24x .30x .46 720-0279 Knob 710-1220 Screw,#12-16 x .750 710-1205 EyeBolt 711-04245 ImpellerHub 715-0221 DowelPin 781-1056-0637 UpperHandleBracket 710-0726 HexCapScrew5/16-12x.750...
  • Page 26 Craftsman 675 Series Yard Vacuum iVlodel 247.77013.0...
  • Page 27 Craftsman 675 Series Yard Vacuum iVlodel 247.77013.0 Ref. No. Part No. Description Ref.No. Part No. Description 664-0094 Bag Assembly 664-04039 681-0154-0637 ScreenAssembly 631-0083 ChuteAssembly 710-1054 Hex Screw5/16-24x 1.0 736-0247 FiatWasher.375 ID x 1.25OD 736-0217 LockWasher3/8 781-0490 ChipperBlade 781-0735 Pin Clip 710-1273 HexCap Screw,3/8-24 x 2.75...
  • Page 28 Craftsman 675 Series Engine Model No. 126T02 ForYard Vacuum Model 247.77013.0 j1019 LABEL KI'_ 383_'_ 718_ 1330 REPAIR MANUAL i1058 OWNER'S MANUA_ 505 @...
  • Page 29 Craftsman 675 Series Engine Model No. 126T02 For Yard Vacuum Model 247.77013.0 621 _ _ _;_ _._/ 966_ 443_ 616__ 692 | 633A @ 977 CARBURETOR GASKET 163_137_ 127<3 137( 633G 633A @ 276_ 121 CARBURETOR OVERHAUL 633A@ 633_ 163_...
  • Page 30 Craftsman 675 Series Engine Model No. 126T02 ForYard Vacuum Model 247.77013.0 358 ENGINE GASKET SET __329 REPLACEMENT ENGINE 1 921 '_\ 1005 689 O 1036 EMiSSiONS LABEL...
  • Page 31 Craftsman 675 Series Engine Model No. 126T02 For Yard Vacuum iVlodel 247.77013.0 " 697322 CylinderAssembly 691270 Spring-Valve (Intake) 399269 Kit-Bushing/Seal 691270 Spring-Valve (Exhaust) 299819t Seal-Oil(MagnetoSide) 694086 Guard-Flywheel 692194 Retainer-Valve 493279 Sump-Engine 691997 Slinger-Governor/Oil 691160 Head-Cylinder 692249t Gasket-Cylinder H ead 690548...
  • Page 32 Craftsman 675 Series Engine Model No. 126T02 ForYard Vacuum Model 247.77013.0 19069 FlywheelPuller 693981tt* Gasket-Float B owl 365. 692524 Screw(Carburetor) 146. 690979 Key-Timing 159. 691753 Bracket-AirCleanerPrimer 383. 89838 Wrench-SparkPlug 404. 690272 Washer(GovernorCrank) 163. 272653t*tt Gasket-AirCleaner 425. 690670 Screw (Air CleanerCover) 187.
  • Page 33 Craftsman 675 Series Engine Model No. 126T02 For Yard Vacuum iVlodel 247.77013.0 270344t*tt Seal-ORing(IntakeManifold) 262001 Bushing-Guide (Exhaust) 621. 692310 Switch-Stop 63709 Bushing-Guide (Intake) 692872 Bracket-Stopswitch 921. 698587 Cover-Blower H ousing Seal-Choke/Throttle Shaft 930. 691919 Guard-Rewind 633. 691321ff* Seal-Choke/Throttle Shaft 633A.
  • Page 34 (Thispage applicablein the U.S.A.and Canadaonly.) Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A. (Sears), the California Air Resources Board (CARD) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Emission Control System Warranty Statement (Owner's Defect Warranty Rights and Obligations) EMISSIONCONTROL WARRANTY COVERAGEISAPPLICABLE TO CERTI- YEAR 1997AND LATERENGINES WHICHARE PURCHASED AND USED FIEDENGINESPURCHASEDIN CALIFORNIAIN 1995ANDTHEREAF- ELSEWHERE IN THE UNITEDSTATES (ANDAFTERJANUARY1,2001 IN...
  • Page 35 Look For Relevant Emissions Durability Period and Air index information On Your Engine Emissions Label Engines that are certified to meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Tier 2 Emission Standards must display information regarding the Emissions Durability Period and the Air Index. Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A. makes this information available to the consumer on our emission labels.
  • Page 36 Congratulations on makinga smartpurchase.YournewCraftsman@ Purchase a RepairProtectionAgreementnowand protectyourself productis designedand manufactured for yearsof dependableopera- from unexpectedhassleand expense. tion. But likeall products,it may requirerepairfrom time to time.That's Onceyou purchasethe Agreement,a simplephonecall is all that it whenhavinga RepairProtectionAgreementcansave youmoneyand takesfor youto scheduleservice.Youcan call anytimedayor night,or aggravation.
  • Page 37 NOmero de servicio ..... Cubierta posterior Garantia completa de un a5o para la aspiradora para patios Craftsman Esteequipo estAcubiertopor una garanfiade un aSo,siempreque se mantenga,lubriquey ajustede acuerdocon las instrucciones del presente manualdel operador.Duranteel aSode garantia,si este equipo sufrecualquierfallaproducidapor defectosen materialeso manode obra, DEVUE_LVALO A SU CENTRODE PARTES &...
  • Page 38 Lapresencia deeste sfmbolo i ndica quesetratade Esta m_quina rue construida para ser operada de acuerdo instrucciones importantes deseguridad quesedeben con las reglas de seguridad contenidas en este manual. respetar para evitar p oner e npeligro suseguridad AI igual que con cualquier tipo de equipo motorizado, personal y/omaterial yladeotras personas.
  • Page 39 Nunca Ilene los contenedores en el interior de un vehiculo Si el motor golpea un objeto extraflo o si la m_iquina empieza o cami6n o caja de camioneta con recubrimientos pl_isticos. a producir un sonido poco comun o una vibraci6n, apague Coloque siempre los recipientes...
  • Page 40 Nomodifique el motor Mantenimiento y almacenamiento Nunca manipule los dispositivos de seguridad de manera Para evitar lesiones graves o la muerte, no modifique el motor bajo imprudente. Controle peri6dicamente que funcionen de forma ninguna circunstancia. Si cambia la configuraci6n del regulador adecuada.
  • Page 41 Sh'nbolos D eSeguridad Esta p_igina representa y describe la seguridad los simbolos que pueden parecer en este producto. Lea, comprenda, y siga todas instrucciones en la m_iquina antes procurar para reunir y operar. LEA EL MANUAL(S) DEL OPERADOR Lea, comprenda, y siga todas instrucciones en el manual (manuales) antes procurar...
  • Page 42 IMPORTANTE:Estaunidadse enviasin gasolinani aceiteen el mo- Manija superio_r tor.Antes de operar la rn_.quina cargueel motorcongasolinay aceite Control de la transmisi6n cornose indicaen el manualseparadodel rnisrno, Control de Wing velocidad NOTA:Lasreferenciasa los ladosderechoe izquierdode la aspira- Soporte para la manija de Guia del dora para patiosse hacenobservandola rn_.quina desdela posici6n lamanguerasuperior...
  • Page 43 MONTAJE DE LA MANIJA Saquelosbrochesde horquilla de lossoportesde la rnanija,y saquelostornillosdel carroy lastuercasde rnariposade la rnanija inferior. SitOelos agujerosinferioresde la rnanijainferiorsobre los pernosde los soportesde la rnanija,y asegOrelos con brochesde horquilla.Vea la figura2. Insertelostornillosdel carrodesdeel lado de afueraa trav_s del agujerosuperiorde la rnanijainferiory asegOrelos c on tuercasde rnariposa.
  • Page 44 INSTALACI6N DEL iVIONTAJE DE LA iVlANGUERA 1. a. Desliceel adaptadorpara rnanguera del rnontajede la rnisrna haciael interiordel adaptadorbaseubicadoa la izquierday al frente de la aspiradorapara patios.Vea la figura5. b. Tire del pernocon resortedel ladoexteriorde la base,y ponga el pernoen Nneaconel primeragujero(el rn_.s cercanoal extrernodel tubo)del adaptadorpara rnanguera.
  • Page 45 INSTALAR EL CANAL DE SOPLADO NOTA:hayque refirarla bolsaantes de instalar e l canalde soplado. 1. a. Tomeel canalde sopladocon una rnanoy deslicela varillade seguridaddel soportede rnontajehaciael motorcon la otra rnano.Use el extrernodel soportede rnontajecornopalanca cuandodeslice la varillade seguridad. V ea la figura 8. b.
  • Page 46 MANIJA DE LA BOLSA Se utiliza para tornarlabolsapara colocarla, sacarla yvaciarla. Veala figura Cumple con los estandares de seguridad de ANSI Lasaspiradoras parapatiosde Craftsman curnplenconlosest&ndares d e seguridad del instituto estadounidense d e est&ndares n acionales (ANSI).
  • Page 47 CANAL DE SOPLADO frio _ 32° _ M_tscalient( Cuando seIounea la unidad elcanalde soplado seutilizaparasoplar o esparcir p otlospatios losdesechos queseacurnulan en losrnisrnos corno " W30 S E30--" potejernplo lashojas, l asagujasde lospinoso lasrarnaspeque_as. MONTAJE DE LA MANGUERA Tablade viscosidad del aceite Se usa cornoalternativadel usodel pico paraaspirarlosdesechos que se acurnulanen los patioscornopor ejernplolas hojaso las Aunquelos aceitesde viscosidadrnOltiple (5W30,10W30,etc.)
  • Page 48: Para Encender

    Paraevitar problemasconel motor,sedebe vaciarel sistemade combustibleantesde almacenaria m_.quina durante30 dfas o m_.s. Control delestrangulador _ Vacieel tanquede nafta,enciendael motory d_jelo funcionarhasta que las lineasde combustibley el carburadorest_nvacios.La siguientetemporadause combustible fresco.Consultelas Instruc- Control de obturaciOn clonesde ALMACENAMIENTO si deseainformaci6nadicional. NOTA:Verifiqueperi6dicamente el nivelde combustibleparaevitar quedarsesin gasoiinamientrasest,.
  • Page 49 Desconecteel cablede la bujia de la bujia y col6queloa rnasa contrael postede retenci6npara evitarque se enciendaac- cidentalrnente rnientrasno se est,. prestandoatenci6nal equipo. DESCARGA DE LA BOLSA Desenganche las tiras de la bolsade la rnanijainferior. Suelteel brochede la bolsaa presi6nde la partesuperiorde la rnanijainferior.Veala figura 12.
  • Page 50: Mantenimiento

    Siernpredetengael motory desconecteel cable de la bujia antes de hacercualquiertipo de mantenirniento o ajustes.Utilicesiernpre pnteojos de seguridaddurantela operaci6no rnientras ajusta o [reparaeste equipo. RECOMENDACIONES GENERALES • Respetesiernprelas reglasde seguridadcuandorealicetareas de rnantenirniento. • La garantiade esta aspiradoraparapatios no cubreelernentos 1. Espacio de0,020 pulg(0,51 mm) que han estadosujetosal rnal usoo negligenciadel operador.
  • Page 51 Compruebe El Aceite Del Motor Detengael motory esperevariosminutosantes de verificarel La temperaturadel silenciador y las &reascercanaspuedesuperar nivelde aceite.Conel motorubicadoen sueloparejo,el aceite los 1500 F (650F). Eviteesas zonas. debe estaren la marcaFULL(lleno) de la varilladel nivelde aceite. Servicio AI Silenciador Saquela varilladel nivelde aceite y limpielimpiocon la tela. Inspeccione peri6dicamente el silenciadory reempl&celo de ser Sustituyay aprietela varillade aceite.Quitey compruebeel nivel necesario.Los repuestospara el silenciadordeben serel mismoe...
  • Page 52 • Si setapa la pantallade desgranado, s _.quela y Ifrnpielacornose indicaabajo. NOTA:La Nrnpieza conun chorrode aguaa presi6nno se recornien- da, yaque el sisternade combustiblepodrfaresultarcontarninado. Antesde realizarcualquiertipo del rnantenirniento e n la rn_.quina, esperetodas laspartesa dejar de rnoverse y desconectar el alarnbre de bujfa.El fracasode seguiresta instrucci6npodrfacausarla herida )ersonalo el da_oa la propiedad.
  • Page 53 Retirelos tres tornillosautosellantes que aseguranla tapade la correay extraigala misma.Vea la figura19. Saqueel tornilloautosellantedel lado derechode la unidadque se une a la pantallade desgranado. V ea la figura20. Saqueel tornillode cabezahexagonal d e la partesuperiorde la cajaposteriorcerca del soportede montaje,y la tuercade seguridadde la bridaque une la pantallade desgranado.
  • Page 54 Saquelos cuatrotorniNos de la cajasuperiorque ajustan la cubiertadel pico. Vea la figura24. Inclinela unidadcon cuidadoy ap6yelahaciaarriba paraobtener accesopor la parteinferioral materialde montajedel picoy al motor.Retirelos tres tornilloscon rebordeque aseguranel pico de pl_.stico negroa la cajainferior.Consultela figura25. Inclinela partesuperiordel picode pl_.stico negro haciael motor para retirarlo.
  • Page 55 LISTA DE iVlANTENllVllENTO Antesde realizarcualquiertipo del rnantenirniento/servicio, suelte Siga la lista de rnantenirniento dada abajo.Estacarta describepautas todoslos rnandosy pare el motor.Esperehastaque todas las partes de servicios61o. U se la colurnnade Troncode Serviciopara guardar de rnovirniento hayanvenidoa unaparadacornpleta.Desconecte el la pista de tareasde rnantenirniento cornpletadas. L ocalizar el rn_.s alarnbrede bujia y b_.selo contrael motor paraprevenirel cornienzo cercanoCharnuscael Centrode Servicioo prograrnar el servicio,sirn- involuntario.
  • Page 56 Nuncaalrnaceneel vacfode yardacon el combustibleen el tanque dentroo en Areasrnalventiladasdondelos vaporesde combustible puedenalcanzaruna Narna abierta, la chispa,o el pilotocornoen un homo,calentadorde agua,secadorde ropa,o aplicaci6nde gas. PREPARACI6N DEL MOTOR LA PREPARACI6N DEL VACiO DE YARDA Ya que los rnotores alrnacenaronrn_.s de 30 dfas: •...
  • Page 57 hayanvenidoa una paradacornpleta.Desconecte el alarnbrede bujfay b_.selo contrael motorpara prevenirel cornienzoinvolun- SiernpreIlevepuestoscristales inastillables durantela operaci6no realizandocualquierajusteo reparaciones. Esta secci6nse dirigea cuestionesde serviciornenores. Localizarel rn_scercanoChamuscael Centrode Servicio o prograrnar el servicio,simplemente ponerseen contactoChamusca en 1-800-4-MY-HOME®. El motorno arranca La palancadel reguladorno est,. en la Muevala palancadel reguladora la posici6nSTART posici6nde arranquecorrecta (inicio)/RUN(dirigido).
  • Page 58 tuier tipodel rnantenirniento/servicio, sueltetodos los rnandosy pareel motor.Esperehastaque todas laspartes de yan venidoa una paradacornpleta.Desconecte el alarnbrede bujfay b_.selo contrael motorpara prevenirel cornienzoinvolun- SiernpreIlevepuestoscristalesinastillablesdurantela operaci6no realizandocualquierajusteo reparaciones. Esta secci6nse dirigea cuestionesde serviciornenores. Localizarel rn_scercanoCharnusca el Centrode Servicio o prograrnar el servicio,sirnplernente ponerseen contactoCharnusca en 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
  • Page 59 (Esta p_.ginase aplica s61oen EE.UU. y Canada.). Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A. (Sears), el Consejo de Recursos Arnbientales de California (CARB) y la Agencia de Protecci6n Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA) Declaraci6n de garantia del sistema de control de emisiones (derechos y obligaciones de la garantia de defectos...
  • Page 60 Busque el periodo de duraci6n de emisiones importantes yla informaci6n de clasificaci6n de aire en la etiqueta de emisiones de su motor Los motores cuyo cumpiimiento con los estAndares de emisi6n Tier 2 de la Comisi6n de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) est6 certificado deben exhibir la informaci6n relacionada con el perJodo de duraci6n de las emisiones y la clasificaci6n de aire.
  • Page 61 Felicitaciones por haberrealizadouna adquisici6ninteligente.El Unavezadquiridoel Acuerdo,puedeprograrnar el serviciocon productoCraftsman@ que ha adquiridoest_ dise_adoy fabricado tan s61orealizaruna Ilarnadatelef6nica.PuedeIlarnaren cualquier para brindarrnuchosa_osde funcionarniento confiable.Perocorno rnornento del dia o de la nocheo prograrnar un servicioen linea. todoslos productosa vecespuederequerirde reparaciones.Esen Searsdisponede rn_.s de 10.000especialistasen reparaciones esernornentocuandoel disponerde un Acuerdode protecci6npara profesionales que tienenaccesoa rn_.s de 4.5 rnillonesde piezasy reparaciones le puedeahorrardineroy problernas.
  • Page 64: Installation

    Your Home For expert troubleshooting and home solutions advice: For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.