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Craftsman 695.22302 Owner's Manual

Universal miter saw stand


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Read, understand
and follow all rules and
in this manual BEFORE
using this product,.
Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury.
Sears, Roebuck and Co.,
Hoffman Estates,
IL 60179 U.S.A.


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  • Page 1 Owner's ManuaU Model 695.22302 WARNING: Read, understand and follow all rules and instructions in this manual BEFORE using this product,. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury. _, W ARRANTY SAFETY e ASSEMBLY Sears, Roebuck and Co., e FEATURES Hoffman Estates, = STORAGE...
  • Page 2 RETURN IT TO ANY SEARS STORE OR OTHER CRAFTSMAN OUTLET IN THE UNITED STATES FOR FREE REPLACEMENT. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
  • Page 3 1. DO NOT stand or climb on miter saw stand, it could tip over causing serious injury. BE SURE all locking pins are in the set-up position holes BEFORE using your miter saw and miter Saw stand. 3. ALWAYS firmly attach miter saw. DO NOT attempt to use your miter saw stadd until the miter saw is fastened firmly to the boards.
  • Page 4 ELECTRICAL SAFETY 1. Double insulated tools are equipped with a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. if the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. if it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to install a polarized outlet.
  • Page 5 PERSONAL SAFETY (cont.) 4. ALWAYS remove adjusting keys or wrenches before turning the tooJ on. A wrench or a key that is left attached to a rotating part of the tool may result in personal injury, 5. DO NOT overreach. ALWAYS keep proper footing...
  • Page 6 This Miter Saw Stand is designed with features that make using your miter saw more convenient.The Quick-jaw _ clamp and mounting boards accommodateand secure most brands and sizes of miter saws. Telescoping support rails extend up to five feet left or right. Two adjustable work supports and stop/edge guides for accuratefeed and cutting.
  • Page 7 UNPACKING Unpack all parts and carefully separate parts from packing materials. Check each part with the parts illustration and list on pages 7, 8 and 9, BE SURE that all parts are accounted for before discarding any packing materials° To make assembly easier, keep the contents of the box together. Wipe parts thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth,, PACKAGE CONTENTS...
  • Page 8 PACKAGE CONTENTS AND HARDWARE (Figure 3) Item De_scr_ption Quantity Extension Knob Assembly Work Support Connector Work Support Connector Knob Wheel Supp0rt Assembly, Right Wheel Support Assembly, Left Work Support Connector Screw (M6x35) ,,,,uL , ,,,,,, Work Support Connector/ Saw-Mounting Washer (6.4) Fig.
  • Page 9 PACKAGE CONTENTS AND HARDWARE (Figure 4) Item Description " " Quantity Edge Guide-Mounting Pan-Head Screw (M8x16) (preinstalled) • Edge Guide-Mounting Square Nut (MS) (weinstatled) Wheel Support*Mounting Pan-Head Screw (M6x12) Handle-Mounting Pan,-Head Screw (M8x20) Rubber Foot Rubber Foot-Mounting Screw (M4x16) Saw.Mounting Screw (M6x70) Saw-Mounting, Wheel Support Nut...
  • Page 10 FAILURE TO HEED ALL SAFETY AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS REGARDING USE OF THIS PRODUCT CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, Tools Needed , #2 Phillips Screwdriver o Two Adjustable Wrenches PREPARE STAND FOR ASSEMBLY (Figure 5) Place the frame assembly (A) upside down on a flat surface as shown in Figure.
  • Page 11 NSTALL WHEEL BRACKET ASSEMBLIES Figures 6 - 8) Fig. 6 ,_r_[_ct locations for wheel support assembhes are fdentJfied by the _,,p_._)iate sticker on the face of the metal bracket. With the frame '_'_°:_'"-_eldi3wn, from the end view in Figure 7, assembly M will be mounted '_ _""...
  • Page 12 INSTALL WHEEL BRACKET ASSEMBLIES, cont. Mount wheel support assemblies (M) and (N) to ends of connector brackets on frame using pan-head screws (3") and nuts (Y) as shown. See Figure 8. Be sure wheel support assemblies are positioned correctly on connector brackets by matching stickers "M"...
  • Page 13 UNFOLD AND LATCH FRAME (Figures 9 and 10) Unfold frame by releasing snap lock and rotating frame sections apart until aligned. See Fig. 9. Fig. 9 Release snap lock to open frame Latch frame together using adjustable handle. The handle may be repositioned to gain clearance while turning: lift the handle to disengage from gear teeth, rotate to desired position, release the handle to re-engage...
  • Page 14 UNFOLD LEGS (Figures 11 and 12) Unfold legs by disengaging locking pins and rotating the legs until the locking pins snap into the open position, If depressing the locking pins is difficult, move the leg slightly to eliminate pressure on the pin, See Figures 11 and 12.
  • Page 15 INSTALL EXTENSION KNOBS (Fi'gures 13 and 14) Locate extension spacer nuts and align with holes in frame as shown. Thread extensionknob assemblies (J) through the nuts to secure extensions. See Figure 14. Fig. 13 j (two) Extension spacer nut Extension...
  • Page 16 INSTALL SUPPORTS (Figures 15 and 16) Fig. 15 L (two) Position a support connector (K) on end Of each extension and tighten Phillips- head screw to secure. Add knob (L), screw (P), and washer (Q) as shown. For both sides, the knob should face the front of the stand. See Figure 16.
  • Page 17 INSTALL EDGE GUIDES (Figures 17 - 20) Fig. 17 H(two) (preinstalled) (preinsta!led) Two sets of edge-guide mounting screws (R) and nuts (S) are preinstaled on each end of the stand. Remove the screws and retain for mounting the edge guides. See Figure 18.
  • Page 18 INSTALL EDGE GUIDES, cont. Position edge guides (H) over nuts (S) and secure using screws (R). Figure 19, Fig. 19 Edge guide may be positioned as desired, Rotate edge guide lever to oosen and tighten edge guide supporL See Figure 20. Fig.
  • Page 19 INSTALL CLAMPING SYSTEM Figures 21 - 23) Fig, 21 G(two) Slot n Align slot nut of clamp (G) in center frame slot. Rotate clamp so tab fits into slot. Repeat for both sides of stand. See Figure 20. Fig. 22 Stide clamps toward ends of stand.
  • Page 20 INSTALL CARRYING HANDLE (Figures 24 - 26) U (two) Fig. 24 Locate the two nuts in the front slot on right side of stand, as shown in Figure 25. For best balance while carrying, align nuts with arrows marked on stand. Fig.
  • Page 21 INSTALL WHEELS (Figures 27 = 30) Install whee! assemblies (B) by pressing axles into wheel brackets. See Figure 27. Fig. 27 Wheels may be installed in either of two positions. During use with power tools, wheels should be in the upper position. See Figure 28.
  • Page 22 iNSTALL WHEELS, cont. For transporting short distances while stand is set up, wheels may be :_laced in the lower position. See Figure 29. Fig. 29 Before collapsing for storage and transport, wheels should be placed in upper position. Also see storage instructions. See Figures 30 and 44.
  • Page 23 ADD MOUNTING BOARDS (Figures 31 and 32) Fig. 31 c (two) Place two mounting boards (C) on stand, slots on top and toward the outside of stand. See Figure 32. Place clamps into slots in boards. Pivot clamp handles down to tighten against boards.
  • Page 24 MOUNT THE MITER SAW (Figures 33 - 38) MOUNTING THE MITER SAW TO'THE BOARDS Secure boards to frame of miter saw stand as explained in "ADD MOUNTING BOARDS" on page 23. Loosen clamps slightly and position boards to be slightly wider than the base of the miter saw to be mounted. To square boards, align grid on boards with the frame of the miter saw stand.
  • Page 25 MOUNT THE MITER SAW, cont. MOUNT THE MITER SAW TO THE BOARDS, cont. Fig. 34 Fig. 35...
  • Page 26 MOUNTTHE MITERSAW, cont. ADD RUBBER FEET TO BOTTOM OF MOUNTING BOARDS (Figures 36 and 37) Remove boards from stand and drill two pilot holes for Screws (W) to attach rubber feet (V). The holes should be 5/64-inch diameter and 1/2=inch deep. (Four screws included.) Attach two rubber feet to each board as shown in Figure 37.
  • Page 27 Fig. 38...
  • Page 28 This work stand is designedfor use with Craftsman and most other brands of miter and compound miter saws. The saw will mount directly to the boards provided with the stand. It will also accommodatesaws with unusual mounting hole patterns.Simply follow the preceding instructions.
  • Page 29 Mounting Non-Standard Miter Saws and Other Tools To The Boards • (Figures 39 and_O)" '_ "'_'! _' , NOT _0UNT A TAB.LS SA,W ON THIS, STAND. The direction of feed on @_,tabilb:_saw is perpendicular tO the axis of best stability on this S_Od_ Aggressiv_ fee_=ng of sheet materials into a table ._aw _0iJla_ cause the Stand to tip over.
  • Page 30 USING THE STOCK SUPPORTS (Figure 41) Two stock supports are located under the frame of the table. These may be pivoted out to support work pieces as desired. (See Figure 41 .) NOTE: Maximum load on stock supports not to exceed 20 pounds. Fig.
  • Page 31 USING THE WORK SUPPORTS (Figure 42) The two work supports are useful for: !) Vertical support of workpieces 2) Positive stops for repetitive cuts To use the work supports as vertical supports, loosen extension knobs and slide extensions in toward saw. Loosen work support knobs to set top of work supports level with table of saw.
  • Page 32 USING THE EDGE GUIDES (Figure 4-3) The two edge guides are useful for maintaining orientation angle of workpieces, such as cove and crown molding. To position edge guides for use in aligning v_orkpieces, rotate edge guide levers to loosen clamps and slide edge guides to desired position. Retighten levers to lock edge guides.
  • Page 33 STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS (Figure 44) Before moving or storing your miter saw stand: Remove power tool and mounting boards from stand. Move wheel assemblie s to upper positions on frame. Tighten down mounting board clamps to top of stand. Loosen edge guides and rotate them into a lowered position. Lower supports and retract telescoping extensions Fold up legs by disengaging...
  • Page 34 PARTS LIST Universal Miter Saw Stand Model No. 695.22302 Saw-mounting hardware QTY. ITEM PART NO. ORIGINAL PART DESCRIPTION Frame assembly t19 8O0 812 Wheet assembly 117 910 010 Mounting bpard !16 600727 Carrying handle I19 800 8t4 Work support assembly, right t19 800 295 Work support assembly, left 119 900 124...
  • Page 35 PARTS LIST Universal Professional Miter Saw Stand Model No. 695.22302 QTY. PART NO. REPLACEMENT PARTS DESCRIPTION 119 800 812 Wheel assembly 117 910 010 Mounting board 116 600 727 Carrying handte 116 700 f74 Carrying handle-mounting screw (M8x20) 119 800 814 Work support assembly, right 1t9 80O 295 Work support assembty, left...
  • Page 36 _J,_ 1_' i_" "; ,_ * i_, _ : "-'_:_ ' ':• _ "" _ • • .,_ i• ',:_,,'_'_, ;: _ _._ i Your Home '-,_::_ ,"_:: For repair in your home of alll major brand appliances, : ;.. lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling system, :,i.:i _...

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