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Insert Hose; Accessory Storage; Operation - Craftsman evolv 113.175550 Owner's Manual

9 gallon wet/dry vac
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Insert the hose locking end of the "Pos-I-
Lock ®'` hose into the inlet of the Vac. The
hose should snap into place. To remove
the hose from the Vac, press the release
button in the hose assembly and pull the
hose out of the Vac inlet, as shown.
and Pull
Your accessories may be stored in the
storage locations on the caster feet.
The hose may be stored by wrapping it
around the unit.
Caster Feet
To reduce the risk of fire, explosion, or damage to Vac:
• Do not leave Vac running while unattended - you may fail to notice important signs
indicating abnormal operation such as loss of suction, debris/liquid exiting
exhaust, or abnormal motor noises.
Immediately stop using Vac if you notice
these signs.
• Do not leave Vac plugged-in when not in use.
• Do not continue running when float has cut off suction.
• Do not operate Vac in areas with flammable gases, vapors or explosive dust in the
air. Sparks inside the motor can ignite airborne flammables.
Flammable gases
and vapors include:
lighter fluid, solvent-type cleaners, oil-based paints, gasoline,
alcohol, or aerosol sprays.
Flammable dusts include:
coal, magnesium,
aluminum, grain, or gun powder.
• Do not vacuum up explosive dusts, flammable liquids, or hot ashes.
• Do not use Vac as a sprayer.
To reduce the risk of electric shock or injury:
• Do not expose to rain or allow liquid to enter motor compartment.
Store indoors.
• Do not handle plug, switch, or Vac with wet hands.
• Do not service Vac while it is plugged-in.
If your Vac is not working as it should,
has missing parts, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into
water, return it to an independent service center or call customer service.
• When using an extension cord, use only outdoor-rated
cords that are in good
condition. Do not allow the connection to come into contact with liquid.
• Do not vacuum toxic materials to reduce the risk of inhaling the vapors or dust.

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Table of Contents

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