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Craftsman 113.225941 Owner's Manual

Belt and disc sander
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This Manual
Future Reference
,SE, AR8
Belt and Disc Sander with
Motor and Legs
._.-- .........................
Model and serial numbers may
be found on the right hand side
of the base.
You should record both model
and serial
in a safe
place for future use.
, assembly
- operating
• repair parts
Sears Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179 U.S.A.
Part No. SP5582
in U.S.A.



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 113.225941

  • Page 1 :Save This Manual Future Reference ,SE, AR8 owner's manuaR NODEL NO. 113.225941 Belt and Disc Sander with Motor and Legs ._.-- ......Serial Number Model and serial numbers may be found on the right hand side of the base. You should record both model LT AND DiSC and serial number...
  • Page 2 FULLONE YEAR WARRAN ON CRAFTSMAN STATUONARY TOOL B_ _ !: if this stationa_:tool fails due to a_defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date I!ii!iof pUrChase;:C()NTACT THE NEAREST SEARS SERVICE CENTER IN THE UNITED STATES I:_Sears will repair it free of charge.
  • Page 3 Dress for Safety: Before Each Use: ° Wear nonslip footwear. Inspect your sander. Check for: Tie back long hair. oalignment of moving parts, _obinding of moving parts, Roll tong sleeves above the elbow. ° • broken or damaged parts, Noise levels vary widely. To avoid possible hearing damage, wear ear plugs or muffs when using sander •...
  • Page 4 and Disc Sander (continued) workpieces. sander and workpiece. • Never use thistool to finish pieces too small to hold by hand. Don't force tool. It will do the job better and safer at its • Use extra supports (tables, saw horses, blocks, etc.) designed rate.
  • Page 5: Precauti0Nsto Take: When Sanding Motor Specifications And Electrical Requirements

    Motor Specifications and Electrical Requirements WARNING: To avoid electrocution, if the outlet you This machine is designed to use, and is equipped with, a 3450 RPM motor. It is wired for operation on 120 volts, 60 are planning to use for this power tool is of the two prong type, Do Not Remove Or Alter The Ground- !Hz, alternating current.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    : ..::i:i:/i ¸¸ :: : ;: i :/::::i:i,i_ _: ! : i,:i_i:::: i :: :? : :, • • •: • -• i_:..-::i_i_i.i. i i installing the Abrasive Belt-........Tensioning and Tracking.: .......... ._:!:i_ _ :_:_: _.i;_::_ _, ,:.::.:.. 2: Installing Belt D ust Trap ..........
  • Page 7 Table of Loose Parts Table of Loose Parts Item item Description Qty. Description Qty. V-belt, 1/2 x 41" Bag of L0ose Parts #508182 Fence Wrench Hex L 5/32 Dust Trap Screw Flat Hd 10-32 x 1-3/4 Motor Pulley Belt Guard Screw Pan Hd Ty T 8-32 x 3/8 Motor Washer 21/64 x 7/8 x 1/8...
  • Page 8: Or Moving The Sander

    AsSembly. As_mbiing Steei Legs _i : ::_ sid_ ;'stiffeners u_i_g |_iUr (4)1!/4 _20 t i'uss head screwsl 9/32: i_:ch ::::diamete_iholesaSdfingertight_n 1/4-20 nutsl : :i:::::: :: :iL4 2o i :using 3::Renlove the faUr,:::(_ii_:truss : head screws assembled in step 1: Place the two (2) support channels as: shown, in position, align h01es in Supports with holes _n the stiffeners, replace loci(washers and nuts.
  • Page 9 Mounting Belt and Disc Sander On Legset 1. Place the belt and disc sander on steef legs, position as shown, and align the mounting holes in the base of the belt and disc sander with those in the end stiffeners (marked with an 'X' in the illustration).
  • Page 10 DISC DUST TRAP _j ii 3. Find four flat head machine screw 1-3/4" long from among the loose parts. FLAT HEAD SCREWS 1 3t4" LONG 1 3t4 4. Attach t_hedisc dust trap with four flat head screws 1- 3/4" long. 5.
  • Page 11 9. Remove t hetopleft hand screwthatyouinstalled in step6 andloosen theotherfourscrews. 10.Installthe dusttrap coverand replace the top left- hand screw. T ighten allfivescrews. RIGHT HAND SCREW DUST TRAP COVER Installing Motor, V-Belt and Belt Guard MOTOR MOUNTING 1. Locate the following parts: BRACKET Qty.
  • Page 12 Assembly (continued) ..-.. GUARD 5_ Place V_belt over machine pulley and insert the V-belt into the _open end of the guard and out the round .::: :opening:i _: BELT Make_sUr@:belt has not slipped off machine pul!ey from step 3. ?Disc and: Dust Trap Installation". 6: L0cate and instatlthree clips on the guard as shown.
  • Page 13: Loose Parts

    2. To turn machine on, insert finger under switch lever and pull end of switch out....3. To turn machine OFE_PUSH lever in. Never leave the machine unattended until it has come to complete step. ,u,,,,,,,,,, ,i i lll_ i,,Ni ,i,l,,!,l ,, ii,!ll,,ll_l...
  • Page 14: Installing The Abrasive Belt

    ASSembly (continued) ABRASIVE Installing WorkTable DISC NoTE_:Appiyl aCoatof paste iwax to:the work table: This wiii:make _iia :little easier to feed the wotk_ WORK :;t_ Loosen the tabl'e positioning screw. TABLE 21Insert the table :support rod:in the hole in the ba:se untilthe edge of ti_e table is approximately 1/i6"...
  • Page 15: Installing Belt Dust Trap

    If the abrasive belt moves to the right: a. Turn the belt adjustment knob clockwise slightly, until the belt recenters itself. b. The abrasive belt is tracking properly when it is ABRASIVE DISC centered on the drive pulley. 8. If the abrasive belt moves to the left: a.
  • Page 16: Getting To Know Your Belt And Disc Sander

    _Getting to Know Your Belt and Disc Sander start, turn switch "OFF" and remove plug from power source outlet before making any adjust- WARNING:: To avoid Injury from accidentalJi ments- BELT ADJUSTMENT ABRASIVE DISC BACKSTOP BACKSTOP LOCK SCREW KNOB WORK TAB LE IDLER BELT TENSION...
  • Page 17 Work Table Tilt Lock Screw. Locks the table, it is locked using the 1/2' wrench supplied. a. Using a combination square, check the angle of the table with the disc. NOTE: The combination square must be "true". See start of "Assembly" section on for check method.
  • Page 18: Safety: Instructions For Belt And Disc Sander

    to Know Your Belt and: Disc Sander (continued) 4. Backstop:Lock scre_w. Locks the backstop in place, tt is:iocked using:the ii/2, wrench:Supplied: BACKSTOP BACKSTOP LOCK S CR E W 5. Belt Table Locking Bolts. Lock the belt table in posi- tion. To adjust to vertical position: a.
  • Page 19: Beforeeach Use

    To Avoid Back Injury Plan Ahead to Protect Your Eyes, Hands, Face and Ears: o Get help or use recommended casters when you need to move the sander Dress for Safety: o Always get help if you need to lift the sander. •...
  • Page 20: Whenever Sander Is Running

    Whenever Sander is Running: Before starting your work, watch the sander while it runs. If it makes an unfamiliar noise or vibrates a lot, stop immediately. Turn the sander off. Unplug the sander. Do +:Make s urethereis no debrisbetween the workplace not restart until finding and correcting the problem, andits supports.
  • Page 21: Surface Finishing On The Abrasive Belt

    Surface Finishing on the Abrasive Belt Flat surfaces Hold the workpiece firmly with both hands, keepir_g fin- gers away from the abrasive belt. Keep the end butted against the backstop and move the work evenly across the abrasive bell Use extra caution when finishing very thin pieces.
  • Page 22: On The Abrasive Disc

    der Operation (continued) DOWN SIDE the Abrasive Disc (LEFT) Move thework acroSs the "Down Side" of the face of the MITER GAUGE / SQUARE abrasive diSc_ Foraccuracy; use a miter gauge. NOTE: Use a combination square to square the miter •...
  • Page 23: Recommended Accessories

    Recommended Accessories ....Sears Recommends the following accessories: Do not use any accessory unless you have received and read complete instructions for its use. Oat, No. item See your nearest Sears store for other accessories. '....;,,,,,, Caster Set 9-22222, 9-22221 WARNING: Use only accessories recommended for ] 9-29929...
  • Page 24 ootmg (con nued) HH_L =' = r :Starting switchJn 1_ Burned sWitCh_ontactS(dUel _ 1. Have switch replaced and request a voltage check motOrwiit'notoper : :i t0 extendedf_old-in periods =fromthe power company. ii:ate_ i _::_ i :_i: caused by 10wlinevoltagei .a:: w:. a ::::::::::::::::::: ,,,o, oc,,vo.
  • Page 25: Repairparts

    Repair Parts ......Parts List for Craftsman Begt and Disc Sander Model 113.225941 A]ways order by Part Number--Not by Key Number Figure 1 3 je Part No. Description No. I Part No. Description 820040 Hardware for mounting toot & motor 60314 J- Screw, Truss Hd.
  • Page 27 "6 £ £ II1 >. i_ -_ 4--- i • co c,,I ,,r- c,...
  • Page 28 Parts List for Craftsman Belt and Disc Sander - iViodei 113.225941 A_ways order by Part Number--Not by Key Number Figure 3 - Motor Part No. 68072 KeyPart ..- Description 60306 Screwl 8-32 x3/8, Thread Cutting, Slotted, Serrated Head 64088...
  • Page 29 Parts List for Craftsman Belt and Disc Sander - Model 113.225941 Always order by Part Number--Not by Key Number Figure 4 - On/Off Power Outlet 60382 Part No. Description * On/Off Power Outlet 60382 60375 Cord, Molded 60378 Housing, Switch 9-22255 1"...
  • Page 30 outlet until all assembly -::WARNiNG:i.For::your own safety, never connect 1 i;: _ eps _ €ompleted_ located on side of motor;Using a flat blade screwdriverl • :,,,,, _ ! _WARNING: To i avoid electrocution, never connect I I anything but the ground wire green)to (colored Ithe green screw.
  • Page 31 ......Notes...
  • Page 32 • / ELT AND DISC SANDER For the repair or replacement parts you need Call 7 am - 7 pm, 7 days a week t -800-366=PART MODEL NO, (1-801)-366-7278) 113o225941 For in-home major brand repair service Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week t -800=4,-REPA|R (1-800-473-7247) The model number of your Belt...