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  • Page 1

    PLASMA DISPLAY MONITOR GM-V42UG INSTRUCTIO. GM-V42U For Customer Use: Enter below the Model No. and the Serial No. which is located on the rear panel of the cabinet. Retain this information for future reference. Model No. Serial No....LCT1389-O01B...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing this JVC Monitor. Before using the monitor, read this manual carefully so Model that you know how to use the Monitor correctly. GM-V42UG Refer to this manual whenever questions or problems GM-V42UB about operation arise. Be sure to read and observe the safety precautions.

  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    GM=V42UG CAUTION: Changes or modifications not approved by JVC could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 4

    - Z_ Option terminal: This terminal is intended exclusively to be used to drive the fan motor. Do not connect any plugs to the terminal other than JVC's recommended optional parts. (_;}_Oe_(_ Polarity of terminal POWER CONNECTION The power supply voltage rating of this product is AC 120 V.

  • Page 5: Parts Identification

    Partsi entification MUTING VOLUME F--I:CD-_ KMENU/EXiT MENU/EXIT 4 / _ / A / T buttons Remote control cable jack (page Use these buttons to select menu items or make Connect the remote control cable (not supplied) when using this remote control as a wired remote control. adjustments.

  • Page 6: Monitor: Front View

    • MENU INPUT POWER Bottom View _] INPUT button (page 14) Remote sensor/power lamp Point the front end of the wireless remote control toward Use this button to switch between inputs. here. To select the COMPONENT or RGB B input, you have to When the Monitor is turned on, the power lamp glows...

  • Page 7: Monitor: Rear Views

    • WIRED terminal (stereo mini jack) Connect a wired remote control unit to this terminal. SPEAKER OUT L/R terminals (page Connect external speakers, such as unique JVC speakers Note: (not supplied), etc. • When the above three terminals are used at the same...

  • Page 8

    @@@@@ @@ @ VIDEO A terminals (page 12) 11] COMPONENT/RGB B input terminals (page 12) AUDIO (L/MONO, R) input terminals (pin jack) • AUDIO (L/MONO, R) input terminals (pin jack) Connect these terminals to the audio input terminals of a Com_ect these terminals to the audio output terminals...

  • Page 9: Preparations

    Preparations ['he following accessories are included with the Monitor. Check for them. If any item is missing, please contact the dealer where you purchased the Monitor. * Remote control (RM-C579) x 1 * Power cord x 1 * Batteries (AA/R6P) * Ferrite core x 1 (Only for GM-V42UG) Put the batteries in the remote control as follows.

  • Page 10: Installation

    iflstall * When mounting the Monitor vertically, consult your dealer. (See also page 13). * When installing the Monitor, be sure to use a dedicated Stand Unit, Wall Mounting Unit, or Monitor Hanger Unit, depending on a particular case. Ask your dealer for installation. * When installing the Monitor, refer also to the user manual...

  • Page 11: Connections

    Connections + Before making connections, turn off all the equipment. + Plugs should be firmly inserted; poor connection could cause noise. + 'l_) unplug a cord, be sure to grasp its plug and pull it out. + Connect the power cord after having finished all other connections. + Refer also to the user manual of each piece of equipment.

  • Page 12: Connection Diagrams

    Typical connections -',_-For connection, see page 13. Personal computer Personal computer Remote control (used as the playback source) (supplied) Amplifier, etc. (used to [_c°ntr°l_the Monitor) mini jacks able with stereo (not supplied) © _FteM Power (suppli_, cord To a walloutlet trite core (supplied to GM-V42UG)

  • Page 13

    OIIeC|JOIS/co.,..odl AV connections VCR 1 VCR 2 DVD player, etc. (used as the playback source) (used as the playback source) (used as the playback source) < E£ < _o:. _" • " " "RGB" When connecting another PC to the COMPONEN ['/RGB B terminals, set the RGB/COMPO.

  • Page 14

    Connect}ng an external control un}t When connecting the external control unit to the MAKE terminal, you can operate the following functions through MAKE terminal; • Turn on or off the Monitor. Preparation: The POWER switch on the rear must be set to "I (on)" (so that the Monitor is in standby mode).

  • Page 15: Basic Operations

    c Operations Turn on the main power. Rear View Set POWER on the back of the Monitor to 'q (on)". ['he POWER lamp on the upper left of the front panel glows orange. Turn on the power. Press POWER ON on the remote control to turn the power ['he POWER lamp changes to glow green.

  • Page 16: Changing The Aspect Ratio

    With this Monitor, you can select among three types of wide screens (FULL, ZOOM, and PANORAMIC) in addition to the REGULAR screen of conventional 4:3 aspect ratio. Press ASPECT to select the screen size. Each time you press the button, the screen size changes as follows: "_p REGULAR...

  • Page 17: Video Adjustments

    justments For video adjustments, use menus. You can use the buttons either on the remote control or on Monitor for menu operations. • Refer also t(_ "Menu Cla.sslficatlons" " " " on pages 34 and 36. Picture quality can be set for each input mode. Press MENU/EXIT (or MENU on the Monitor)

  • Page 18: Adjusting The Screen Size And Position

    To make an adjustment while viewing the adjustment Press P- to display Size/Position Adjustment Menu. After step 3 on page 16, proceed as follows: 1 Press A/V to move the cursor (_) to "sub menu." I,,_H SIZE : +01 2 Press _- to display the Sub Menu.

  • Page 19

    justmentS/co.,..odl To make an adjustment while viewing the adjustment After step 3 oll page ] 7, proceed as follows: 1 Press A/v to move the cursor (_) to "sub menu." 2 Press _- to display the Sub Menu. The Sub :Menu for H SIZE appears on the screen.

  • Page 20: Adjusting The Color Temperature

    ['he adjusted setting applies to all inputs. G GAIN, B GA:[N and R GAIN can be finely adjusted separately for "H:[GH" and "LOW" settings of the color Press MENU/EXIT (or MENU on the tempera tu re. Monitor) to display the Main Menu. On the remote control: Press MENU/EXIT...

  • Page 21

    deoAdjustments To make an adjustment while viewing the adjustment bars After step 3 on page 19, proceed as follows: 1 Press Air to move the cursor (_) to "sub menu." 2 Press _ to display the Sub Menu. ['he Sub Menu for R GAIN appears on the screen.

  • Page 22: Changing The Aspect Ratio

    The setting adjusted applies to all inputs. You can set the receivable signal types. Normally, select "A U['0." + You can change the aspect ratio by pressing ASPEC L (See A common setting will apply to both the VIDEO A input and page 15.) the VIDEO B input, and a different setting will apply to the...

  • Page 23: Setting The Component/rgbb Input

    juslmentS ico., ..odl After connecting the playback device such as a PC or a DVD player to the COMPONENT/RGB B terminals, you have to specify which type of signal comes into this terminal--RGB component signals. • Without setting "RGB/COMPO." correctly, you cannot show any picture though you select the COMPONENT RGB B input.

  • Page 24: Terminals

    You can reset all the Function Selection Menu settings at a time. You can set the resistance of the two of the RGB B input terminals to either HIGH (1 kf_) or LOW (75 f2): Press MENU/EXIT (or MENU on the o HD/Cs (Horizontal sync/Composite)

  • Page 25: Otherconvenientfunctions

    OtherConvenientFunctions E) set the other convenient functions, use menus. You can use the buttons either on the remote control or on Monitor for menu operations. • Refer also t(_ "Menu Cla,sslficatlons" " " " on pages 34 and 36. ['he input mode and signal type will be indicated on the screen.

  • Page 26: Confirming The Use Time And Model Name

    You can confirm the hours of use and the model name on the Setup Menu. With this function, you can see the selected input mode and This may be necessary when you ask for any service. signal type when changing the input mode.

  • Page 27: Prohibiting The Monitor's Button Operations

    r ConvenientFunctions This function allows you to prohibit the button operations the Monitor to prevent malfunction or avoid tampering. On the remote control: Press MENU/EXIT while holding VOLUME - to display the Setup Menu. On the Monitor: Press MENU while holding _ to display the Setup...

  • Page 28: Setting The Remote-controllable Input

    When connecting the external control unit to the REMOTE You can select one of the High-Definition (HD) signal types MAKE terminal, you need to set the desired input to use, through the COMPONENT/RGB B terminals -- 1080i or which you can select from the connected external control unit.

  • Page 29: Timer

    r onvenient Functions o.,.°o, You can turn the Monitor on and off automatically with the Power On/Off timer. • Since you cannot use the timer functions without setting the clock, set the clock at first. • Setting the Clock You can also adjust the clock with the following procedure.

  • Page 30: Using The Pixel Shift Function

    • Using the Power On/Off Timer Press _/_ to select the desired setting. Select the item you want to set in step 3 in "Setting Clock" (page 28) and follow the instructions below. Each time you press the button, the Pixel Shift function alternates between "ON"...

  • Page 31: Preventing The Afterimage Effect

    r ConvenientFunctions After showing the same still picture on the screen, reverse the color on the screen using this function so that you can avoid the screen from being burned in with the still picture. You can activate/deactivate the function with the Color- Reverse On/Off Timer.

  • Page 32: Refreshing The Screen

    START TIME Press A/T to select the item you want to set and set the item as follows. You can adjust the time to activate the function. , Set the hour and minute following steps 4 to 6 in "Setting the Clock"...

  • Page 33: Checking The Timer Battery

    r ConvenientFunctions You can check the remaining time available from the timer battery on the ['IMER, COLOR-REVERSE, and REFRESH menus. When the battery becomes weak (BATTERY LOW) "BATTERY LOW" appears on the screen. <TIMER> I_pRESENT TIME 14:25 POWER-ON POWER-ON TIME 08:26 POWER-OFF POWER-OFF...

  • Page 34: Resetting All The Setup Menu Settings

    You can reset all the following Setup Menu settings at a time, You can reset all the Menu settings and adjustments at a time, except the use time (HOUR METER). except the use time (HOUR METER). On the remote control: On the remote control:...

  • Page 35: Menu Classifications

    assifications Main Menu Picture Adjustment Menu CONTRAST :+01 VIDEO <MAIN MENU> <PICTURE ADJ. > BRIGHT :+O1 I1"_1 CONTRAST _'PICTURE ADJ. - B] E] + SIZE/POSITION BRIGHT ..CHROMA :-02 _PHASE CHROMA :+01 I_SHARPNESS q--sub menu reset _w! PHASE :+01 AD J U ST:_IF_ S E LE C T:F_ E X I T : rMEN_] SHARPNESS...

  • Page 36

    PICTURE ADJ. (Picture adjustment): See page ] 6. CONTRAS Adjusts the contrast of the picture. BRIIGHT Adjusts the brightness of the picture. CHROMA *_ Adjusts the color density of the picture. PHASE .2 Adjusts the color phase. SHARPNESS Adjusts the outlines of the picture.

  • Page 37: Setup Menu

    lassifications White Balance Adjustment Menu <SET-UP MENU> R GAIN : 000 I_STATUS DISPLAY : OFF - _] <WH,TE OALANOE:BIGR> "_I CONTROL LOCK : OFF REMOTE SWITCH : MODE1 GAIN : 000 SIGNAL MODE : lOBOi G GAIN :+001 G GAIN :+001 WRITE BALANCE...

  • Page 38

    STATU S DISPLAY Sets if you want the input terminal and the type of signal to be indicated on the screen just after inputs are switched. (See page 25.) CON FROL LOCK Sets the Monitor so that it cannot be operated with the buttons on itself.

  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    Tr0ublesh00tin Solutions to common problems related to the Monitor are described here. If none of the solutions presented here solves the problem, unplug the Monitor and consult an authorized dealer or service center. Probable cause Corrective action Symptom Page Power is not supplied. •...

  • Page 40: Self-diagnostic Indication

    ]ifthe trouble still persists, follow the procedure below: When something abnormal occurs with the Monitor, this Check which lamps are lighting or flashing. function informs of the condition of the Monitor with On the Self-diagnostic Report Sheet (below), check the box self-diagnostic lamps, allowing...

  • Page 41: Specifications

    pecifications Model name GM-V42UG GM-V42UB Frame color Silver Gray Screen size Type 42 wide format Aspect ratio 16:9 (Wide format) Number of pixels displayed 852 (H) x 480 (V) Number of colors displayed 16.77 million (256 colors for each of RGB) Effective screen size 93.3 cm x 53.3 cm (36-3/4"...

  • Page 42

    RS-232C: D-sub 9-pin terminal x 1 MAKE: Mini DIN 4 pin WIRED: Stereo mini jack terminal x 1 OPTION terminal Used exclusively for JVC's optional parts AUDIO OUT terminals Pin jack terminal x 2 (L/R) Output impedance 600 £_ SPEAKER OUT (L/R) terminals...

  • Page 43

    Speci cations < Pin assignment (Specifications for terminals) , RS-232C terminal , Y/C terminal ['his is a female type connector. < 54321 Pin number Signal name Pin number Signal name Pin number Signal name GND (Y) GND (C) 9876 , MAKE terminal , RGB Input Terminal =<...

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