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JVC PD-Z42DX4 Instructions Manual

Jvc pdp colour television instructions.
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    Thank you for buying this JVC colour television. To make sure you understand how to use your new TV, please read this manual thoroughly before you begin. WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.

  • Page 3

    Burn-in A characteristic of Plasma Display Panels (PDPs) is that displaying the same image for a long time causes a part of the image to stay on the screen (this is called phosphor burn-in). Avoid burn-in as follows. Use the PICTURE SHIFT function. To prevent burn-in, the picture displayed on the screen is shifted up, down and to the left and right at regular intervals.

  • Page 4

    Pixel defects PDPs use collections of fine dots (“pixels”) to display images. While there is no problem with more than 99.99% of these pixels, please understand that a very small number of pixels may not light, or may light all the time. Do not install the TV near electronic equipment that is susceptible to electromagnetic waves It may cause interference in images, sound, etc.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Using the FREEZE function ... 16 Using the MULTI-PICTURE function ... 17 RETURN PLUS function and Return function... 18 Favourite channel function... 19 Operating a JVC brand DVD player... 20 Teletext function ...21 Basic operation ... 21 Using the List Mode ... 21 Hold... 22 Sub-page ...

  • Page 6: Checking The Contents Of Packages

    Checking the contents of packages Check that all components are present. Contact your retailer immediately if any components are missing. Remote control unit AA/R6 batteries Hooks Mounting screws Power cord 1 (RM-C1830) 2 (used to check operation) 2 (to prevent the TV from falling) 2 (to fix the hooks) Use the power cord which best suits your area.

  • Page 7: Setting Up Your Tv

    Installation Fit the separately sold tabletop stand or wall mounting brackets to the TV. Only use JVC approved accessories with your model. Warning for wall mounting unit: • Use only authorized service personnel to install your TV in order to prevent accidents. Do not try to install your TV by yourself.

  • Page 8: Connecting The Aerial And Video Cassette Recorder (vcr)

    Connecting the aerial and video cassette recorder (VCR) Caution • Turn off all the equipment including the TV before connecting anything. • Aerial cable is not supplied. Use a good quality 75-ohm coaxial cable. • Read the manual that came with the VCR before connecting.

  • Page 9: Connecting The Power Cord To The Ac Outlet

    Setting up your TV Rear Panel AUDIO CENTER CHANNEL (ANALOG) INPUT AUDIO AUDIO VIDEO VIDEO-3 VIDEO-1 R AUDIO L/MNO Cr/Pr Cb/Pb VIDEO-2 COMPONENT R AUDIO 1 Aerial socket (page 7) 2 VIDEO-1 terminal (pages 7, 42) 3 VIDEO-2 terminal (pages 7, 42) 4 VIDEO-3 terminal (page 42) 5 CENTER CHANNEL INPUT terminal (page 43)

  • Page 10: Putting The Batteries Into The Remote Control

    The power lamp lights blue and the JVC logo appears. A button PC IN(D-SUB) • If the JVC logo does not appear this is because your TV has already been turned on for the first time: use the “LANGUAGE”, “TELETEXT LANGUAGE”...

  • Page 11

    TV channel to the programme number PR 0 (AV). • If you do not need to use the EDIT/ MANUAL function, press the a button to close the EDIT menu. Now, setting up is complete. Please enjoy your new JVC TV! MANUAL DELETE...

  • Page 12: Tv Buttons And Functions

    TV buttons and functions VOLUME CHANNEL MENU/OK TV/VIDEO S-VIDEO VIDEO L/MONO-AUDIO-R PC IN(D-SUB) See the pages in brackets for details. 1 A (power) button 2 VOLUME q buttons 5 buttons (page 24) 3 CHANNEL p buttons 6 buttons (page 24) 4 MENU/OK button (page 24) 5 Power lamp (page 9) 6 TV/VIDEO button (page 24)

  • Page 13: Remote Control Buttons And Functions

    Remote control buttons and functions 1 Muting button 2 Number buttons 3 1 button 4 c button 5 2 button 6 4 button 7 7 buttons 8 5 button 9 6 p buttons 0 VCR/DVD/Teletext control buttons - p buttons = d (Favourite) button ~ # (Standby) button ! PIP/TV/DVD switch...

  • Page 14: Choose A Tv Channel And Watch Images From External Devices

    Choose a TV channel and watch images from external devices Use the number buttons: Enter the programme number (PR) of the channel using the number buttons. Example: • PR 6 → press 6 • PR 12 → press 1 and 2 Use the 6 p buttons: Press the 6 p buttons to choose the programme number...

  • Page 15: Adjust The Volume

    Remote control buttons and functions Adjust the volume Press the 7 q buttons to adjust the volume. The volume indicator appears and the volume changes as you press the 7 q buttons. Muting the sound Press the l (muting) button to turn off the sound.

  • Page 16: Zoom Function

    ZOOM function You can change the screen size according to the picture aspect ratio. Choose the optimum one from the following ZOOM modes. • The ZOOM mode is fixed at FULL when you are using the TV as a PC screen. AUTO: When a WSS (Wide Screen Signalling) signal, which shows the aspect ratio of the...

  • Page 17: Cinema Surround Function

    Remote control buttons and functions Adjusting the visible area of the picture If subtitles or the top (or bottom) of the picture are cut off, you can adjust the visible area of the picture manually. 1 Press the c button The ZOOM menu appears.

  • Page 18: Using The Multi-picture Function

    To cancel the FREEZE function: Press the f button, the 6 p buttons or the number buttons. • The FREEZE function does not work while a sub-picture is displayed. • The still picture cannot be output from the TV. • The FREEZE function does not work for picture of PC and HDMI signals.

  • Page 19: Return Plus Function And Return Function

    Remote control buttons and functions • The BLUE BACK function does not work when the MULTI-PICTURE function is being used. • The ZOOM function does not work when the MULTI-PICTURE function is being used. To return the multi-picture to one screen: Press the X button, press the 5 buttons to choose one screen, and then...

  • Page 20: Favourite Channel Function

    Favourite channel function You can register your favourite TV channels in the number buttons 1 to 4. After registering, the channel can be called by pressing the d (favourite) button and a number button 1 to 4. Favourite channel registration 1 In the normal screen, choose a TV channel (PR 1 –...

  • Page 21: Operating A Jvc Brand Dvd Player

    DVD player • If your DVD player is not made by JVC, these buttons will not work. • Even if your device is made by JVC, some of these buttons may not work, depending on the device you are using.

  • Page 22: Teletext Function

    Teletext function Basic operation You can view three types of teletext broadcasts on the TV: FLOF (Fastext), TOP and WST. 1 Choose a TV channel with a teletext broadcast 2 Set the PIP/TV/DVD switch to the TV position 3 Press g (Text) button to display the teletext Pressing g (Text) button changes the mode as follows:...

  • Page 23: Hold

    Teletext function 2 Press a colour button to choose a position. Then press the number buttons to enter the page number 3 Press and hold down the A (Store) button The four page numbers blink white to show that they are stored in memory. To call up a stored page: 1 Press the B button to enter the List mode...

  • Page 24: Index

    Index You can return to the index page instantly. Press the G (Index) button Returns to page 100 or a previously specified page. Cancel You can search for a teletext page while watching TV. 1 Press the number button to enter a page number, or press a colour button The TV searches for a teletext page.

  • Page 25: Using The Tv's Menu

    Using the TV’s menu This TV has a number of functions you can operate using menus. To use all your TV’s functions, you need to understand the basic menu operating techniques fully. Buttons used to operate the menus Basic operation 1 Press the H button to display the menu bar D0105...

  • Page 26

    Using the TV’s menu Operation with the buttons on the TV You can also operate the menus using the buttons on the front panel of the TV. VOLUME CHANNEL MENU/OK TV/VIDEO 6 buttons TV/VIDEO button 5 buttons MENU/OK button The menu will disappear after about one minute if no operation is performed.

  • Page 27: Picture Menu

    PICTURE menu PICTURE PICTURE MODE CONTRAST BRIGHT SHARP COLOUR TINT WHITE BALANCE FEATURES D0014 • While the PICTURE menu is displayed, pressing the blue button will set the CONTRAST, BRIGHT, SHARP, COLOUR, TINT settings to their default settings. • When watching the picture from VIDEO- 1 to VIDEO-5 or the PC, picture effect settings can be memorised for each external input by setting the picture...

  • Page 28: Features

    WARM: A reddish white. Using this mode when watching films allows you to enjoy colours that are characteristic of films. FEATURES Choose FEATURES and press the a or 3 button to display the sub-menu. > FEATURES DIGITAL VNR AUTO(LOW) Super DigiPure PULL DOWN COLOUR MANAGEMENT PICTURE MANAGEMENT...

  • Page 29: Colour Management

    PICTURE menu MIN: The level of DigiPure effect is set to the minimum. When you set the Super DigiPure function to AUTO and notice some noise, change the setting from AUTO to MIN. • The MIN setting is not suitable for high- quality pictures which contain very little noise.

  • Page 30

    2 Press the 5 buttons to choose MAIN or SUB MAIN: You can change the colour system of the main-picture. SUB: You can change the colour system of the sub-picture. • Choose MAIN when a sub-picture is not displayed. 3 Press the 6 buttons to choose the appropriate colour system.

  • Page 31: Sound Menu

    SOUND menu SOUND STEREO/ BASS TREBLE BALANCE CINEMA SURROUND A.H.B. SPEAKER D0019 • When the headphones are connected, only “STEREO / I • II” and “SPEAKER” can be used. • When the “SPEAKER” setting (see page 31) is CENTER, BALANCE and CINEMA SURROUND cannot be chosen from the SOUND menu.

  • Page 32: Bbe

    You can use the BBE function to enjoy easy- to-listen sound that is faithful to the original sound recorded. This function is turned on. OFF: This function is turned off. • Licensed by BBE Sound, Inc. BBE is a registered trademark of BBE Sound, Inc. SPEAKER You can set the TV speaker mode for when connected to the CENTER CHANNEL...

  • Page 33: Features Menu

    FEATURES menu FEATURES SLEEP TIMER CHANNEL GUARD APPEARANCE BLUE BACK CHILD LOCK AUTO SHUTOFF REFRESH FAVOURITE SETTING D0023 SLEEP TIMER You can set the TV to automatically turn off after a set period of time. 1 Choose SLEEP TIMER. Then press the a or 3 button A Sub-menu of the SLEEP TIMER function appears.

  • Page 34: Appearance

    3 Press the a button The Sub-menu of CHANNEL GUARD appears. > CHANNEL GUARD CH/CC D1026 4 Press the 6 buttons to choose a TV channel Every time you press the 6 buttons, the Programme number (PR) changes, and the picture of the TV channel registered in the Programme number (PR) is displayed on the screen.

  • Page 35: Blue Back

    FEATURES menu BLUE BACK You can set the TV to automatically change to a blue screen and mute the sound if the signal is weak or absent, or when there is no input from an external device. This function is turned on. OFF: This function is turned off.

  • Page 36: Set Up Menu

    SET UP menu SET UP AUTO PROGRAM EDIT/MANUAL LANGUAGE VIDEO-1 SETTING VIDEO-3 SETTING AI VOLUME TELETEXT LANGUAGE PICTURE SHIFT HDMI SETTING D0029 AUTO PROGRAM You can again perform the AUTO PROGRAM function TV channel automatic registration which was performed in the “Initial settings (Setup tour)”...

  • Page 37

    SET UP menu DELETE: This function deletes a TV channel you do not want to list. MANUAL: This function manually stores a new TV channel in a programme number (PR). Caution • Using the MOVE, DELETE or INSERT functions rewrites the current programme numbers (PR) list.

  • Page 38

    DELETE 1 Press the 6 buttons to choose a TV channel Every time you press the 6 buttons, the programme number (PR) changes and the picture of the TV channel stored in the programme number (PR) appears on the screen. 2 Press the yellow button to delete the TV channel The TV channel is deleted from the...

  • Page 39

    SET UP menu MANUAL 1 Press the 6 buttons to choose a programme number (PR) for a new TV channel 2 Press the blue button to activate the MANUAL function At the right side following the CH/CC number, the SYSTEM (sound system) of the TV channel appears.

  • Page 40: Language

    LANGUAGE The LANGUAGE setting which was performed in the “Initial settings (Setup tour)” (page 9) can be changed. 1 Choose LANGUAGE, then press the a or 3 button A sub-menu of the LANGUAGE function appears. LANGUAGE D1002-EN 2 Press the 6 buttons to choose a language.

  • Page 41: Teletext Language

    SET UP menu TELETEXT LANGUAGE There are four types of teletext language groups. Set the teletext language group that corresponds to the language of the teletext program that you want to watch. 1 Choose TELETEXT LANGUAGE, then press the a or 3 button >...

  • Page 42: Displaying A Computer Screen

    Displaying a computer screen This TV can be used as a computer screen. Connecting to the computer Use a commercially available D-SUB cable to connect the TV’s PC IN terminal to the computer’s analogue RGB output terminal. If you want to listen to the sound from the computer, use a commercially available RCA cable to connect the VIDEO-4 sound input terminal to the computer’s sound output...

  • Page 43: Additional Preparation

    Additional preparation Connecting external equipment Connect the equipment to the TV, making the correct rear panel and front panel connections. Before connecting anything: • Read the manuals that came with the equipment. Depending on the equipment, the connection method may be different from the diagram.

  • Page 44: Connecting Headphones

    Connecting headphones Connect the headphones with a stereo mini- jack (3.5 mm diameter) to the headphone socket at the TV rear panel. • No sound comes from the TV speakers when the headphones are connected. TV output from the OUT terminal The video/sound signal of a TV channel you are viewing is always output from the OUT terminal.

  • Page 45

    Additional preparation Connecting AV COMPU LINK supported devices AV COMPU LINK remote control system is a system in which related devices are automatically controlled when you operate one device. If you apply this system to the TV, you can have the TV automatically perform the required operations by operating one external device.

  • Page 46

    If a VCR is connected to the VIDEO-1 terminal: Set the VCR’s remote control code to A code. If a DVD player is connected to the VIDEO-1 terminal: Set the DVD player’s AV COMPULINK MODE to DVD2. If a VCR is connected to the VIDEO-2 terminal: Set the VCR’s remote control code to B code.

  • Page 47: Using The Hdmi Terminal

    Additional preparation Using the HDMI terminal Connecting a HDMI compatible device Connecting a HDMI compatible device such as a DVD player or DVR allows you to display high definition pictures on your TV in their digital form. Connect the HDMI cable from the digital out on the back of your HDMI device to the HDMI terminal on the back of the TV.

  • Page 48

    Additional preparation 2 Press the 6 buttons and choose SIZE or AUDIO • SIZE can only be chosen when the picture signal is 480p. When setting SIZE: This option adjusts the position when a 480p picture signal is being displayed on the screen. There are two types of 480p picture signals: 640x480 and 720x480.

  • Page 49: Ch/cc Numbers

    CH/CC numbers When you want to use the INSERT function on page 37, find the CH/CC number corresponding to the Channel number of the TV channel from this table. The US channel numbers are the channel numbers used in the United States, Philippines, etc.

  • Page 50: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If a problem arises while you are using the TV, please read this troubleshooting guide carefully before you ask to have the TV repaired. You may be able to fix it easily by yourself. For example, if the mains plug is disconnected from the mains outlet, or the TV aerial has problems, you may think there is a problem with the TV itself.

  • Page 51

    Troubleshooting • When viewing images from commercially available video software products, or videos from videotapes which have been recorded improperly, the top of the image may be distorted. This is due to the condition of the video signal. There is nothing wrong with the TV.

  • Page 52: Specifications

    Pictures displayed on the screen using this TV’s ZOOM functions should not be shown for any commercial or demonstration purpose in public places (cafes, hotels, etc.) without the consent of the owners of copyright of the original picture sources, as this would be an infringement of copyright. PD-Z42DX4...

  • Page 54

    © 2004 Victor Company of Japan, Limited 1004MKH-CR-VP...

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