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Monitor UV-1
User Manual
Edition AG


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   Summary of Contents for GE UV-1

  • Page 1

    Monitor UV-1 User Manual 59-7797-01 Edition AG...

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    GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB. GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB shall in no event be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost profits, loss of...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1. Introduction ..................4 2. General Description ................5 2.1 Basic principle ................5 2.2 Optical unit ................. 7 2.3 Control unit ................. 9 3. Installation ..................11 3.1 Site requirements ..............11 3.2 Unpacking ................. 11 3.3 Electrical connections .............. 11 3.4 Installation of the filter ............

  • Page 4: Introduction

    1. Introduction 1. Introduction The UV-1 is a fixed wavelength UV monitor, consisting of a control unit and an optical unit that can be positioned up to 10 meters apart. A mercury lamp is the stable light source, furthermore a built-in reference cell eliminates baseline drift.

  • Page 5: General Description

    2. General Description 2. General Description GE Healthcare LKB Monitor UV-1 consists of an optical unit 2.1 Basic principle containing the flow cell, lamp, filter assemblies and preamplifiers, and a control unit containing the signal processing circuits. The two units are connected via a multi-core cable hardwired from the control unit to the optical unit.

  • Page 6

    2. General Description Fig. 2 Block diagram The photocurrent from each detector is amplified in a pre-amplifier before passing to the signal processing circuitry in the control unit. If transmission is to be monitored, the signal passes directly to the low pass filter.

  • Page 7: Optical Unit

    2. General Description 2.2 Optical unit Front panel controls Fig. 3. Optical unit. Front panel. Item Description Cell holder The complete cell holder is removed by turning the locking (Fig. 4:6) knob on the rear panel Sample inlet Inlet for sample flow Sample outlet Outlet for sample flow Reference inlet...

  • Page 8

    2. General Description Rear panel controls Guide pin Screw Fig. 4. Optical unit. Rear panel. No. Item Description Locking knob The cell holder is in locked position when the locking knob is turned fully in the direction of the arrow Filter inlet Filters, converters or apertures are inserted in the positions indicated.

  • Page 9: Control Unit

    2. General Description 2.3 Control unit Front panel controls Fig. 5. Control unit. Front panel. Item Description Absorbance range Selector for the desired absorbance range selector 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 or 2 AU full scale deflection. In the position SHORT, the signal output terminals are disconnected from the rest of the control circuitry and short-circuited.

  • Page 10

    2. General Description Rear panel controls Fig. 6. Control unit. Rear panel. Description Item Mains voltage selector Selects mains voltage 110, 130, 220 and 240 V Fuse holder Mains fuses: 1 x 250 mA for 110-130 V 60 Hz 1 x 125 mA for 220-240 V 50 Hz The output signal is a 10 mV DC signal.

  • Page 11: Installation

    Carefully unpack the UV-1. Check the contents against the packing list supplied. Inspect for any damage that may have occurred during transit. Report any damage immediately to the local GE Healthcare representative and to the transport company concerned. Save the packing material if future transport can be foreseen.

  • Page 12: Installation Of The Filter

    3. Installation Mains voltage Voltage selector setting Fuse 110 V 250 mA 250 mA 130 V 125 mA 220-230 V 240 V 125 mA Select the mains cable corresponding to your mains outlet. Discard unwanted mains cable immediately. Connect the instrument to a grounded mains outlet.

  • Page 13: Installation Of The Flow Cell

    3. Installation Monitor UV-1 accepts flow cells for Standard Chromatography, FPLC 3.5 Installation of and industrial applications. the flow cell Product Material of Path Total dead Illuminated Pressure Application Code No. wetted parts length volume volume limit area Fluoro-plastic, 2 mm 80 µl 2 µl 0.3 MPa...

  • Page 14: Connecting The Optical Unit

    To remove it, squeeze the ribbed sides firmly and pull. There is one 10 mV signal output port on the rear panel of the Connecting a control unit. It is for use with GE Healthcare recorders or similar recorder instruments. Connect the output terminals to the input of the recorder, using a signal cable (Fig.

  • Page 15: Operation

    4. Operation 4. Operation The UV-1 can be operated at either 254 nm, 280 nm or 405 nm. 4.1 Choice of The choice of wavelength will depend on the spectral properties of wavelength both the eluent and the substances to be detected. Proteins and poly- pep-tides containing aromatic amino acids are usually best detected at 280 and 254 nm.

  • Page 16: Conversion Table T% To Au And Od

    4. Operation 4.3 Conversion (10 mm cell) (3 mm cell) table T% to AU 2.000 6.667 2.000 and OD 1.301 4.337 1.301 1.000 1.000 3.333 0.824 2.747 0.824 0.699 2.330 0.699 0.602 2.007 0.602 1.743 0.523 0.523 0.500 1.667 0.500 0.456 1.520 0.456...

  • Page 17: Basic Operating Procedure - Au

    4. Operation Switch AU/ %T to AU (Fig. 5:13). 4.6 Basic operating Set the range selector (Fig. 5:12) to SHORT and zero the recorder with the recorder zero control. procedure - Set the range selector to 2 and adjust the recorder baseline with the baseline adjust (Fig.

  • Page 18: Maintenance

    5. Maintenance 5. Maintenance To ensure trouble free running, users are advised to observe the follo- 5.1 General wing precautions: precautions All liquids passing through the flow cell should be free of suspended particles. All liquids should be degassed to prevent air bubble formation in the flow cell.

  • Page 19: Changing The Flow Cell

    5. Maintenance Cleaning with detergent: Remove the cell holder from the optical unit. Pump undiluted cleaning detergent through the cell for at least 2 hours. Rinse the cell with a) distilled water (100 ml) b) ethanol/distilled water (50% v/v, 100 ml) c) distilled water (100 ml) Replace the cell in the optical unit and reconnect the system to be monitored.

  • Page 20: Interference Filters

    5. Maintenance 8. Insert the new cell, being careful not to touch either of the optical surfaces. See that the inlet and outlet ports are correctly aligned. 9. Retighten the screw washers with the tool provided. Do not use excessive force. 10.

  • Page 21: Changing The Mercury Lamp

    Response 8 mV or greater: the lamp is operating properly and the optical system is clean. Response 0 mV or very close to 0 mV: Contact a GE Healthcare representative. Response less than 8 mV but not very close to zero: check that the cell and filter is clean.

  • Page 22: Mercury Lamp - Maximum Light Adjustment

    5. Maintenance Use an Allen key (2.5 mm) to unscrew the upper of the two screws securing the lamp holder and the lamp. Note carefully the positions of the insulation sleeve and washer. 7. Disconnect the lamp from the PC-board. 8.

  • Page 23: Trouble-shooting

    The following check list of the most frequent problems is meant to be a guide in trouble-shooting. If the checks in this section are executed and the UV-1 still does not work properly, consult your local GE Healthcare representative. Remedy...

  • Page 24: Technical Specifications

    Note: The declaration of conformity is valid for the instrument when it is: used in laboratory locations used in the same state as it was delivered from GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB except for alteration described in the User Manual used as “stand alone” unit or connected to other CE labelled GE Healthcare products or other products as recommended.

  • Page 25: Accessories And Spare Parts

    8. Accessories and Spare Parts 8. Accessories and Spare Parts Please order accessories and spare parts according to the designation and code numbers given below. Designation Pieces Code No. Filters Filter kit, 254 nm 19-2432-01 Filter kit, 280 nm 19-2433-01 Filter kit, 405 nm 19-4724-01 Aperture...

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