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    Model No. 247.889210 • SAFETY ASSEMBLY OPERATION MAINTENANCE CAUTION: Before using PARTS LIST this product, read this ESPAIqOL manual and follow safety rules and operating instructions. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our website: FORMNO.769-03698A 1/21/2008...

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    Operation ..........Pages 12-13 ServiceNumbers ........BackCover Craftsman Professional Full Warranty If this Craftsmanproductfails due to a defectin materialor workmanship withintwo years from thedate of purchase,returnit to any Searsstore, SearsServiceCenter,or otherCraftsmanoutlet in the UnitedStatesfor free repair(or replacement i f repairprovesimpossible).

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    This machinewasbuilt to be operatedaccordingto the rulesfor safe operationin this manual.As with anytype of powerequipment, which,if not followed,couldendangerthe personal This symbolpointsout importantsafety instructions carelessnessor error on the part of the operatorcan resultin serious safetyand/orproperty of yourselfand others.Read and followall instructionsin this manualbefore injury.This machineis capableof amputatinghandsand feet and throwingobjects.

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    • If the equipmentshouldstartto vibrate abnormally,stop the engine and lock-opendevice. check immediately for the cause.Vibrationis generallyawarning of Extinguishall cigarettes,cigars,pipes and othersources trouble. of ignition. Shutthe engineoff andwait untilthe bladecomesto a completestop Neverfuel machineindoorsbecauseflammablevapors will accumu- beforeremovingthe grass catcheror uncloggingthe chute. late inthe area.

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    OperateWALK-BEH ND mowersacrossthe face of s opes, neverup and downs opes, Sight and h01dthis level with a vertical tree... 15° "5...

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    This page left intentionally blank.

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    IMPORTANT: T his unit is shippedwithoutgasolineor oil in theengine. Be certain to serviceenginewith gasolineand oil as instructedin the Operationsectionbeforestartingor runningyourmachine. NOTE:Referenceto rightand left hand sideof the LawnMoweris observedfrom the operatingposition. OPENING CARTON Cut eachcornerof the cartonverticallyfrom topto bottom. Removeall looseparts. Removeloosepackingmaterial.

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    --,, The ropeguide,which is connectedto the support rod,is located on the rightside of the lowerhandle.See Figure3 below. Holdblade controlagainstupper handle. Pull starterropeout of the engine.Releasebladecontrol. Slip starterrope intorope guide. Attachcables to the lowerhandlewith the cableties alreadyon the lowerhandle.Insertpegson cableties intothe holeson the lowerhandle.See Figure4.

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    ADJUSTMENTS Cutting Height Thecutting heightadjustmentleveris locatedabovethe rear left wheel.See Figure7A insert. Pull leveroutand away from mower. Moveleverforwardor back for desiredcutting height. Releaselevertowardsmowerdeck. Thefront wheelcuttingheightis determinedbyselectingone of six positionson each casterassembly.Toadjust front cuttingheight,refer to Figure7B and proceedas follows: Removewing nut fromaxle bolt. Slide axle boltand wavewasher from theassemblyand selecta cuttingheight.

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    Control Drive Control ..E lectric Start ignition Key Shift Lever Cutting Height Adjustment Lever Recoil Starter Oil Cap/Dil Plug Side Discharge_e Muffler Figure9 BLADE CONTROL ELECTRIC START IGNITION The bladecontrolis attachedto the upperhandleof the mower.See The electricstartignitionkey is locatedon the left side of the handle Figure9.

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    GAS AND OIL FILL=UP --,, Oil (one bottle shipped with unit) FirstTime Use Removeoil fill dipstick. With the lawnmoweron levelground,use a funnelto emptyentire contentsof oil bottle providedintothe engine. Replaceoil fill dipstickand tighten. Subsequent Uses Onlyuse highquality detergentoil ratedwith APIserviceclassification SE SG, SH,or SJ. Selectthe oil's SAEviscositygradeaccordingto the expectedoperatingtemperature.

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    --,, TO STOP ENGINE Releasebladecontrolto stop the engineand blade. Disconnectspark plug wireand groundit to the retainingpostto preventaccidentalstartingwhiletheequipmentis unattended. Wait for the bladeto stop completelybeforeperforminganyworkon the moweror to removethe side dischargechute, USING YOUR LAWN MOWER Be sure lawnis clearof stones,sticks,wire, or other objectswhich coulddamagelawnmoweror engine.Suchobjectscouldbe accidently thrownby the mowerin anydirectionand causeserious personal injuryto the operatorand others.

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    --,, Electrode Porcelain Alwaysstopengine,disconnectspark plugwire, and groundagainst _engne beforeperformng any type of ma ntenanceon yourmachne. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS • Alwaysobservesafetyruleswhenperformingany maintenance. Thewarrantyon this lawnmowerdoesnot coveritemsthat have beensubjectedto operatorabuseor negligence. T o receivefull valuefrom warranty, o peratormust maintaintheequipmentas instructedhere. .030 (.76 mm) gap Changingof engine-governed speedwill voidenginewarranty.

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    • Replacepaperelementyearly or every 300 hours. Do notwash paperelement.Do not usepressurizedair to clean or dry papere ement. NOTE:Operatingin a dustyconditionmay requiremorefrequent maintenance than above. Reinstallthe foamelementand thenthe paperelementon the air cleanerbody. Reinstallthe aircleanercaseontheaircleanerbodybyfirstfittingthe projection(A) on the edgeof the air cleanercase intothe slit (B) in theair cleanerbody.See Figure15.

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    Engine Speed Donottamper withthegovernorsettingor thecarburetor settingto ncreasethe enginespeed.Eachcarburetorisadjustedat the factory Nitheithera cap or stop plateinstalledon the mixturescrew.Any adjustments mustbe performedby a Searsor otherqualifiedservice Jealer. LUBRICATION Alwaysstop engine,disconnectspark plug,and groundagainst _engne beforeperformng any type of mantenanceon yourmach ne.J Blade Control Lubricatepivot pointson the blade controlat least oncea seasonwith lightoil.

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    ADJUSTING SHIFT LEVER CABLE Periodicadjustmentof thesix speedshiftcable maybe necessarydue to normalwearon the cable.Adjustmentis neededif all six speedsdo not work.The adjustablecable bracketis locatedon the left side of the mowerbesidethe engine.See Figure18. Start engineand placeshift leverin the sixth speedposition. Stopengineand disconnectspark plug wireand groundit against engine.

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    REPLACING BATTERY Batteriescontainsulfuricacid whichmay causeburns. Do notshort I circuitor mutilatebatteriesin any way.Do notput batteriesin fireas [these may burst or releasetoxic materials. Loosenstar knobssecuringupperand lowerhandlesandcarefully foldthe upper handledowntowardthe lowerhandleas shown in Figure20. Removethetwoscrewssecuringbatterycovertobatteryhousingand placethem tothe side. See Figure20. Open batterycover,removepositiveand negativeleadsfrom battery,removeand replacewith newbattery.Connectthe positivelead to the positiveside of the batterypack,then connect the negativeside.

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    iMPORTANT: Always plug charger lead i nto battery pack l ead first, and then insert battery charger plug into 120 volt s tandard household outlet. Follow t his order ofaction e very time you charge the battery. Use only the battery charger supplied with this mower. Replacing Fuse The electricstartercircuitand batteryare protectedbya 40 ampere...

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    Neverstore lawnmowerwith fuel in tank indoorsor in poorly ventilatedareaswherefuel fumesmay reachan open flame,spark, or pilot lightas on a furnace,water heater,clothesdryer,or gas appliance. PREPARING THE ENGINE PREPARING THE LAWN MOWER Engineto be storedover30 days shouldbe completelydrainedof fuel Cleanand lubricatemowerthoroughlyas describedin the lubrica- tion instructions.

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    Enginefails to start Bladecontroldisengaged. Engagebladecontrol. Sparkplug bootdisconnected. Connectwireto spark boot. Fueltank emptyor stale fuel. Filltank with clean, freshgasoline. Enginenotprimed. Primeengine as instructedin the Operation section. Faultyspark plug. Clean,adjustgap,or replace. Blockedfuel line. Cleanfuel line. Engineflooded. Wait a few minutesto restart, butdo not prime.

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    Self Propelled Mower- Model No. 247.889210 42 / 38 /...

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    Self Propelled Mower- Model No. 247.889210 664-04093 Grass Catcher 647-0004 BladeControl 731-0904A 747-0940A SupportRodw/Rope Guide UpperControlHousing 731-0620A DriveControl 747-0939 PivotRod 747-0937 Grass CatcherFrame 731-0905A LowerControl Housing 631-0071 Grass CatcherCover 710-1667A C SunkTapScrew,#10 x.75Lg 731-0906 726-0106 Cap Nut CableMountingCap 746- 0711B DriveCable- 51"...

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    Self Propelled Mower- Model No. 247.889210...

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    Self Propelled Mower- Model No. 247.889210 D _¸ 682-7528 714-0474 CotterPin ChainCoverAssembly 741-0324A 710-1652 Screw1/4-14x .825 FIgeBearing.506ID x .590Lg 682-7526 736-0264 Flat Washer.330 ID x.630 OD Transmission Axle Assembly 618-0263A 714-0104 CotterPin Transmission Ass'yComplete 732-0306 734-1857 Wheel7 x 2 Compression Spring 713-0453 Chain 734-2010...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-11004-7009 HeadGasket KM-92043-7001 KM-92049-7008 Oil Seal KM-11008-7015 CylinderHead KN-11022-7006 RockerCase KM-92191-7025 Tube,12x16x49 KN-11061-7020 CoverGasket KM-130G0612 FlangedBolt KN-11061-7023 RockerCase Gasket KM-130G0625 FlangedBolt KM-11061-7031 BreatherGasket KM-130G0635 FlangedBolt KN-14041-7001 Cover-Complete KM-130P0840 FlangedBolt...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-13001-7009 Piston KM-13002-7001 PistonPin KM-13008-6062 PistonRingSet KM-13031-7054 CrankshaftWith Gear KM-13251-7011 ConnectingRodAssy. KM-92033-7005 Snap Ring KM-130G0630 Rod Bolt...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V-AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 16 8 KM-13116 -7003 PushRod KM-12004-7003 IntakeValve KM-21083-7009 KM-12005-7003 ExhaustValve KM-49078-7001 ValveSpring KM-12009-7001 ValveSpringRetainer KM-92009-2341 Screw KM-12011-2056 Collet KM-92015-2253 KM-12016-7001 RockerArm KM-92043-7006 KM-12032-7001 Tappet KM-92145-7016 Spring KM-12043-7004 CamshaftAssy. KM-92153-7019...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-11061-7030 Gasket,12x19x1.27 KM-92151-7012 Bolt,6x12 KM-92153-7007 Bolt KM-14075-7007 DipstickCap Assy. KM-14091-7011 Oil FilterCover KM-92153-7016 Bolt, 12x12 KM-16154-7002 Oil PumpRotor(Outer) KM-92170-1577 Clamp KM-16154-7004 Oil PumpRotor(Inner) KM-130G0612 FlangedBolt KM-59231-7004 FillerTube KM-670D2016 O-Ring,16mm...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-11053-7009 FanBracket KM-13280-7001 Holder KM-14037-7017 Screen KM-16146-7012 Cover KM-59041-7009 KM-59066-7016 FanHousing KM-130G0612 FlangedBolt...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-14090-2108 Cover KM-92038-2077 FlywheelKey KM-16073-2192 Insulator KM-BPR5ES SparkPlug KM-21169-2071 Terminal KM-92072-7003 Band KM-21171-7011 IgnitionCoilAssy. KM-92153-7012 Bolt,4x16 KM-21193-7026 Flywheel KM-92153-7030 Bolt, 12x30 KM-26011-7013 LeadWire KM-130B0620 FlangedBolt KM-26031-7004 Harness KM-311B0400 HexNut...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-16171-7015 ThrottleLink KM-92002-2269 Bolt KM-39003-7002 PivotArm KM-92015-1193 KM-39129-7007 GovernorSpring KM-92200-2036 Spacer KM-42036-2051 Sleeve KM-92145-7025 ThrottleSpring KM-49103-7005 GovernorArm KM-92200-2029 Washer,6.5x11.5x2.0 KM-49110-7002 GovernorAssy. KM-130G0612 FlangedBolt KM-59226-7014 ControlPanel KM-554A0600 I Snap Pin...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-11060-2190 Gasket KM-49043-7002 PrimingPump KM-11061-7010 Gasket KM-49121-7006 MainNozzle KM-11061-7015 Gasket KM-92009-2083 Screw KM-13107-7024 Shaft KM-9200-2349 Screw KM-15003-7099 CarburetorAssy. KM-92063-7048 MainJet,#76 KM-16009-2136 NeedleJet KM-92081-2234 Spring KM-16014-7006 I PilotAir Screw KM-92093-2100...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 0-,--. KM-11011-7024 Air Filter Case KM-49106-7007 MufflerCover KM-11013-7018 Pre FilterElement KM-92015-1193 I KM-11029-7010 Air Filter Element KM-92153-7023 Bolt KM-172G0680 StudBolt KM-11061-7012 IntakePipeGasket KM-11061-7029 MufflerGasket KM-186B0680 Bolt KM-16060-7012 IntakePipe KM-670B3032...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-11060-2145 Gasket KM-51049-2087 FuelCap KM-59071-7012 Joint,InTank Filter KM-92170-2088 Clamp KM-92192-7005 Tube,6.35x12.7x285 KM-92192-7007 Tube...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 KM-21163-7017 ElectricStarter KM-46075-7002 Grip KM-49088-7017 RecoilStarter KM-59106-7003 Rope KM-92153-7021 Bolt, M6 KM-130G0620 FlangedBolt...

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    Craftsman Engine Model No. FJ180V=AS05 For Self Propelled Mower Model 247.889210 _¸ KM-13236-7006 Lever KM-21083-7016 KM-41035-7005 BrakePanelAssy. KM-92015-1193 KM-92145-7023 Spring KM-92145-7032 Spring KM-92153-7020 Bolt KM-130B0610 FlangedBolt KM-56070-7001 WarningLabel KM-56033-7003 ManualLabel 952SFJ180E CompleteEngine...

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    (This pageapplicablein the U.S.A.and Canadaonly.) Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A. (Sears), the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Emission ControJ System Warranty Statement (Owner's Defect Warranty Rights and ObJigations) EMISSIONCONTROL WARRANTYCOVERAGE ISAPPLICABLE TO CERTI- YEAR 1997AND LATERENGINES WHICHARE PURCHASED AND USED FlED ENGINESPURCHASEDIN CALIFORNIA IN 1995ANDTHEREAF- ELSEWHERE INTHE UNITEDSTATES (ANDAFTERJANUARY1,2001 IN...

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    Look For Relevant Emissions Durability Period and Air index information On Your Engine Emissions Label Engines that are certified to meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Tier 2 Emission Standards must display information regarding the Emissions Durability Period and the Air Index. Sears, Roebuck and Co., U.S.A.

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    Congratulations on makinga smartpurchase.YournewCraftsman® Onceyou purchasethe Agreement,a simplephonecall is all that it Professional p roduct is designedand manufactured for years of takesfor you toscheduleservice.Youcan call anytimedayor night, or dependableoperation.Butlike all products,it may requirerepairfrom schedulea serviceappointmentonline. time to time.That'swhen havinga RepairProtectionAgreement c an The RepairProtectionAgreementis a risk-freepurchase.If you cancel saveyou moneyand aggravation.

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    Cubierta posterior Garantia Profesional de Craftsman Si este productoCraftsmanfalla debidoa un defectoen los materialeso la manode obra dentrode los dosahos de la fecha de compra,sirvase devolverloa cualquiertienda Sears,Centrode servicioSears,u otro puntode venta Craftsmanen los EstadosOnidosparasu reparaci6nsin cargo(o reemplazosi la reparaci6ndemuestraimposible).

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    Estamaquina rueconstruida paraseroperada de acuerdoconlas La presencia de este simbolo indica que se trata de instrucciones reglasde seguridad contenidas en estemanual. A Iigualquecon importantes de seguridad que se deben respetar para evitar poner cualquier t ipode equipomotorizado, un descuido o errorper parte en peligro su seguridad personal y/o material y la de otras personas.

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    hasta que e ste s eguro de que l amisma ha detenido su movimiento rotatorio. Nunca Ilene en exceso el depdsito de combustible. Llene el tanque a no Nunca opere lacortadora si n o tiene colocados yfuncionando el e scudo mas de 1 pulgada por debajo de la base del cuello del tap6n de carga, para posterior apropiado,...

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    m0vimiente podrfaveltearsey causar lesi0nesseveras.Si en una pendienteopera una podaderaubicadedetras de la misma,es No podeen inclinacionesmayoresa 15 grades(elevaci6naproximada de 2 1/2pies per cada 10pies). Unapodadoraen extremadamente diffcilmantenerel equilibrioy podrfaresbalarsey sufrir lesionesgraves. "0 Alinee y sostenga este nivel con un _rbol vertical..c :_...

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    IMPORTANTE: Esta unidad se envia sin gasolina ni aceite en el motor. Antes de comenzar o correr la maquina cargue el motor con gasolina y aceite come se indica en la secci6n de operaci6n de este manual, NOTA:Lasreferencias a los ladosderechoe izquierdo de la cortadora de cesped se hacenobservando la maquina desdela posici6n de operaci6n.

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    La guiade la cuerda, q ueestaconectada a lavarillade sosten, s e encuentra sobreel ladoderecho de la manijainferior. Veala Figura 3. Sostenga la manijade controlde la cuchillacontrala manija superior. Jalela cuerdade arranque parasacarladel motor.Suelteel controlde la cuchilla. Deslicela cuerdadearranque en la gufa. Unaloscablesa la manijainferiorconlasunionesde cablequeya seencuentran en la manijainferior.

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    AJUSTES Altura de corte La palancade ajustede alturadecortese ubicaporencimade la rueda izquierda trasera.Veael recuadro de la figura7A. Tirede la palancahaciaafuerade la cortadora. Muevala palancahaciaadelante o haciaatrasparala alturade corte deseada. Liberela palancahaciala plataforma de la cortadora. La alturade cortede la ruedafrontalsedetermina seleccionando u nade lasseisposiciones en el montaje de cadaruedita.Paraajustarla altura de cortefrontal,consultela Figura7B y realiceIosiguiente: Extraigalatuercade mariposa del...

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    Control de la cuchilla Control de la transmisidn Llave de encendido electrico Palancade cambios Palanca de ajuste de la altura de corte Arrancador de retroceso Tap6n de combustible Tap6n de aceite/varilla de Bujfa de encendido medici6ndel nivel de aceite Tolvade descarga lateral Silenciador Figura9 LLAVE DE ENCENDIDO...

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    LLENADO DE GASOLJNA Y --,, ACEJTE Aceite (se envia una botelma junto con la unidad) Primer uso Saque la varilla del nivel de aceite. Con la cortadora de cesped ubicada en suelo nivelado, utilice un embudo para vaciar todo el contenido de la botella de aceite suministrada en el motor.

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    Arrancador electrico: Girela Ilave de encendido a la derecha paraarrancar e l motor.Sueltela Ilaveapenasarranque el motor. Arrancador de retroceso: Tome la manijadelarrancador y saquela cuerdalentamente h astaqueel motor alcance el comienzo delciclodecompresi6n (lacuerdatiraraunpocomasfuerteen este punto).Dejequela cuerdaseenrolle lentamente. Tirede la cuerda conungolperapido y continuo detodoel brazo.Mantenga firme la manijadelarrancador, dejequelacuerdasevuelvaa enrollar lentamente.

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    Detenga siempreel motor,desconecte el cablede la bujiay hagamasa Electrodo Porcelana contrael motorantesde realizar c ualquier t areade mantenimiento a su maquina. RECOMENDAClONES GENERALES • Respete siemprelasreglasde seguridad cuandorealicetareasde mantenimiento. • La garantiade estacortadora no cubreelementos quehan estadosujetosal malusoo la negligencia deloperador. P ara recibirel reembolso total de la garantia, e l operador d eberadar mantenimiento al equipo tal y comoseindicaen estemanual.

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    Nolave elelemento depapel. Nouse aire presurizado para limpiar o secare e ementode pape. NOTA:Si seoperaen lugares dondehaymuchopolvopuedeser necesario realizar e l mantenimiento c onmayorfrecuencia que la indicada masarriba. Vuelvaa instalarel elemento de espuma y luegoel elemento de papelen el cuerpodelfiltro de aire. Vuelvaa instalarla cajadelfiltrode aire en el cuerpodel filtro;para hacerlo, e n primerlugarinsertela partesaliente (A) sobreel borde de la cajadelfiltro deaire dentrode la ranura(B)del cuerpodel filtro...

  • Page 54

    Velocidad del motor "_ No altere los valores del regulador del motor ni del carburador para aumentar la velocidad del motor. Cada carburador se ajusta en fabrica con capuch6n o placa limitadora instalado(a) sobre el tomillo de mezcla. ICualquier ajuste debe ser realizado por un centrode servicio Sears o [otro centro de servicio autorizado.

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    AJUSTE DEL CABLE DE LA PALANCA DE CAMBIOS Puede ser necesario realizar un ajuste perbdico del cable de cambios de seis velocidades debido al desgaste normal del cable, El ajuste es necesario si las seis velocidades no funcionan bien. La mensula ajustable del cable se Iocaliza sobre el lado izquierdo de la cortadora de cesped junto al motor.

  • Page 56

    CAMBIO DE LA BATERiA Las bateriascontienen_.cidesulf5ricoque puedecausarquemadu- ras. No pongaen eortocircuitoni mutilelas bateriasde ninguna manera.No coloquelasbaterfassobrefuegodado que pueden explotaro emitir materialest6xiees. Aflojelasperillasenestrella quesujetan lasmanijas inferiorysuperiory concuidadodone la manijasuperiorhaciala manijainferiortal come semuestraen la Figura20. Retirelosdostornillos que sujetan la cubiertade la bateriaal alojamiento de la bateria y cobquelosal costado.

  • Page 57

    IMPORTANTE: Siempre conecteel conductor d el cargador e n del paquete de baterias en primerlugar,y luegoinserteel enchufe del cargador d e baterias en un tomacorriente residencial estandar de 120 voltios.Sigaestasecuencia siempre que carguela bateria. Cambio del fusible El circuitodel arrancador e lectricoy la bateriaestanprotegidos por un fusiblede 40 amperes.

  • Page 58

    Nuncaalmacene la cortadora de cesped concombustible en el tanque en unespaciocerradoo en areasconpocaventilaci6n, d ondelos gasesdelcombustible puedan alcanzar el fuego,chispaso una luz pilotocomola quetienenalgunoshornos,calentadores d e agua, secadores de ropao algOn otrodispositivo a gas. PREPARACION DEL MOTOR PREPARACION DE LA CORTADORA C¢:SPED Siel motorseva a almacenar p or masde 30dfasse debevaciar totalmente el contenido de combustible (gasolina) a losefectos de evitar...

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    El motor no arranca Controldelacuchilla desenganchado. Engraneel control de la cuchilla. Se ha desconectado el capuch6n de la bujia. Conecte el cable al capuch6n de la bujia. El deposito de combustible esta vacio o el Llene el tanque con gasolina limpia y nueva. combustible se ha echado a perder.

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    (Esta p_.ginase aplica s61oen EE.UU. y Canada.). Sears, Roebuck and Co, U.S.A. (Sears), el Consejo de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) y ia Agencia de Protecci6n Ambiental de los Estados Unidos (EPA) Declaraci6n de garantia del sistema de control de emisiones (derechos y obligaciones de la garantia de defectos del propi-...

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    Busque el periodo de duraci6n de emJsiones Jmportantes yla informaci6n de clasificaci6n de aire en Ja etiqueta de emisiones de su motor Los motores cuyo cumplimJento con los est&ndares de emJsJ6n Tier 2 de la ComJsJ6n de Recursos Ambientales de California (CARB) est6 certJficado deben exhibir la informacJ6n relacJonada con el perJodo de duracJ6n de las emJsJones y la clasifJcacJ6n de aJre.

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    Felicitaciones por haberrealizadouna adquisici6ninteligente.El Unavez adquiridoel Acuerdo,puede programarel serviciocon productoCraftsman@ Profesional que ha adquiridoest,. disehadoy tan s61orealizaruna Ilamadatelef6nica.PuedeIlamaren cualquier fabricadoparabrindarmuchosahos de funcionamiento confiable.Pero momentodel dia o de la nocheo programarun servicioen line& comotodos los productosa vecespuede requerirde reparaciones. El Acuerdode Protecci6nde Reparaci6nes una comprasin riesgo. Es en ese momentocuandoel disponerde un Acuerdode protecci6n Si ustedanula por algunaraz6nduranteel periodode garanfiade para reparaciones le puedeahorrardineroy problemas.

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    Your Home For expert troubleshooting and home solutions advice: For repair- in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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