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Canon VIXIA HF S10 Instruction Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Canon VIXIA HF S10

  • Page 2: Important Usage Instructions

    If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. Canon U.S.A., Inc. One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, NY 11042, U.S.A. Tel No_ (5!6)328-5600 CAUTION: TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK,MATCHWIDEBLADEOF PLUG TO WIDESLOT, F ULLYINSERT.
  • Page 3 CAUTION: ® Danger of e xplosUee ifthe w rong type of b attery pack is attached. Use orfly the s ame type of b attery pack, ® De n ot expose battery pack to excessive heat such as the iesUde of a car under direct sunlight, fur&...
  • Page 4 In these safety instructions the word "product" refers to the CanonHDCamcorder VIXIAHF$10 A / VIXlAHF $100 A and all its accessories. Read these instructions. Keepthese instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not usethis apparatus near water. Cleanonly with dry cloth. Do not install near any heat sourcessuch as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (includingamplifiers) that produce heat.
  • Page 5 Placing or M oving --Do n ot place on an unstable cad, stand, tripod, bracket or t able. The product may fall, causing serious injury to achild or adult, and serious damage to the p roduct. A product and cart combination should be moved with care.
  • Page 6 When replacement d the power supply is required, please return it to the responsible nearest Canon Service Center and please replace it with the same type number CA-570. The Adapter can be used with a power supply between 1 O0 and 240 V AC. For areas where 120 VAC power is not used, you will need a special plug adapter.
  • Page 7 We will keep the model number and date of purchase of your new Canon product on file to help you refer to this information in the event of an insurance claim such as loss or theft. v_Receive information...
  • Page 8 Approximately 6 times the number of pixels. More than twice the number of scanning lines. "Full HD 1080" refers to Canon camcorders compliant with high-definition video composed of 1,080 vertical pixels (scanning lines). 1 Video is recorded at this resolution only when the recording mode is set to MXP or FXP mode.
  • Page 9 What are the advantages of flash memory? Your videos and photos are recorded in the built-in memory' (_ only) or on commercially available SDiSDHC memory cards 2 using AVCHD specifications 3. Recording on flash memory means that there are no moving parts in the recorder unit of the camcorder, To you, it means a camcorder...
  • Page 10 Can Jplay back my high-definiti0n video on other devices? Needless to say, you can connect your camcorder to an HDTV to enjoy your recordings with family and friends (l_J 124), You aBso have the foJJowing options: You can easily play back video recorded on the memory...
  • Page 12 Tableef centents m mntroduction Enjoying High-Definition Video with your Camcorder About this Manual Getting to Know the Camcorder Supplied Accessories and CD-ROMs Names of Parts Screen Displays m Preparations Getting Started Charging the Battery Pack Preparing the Wireless Controller and Accessories Adjusting the Position and Brightness of the LCD Screen Basic...
  • Page 13 m Video Basic Recording Shooting Video Selecting the Video Quality (Recording Mode) Zooming Quick Start Function Basic Playback Playing Back the Video Selecting what Recordings to Play Back Searching for Scenes Selecting the Playback Starting Point Pre-selecting Recordings from the Index Screen Deleting Scenes Advanced Functions...
  • Page 14 Playiist and Scene Operations Dividing Scenes Editing the Playiist: Adding, Deleting, Moving and Playing Back Copying Scenes Photos Basic Recording Taking Photos Selecting Photo Size and Quality Deleting a Photo Right After Recording It Basic Playback Viewing Photos Deleting Photos Magnifying Photos during Playback Additional...
  • Page 15 m E×temaUConnections Terminals on the Camcorder ! 2! Connection Diagrams ! 24 Playback on a TV Screen Saving Your Recordings ! 25 Saving Your Recordings on a Computer Authoring High-Definition (AVCHD) Discs and Photo DVDs ! 30 Copying your Recordings to an External Video Recorder Transferring Photos to a Computer (Direct Transfer) ! 35...
  • Page 16 About this Manuam Thank you for purchasing the Canon VIXIA HF $10/VIXIA HF $100. Please read this manual carefully before you use the camcorder retain it for future reference. Should your camcorder fail to operate cor- rectly, refer to Troubleshooting (Et_ 152).
  • Page 17 Advanced Fmlctions Special S cerle Recording P rograms Recording inavery brightski resortor capturing the full colorsof a sunsetor a fireworks displaybecomes aseasyas selectingaSpecial Scenerecording program, F ordet_i]sabouttheavailable options,refer to page62. Brackets [ ] are used to refer to menu options as they are r_(_) ©,[P __...
  • Page 18: Supplied Accessories And Cd-Roms

    Supplied Accessories and CD°ROMs The following accessories are supplied with the camcorder: pact PowerAdapter (_eo_ power cord/ BP-807 Battery Pack,_ "_ _WL-D88 Wireless Controller (ind, CR2025 lithium button battery) STV-250NStereoVideo Cable,_4 Yellow _ Red _ White plugs 18 * b'odtct_,_...
  • Page 19 The f ollowing CD-ROMs and software are supplied with the camcorder: HXELA Application _Disc 1 CD-ROM* and 'PIXELA ImageMixer 3SE' Installation Guide - ImageMixer 3SE Transfer Utility - Software for s aving and transferring movies. - Music Transfer Utility - Software for t ransferring tothe camcorder music data for v ideo s napshot...
  • Page 20: Names Of Parts

    Names of Parts Left side view _ Stereo microphone (L) (C[_ 80) Speaker (_ _} VIDEO SNAP (video snapshot) button (q:365)/ (print!shard} button (EZ3 112, 134) {4} DISE (on-screen display) button (L'-_ 54, 78)/ BAT-]-. INFO button (_ CUSTOM dial (_ {6} CUSTOM button (1_ 85) ®®®...
  • Page 21 Back view DC IN terminal (1_ 27) Camera mode dial ([Z] 33) @ AV OUT terminal ([Z] 120, 122)/ (} (headphones) terminal (l_ _} START/STOP button (iZ3 44) ___Battery attachment unit (_ ® RESET button (IZ] 155) _:_ Remote sensor (_ @ LCD screen ([Z[] 31) (2_Joystick (E]Z} 35)
  • Page 22 @ Seria_ number The serial number label is located on the top surface of the battery attachment unit. Remove the battery pack to find it. @ Tripod socket (_ 167) WirelessControllerWL=D88 START/STOP button (L_ 44) (2_ FUNC= button (_ 36, 137) @ MENU button ([._ 36, 140) @ PEAYLIST button (EZ3 87) (5_ Navigation...
  • Page 23 @®@®@@® Remaining recording time (0 Operating mode (83 33) On the memory card Recording program (83:[:3 6 0, 62, 64) {_.1 In the builtoin memory _3}White balance ([L_ 74) _:_ Image stabilizer 143) _4_Dmage effect (83[376) 24F progressive frame rate Digital effect (Q3 77) (83 26, 64) _6}Recording...
  • Page 24 ® ®® _ Oamcorder shake warning (CCt 143) _0bZoom (_ 47), Exposure e_|_o @ AF frame (IZ_J142) @ Light metering mode ([£.Q 104) Focus and exposure lock (_ _2}Drive mode (C[] 102) Flash (C_ 100) 62 Photo quality/size @ Self timer (CCI 69) _ Number of available photos On the memory card _._ Dnthe built-in...
  • Page 25 Viewing Photos ®@ @ Manual focus (_ @ Histogram (CC] 105) d_ File size @ Current photo / Total number of _0_Manual exposure (L_ 70) photos @9Photo number (_ 149) _1_Photo size ([_ (5_Aperture value (12_ 62) @ Protected photo mark ([_ 107) _3_Shutter speed ([_ @ Date and time of recording...
  • Page 26 @ Memory operation Record. 0 || Record pause. I_, Playback, || Playback,pause, _ Fast playbacK, Fastreverse playback, I_ Slow playbacK. 41 S!ow reverse playbacK, I1_ Frame advance. _ll Frame reverse @ Remaining battery time o The icon shows a rough estimate of the remaining charge as a percentage of the full charge of the battery pack.
  • Page 27: Getting Started

    Preparations This chapter describes basic operations, such as navigating the menus, and first time settings to help you learn more about your camcorder. Getting Started Charging the Battery Pack The camcorder can be powered with a battery pack or directly using the compact power adapter.
  • Page 28 If the indicator flashes quickly, refer to Troubleshooting (CZ3152). To remove the battery pack 1 Slide in the direction of the arrow and hold it pressed down. 2 Slide the battery pack down and then pull it out. ® BATTERY RELEASE switch _'_fPOR-IXNT Turn off the camcorder before connecting or disconnecting the com- pact power adapter.
  • Page 29 We recommend that you prepare batter,/packs to last 2 to 3 times longer than you think you might need. USAand Canada enly: The Lithium ion/polymer battery that powers the product is recyclable. Please call 1-800-8-BATTERY for information on how to recycle this batter,/.
  • Page 30 If the wireless controller does not work, check that _[_/ © [Wirebss Remote Control] is not set to [_ Off _l_] (C_3148). Otherwise, replace the batter,/. Accessories Fasten the grip be_t. Adjust the grip belt so that you can reach the zoom lever with your index finger, and the _} button with your thumb.
  • Page 31 Adjusting the Position and Brightness of the LCD Screen Rotating the LCD Pand Open the LCD panel 90 degrees, You can rotate the panel 90 degrees downward. You can rotate the panel 180 degrees toward the lens. Rotating the LCD panel 180 degrees can be useful in the following cases: - To include yourself in the picture when recording with the self timer.
  • Page 32 Repeat this action to turn the LCD backlight on (bright) or off (normal). If [__ O [LCD Screen Dimmer] is set to [_ On] (83 147), pressing for more than 2 seconds will turn off the screen dimmer and return the LCD screen to its previous brightness setting. The LCD backlight does not affect the brightness of the recordings.
  • Page 33: Basic Operation Of The Camcorder

    Basic Operation of the Camcorder Operating Modes Recording When recording video or photos, the camcorder's operating mode is determined by the position of the camera mode dial, Duam Shot Record videoandtake photoseasily,lettingthe camcorder t akecareof all the ::settings- Great f or beginners or if youjust prefernotto botherwith detaibdcamcorder settings: ........
  • Page 34 mode menus cannot be accessed, but the following settings can be changed in advance, before setting the camera mode dial to - Recording mode of movies - Size/qua/ty of photos Your selection of recording media for movies/photos - Auto slow shutter - Image stabilizer - Back/ght correction - All settings under the setup menu's [-fv3,[_...
  • Page 35 Joystick and Joystick Guide Use the joystick to operate the camcorder's menus, Push the ioystick up, down, left or right Press the }oystiek itself (0) to save (AV, ) to select an item or the settings or confirm an action. On change settings_ menu screens, thisisindicated bythe icon!_...
  • Page 36 Sdecting an Option from the FUNC. Menu Following is an example of selecting a FUNC. menu option in mode (the operation is similar in mode). In playback modes, the operation varies depending on the function selected so refer to the rel- evant chapter as necessary.
  • Page 37 Move (AT) the orange selection bar to the tabs at the top of the screen to select a different menu (step 3). 5 Sebct (AV) the desired option and press @ to save the setting. Some options, like brightness and volume settings, need to be adjusted by pushing the joystick (4I_).
  • Page 38: First Time Settings

    First Time Settings Setting the Date and Time You will need to set the date and time of the camcorder before you can start using it. The [Date/Time] screen will appear automatically when the cam- corder's clock is not set. When the [Date/Time] screen appears, the year will be selected.
  • Page 39 Changing the Language The default language of the camcorder is English. You can set it to one of 22 other languages. {F-O-N-e:] @ [_h Menu] © _] © [Language (_,_}]© Desired language O [¢uRc. The displays and 0@ that appear in some menu screens refer to the name of buttons on the camcorder and will not change, regardless of the language selected.
  • Page 40: Using A Memory Card

    Using a Memory Card Memory Cards Compatible for Use with the Camcorder You can use commercially available SDHC (SD high capacity) memory cards and .._ SD memory cards with this camcorder. How- ever, depending on its Speed Class, you mat' not be able to record movies on the memory card.
  • Page 41 Insed:ing and Removing a Memory Card Make sure to initialize all memory cards before using them with this camcorder (C3 42). 1 Turn off the camcorder, Make sure the ON/OFF (CHG) indicator is off. 2 Open the memory card sBot cover, 3 Insert the memory card straight, with the _abe_facing up, aH the way into the memory card sBot untiB it...
  • Page 42: Selecting The Memory Forthe Recordings

    Selecting the Memory forthe Recordings You can select to record your movies and photos in the builtqn mem- ory or on a memory card. The builtqn memory is the default memory for recording both. 'JOy-sT} _ 7} [_ Menu[ © _ or _ ©...
  • Page 43 _F@q-d:] © [_ Menu] © [_ © [Initialze © Initialization method © [Yes]* O [OK] © [_UNd:] * Press _ to cancel the complete initia/zation whle it is in progress, All recordings will be erased and the memory can be used without any problem. IIdIPORYAIT Initia/zing the memory wil permanently erase al recordings, Lost origi- nal recordings cannot be recovered.
  • Page 44: Basic Recording

    Video This chapter covers functions related to shooting movies, including recording, playback, advanced functions and playiist and scene operations. Basic Recording Shooting Video 1 Set the camera mode dial to _w or 2 Turn on the camcordero By default, movies are recorded in the built-in memory.
  • Page 45 - Do not change the camcorder's operating mode. Be sure to save your recordings regularly (el3 125), especially after mak- ing important recordings. Canon shall not be liable for any loss or cor- ruption of data. Abaut the PewerSave made: If [__10...
  • Page 46 ×P+iiiiiiii!iiii!iii3!iiiiliiiiiiiiiiii!!iSP_! ii_ 32GB 4nr. 5hr, 9hr, 12hr. Builtoin memory 55 rain. 10 ram, 45 n[n, 35 rnin, 15 mir 4 G8 20 rain. 30 ram. 40 rain. _ hr. I hr. Memory card 10 rain. 30 rain. 8 GB 40 rain. - hr.
  • Page 47 Zooming (IZ[333) mode: In addition to the optical zoom, digital zoom is also avail= able (EZ] 142). 10x 0pticai Zoom angle) to zoom out. Move it toward T Move the zoom lever toward W (wide (telephoto) to zoom in. By default, the zoom lever operates at a variable speed - press gently for a slow zoom;...
  • Page 48 Quick Start Function When you close the LCD panel with the camcorder on, the camcorder enters the standby mode. In standby mode the camcorder consumes only about 1/3 the power used when recording, saving energy when you are using a battery pack. Additionally, when you open the LCD panel, the camcorder is ready to start recording in approximately 1 second*, allowing you to record the subject right away.
  • Page 49: Basic Playback

    Basic Playback Playing Back the Video i:i:ii,i!ii _¸:¸_¸_¸¸¸ _d ii¸¸¸¸¸¸ ,i_iii!!!!iii ..! ii i_iii_i!i!iii!_!_!,iii ii_ %_ 1 Set the camera mode diaB to %mor 2 Press "E_-_l-_q Even if the camcorder is off, pressing Lm._%_ will turn on the camcorder in playback mode.
  • Page 50: Special Playback Modes

    - Do not o pen t he memory card slot cover. - Do not d isconnect the power source or turn off t he camcorder. - Do not c hange the camcorder's operating mode. You m ay n ot b eable t oplay b ack w ith this camcorder movies recorded onamemory card u sing a nother...
  • Page 51 Skipping scenes Camcerder: Open ( _)the joystick guide O Select (AV) t he bottom row O Push the joystick (4_)toward _ *toskip tothe beginning ofthe current scene orl_ toskip tothe next scene. Wireless centreller: Press <_1" toskip tothe beginning ofthe current scene or_ toskip tothe next scene.
  • Page 52 1 in the index screen, move (AT) the orange seBection frame to the tabs on the top of the screen. 2 SeBect (4_) the tab corresponding to the recordings you want to pBay back. 3 Return (AT) to the index screen to seBect a scene or photo. By default, the index screen will show up to 6 items (scenes or photos).
  • Page 53 When you move the cursor toadate displayed inwhite, athumbnail showing astill image from the first s cene recorded onthat d ate w ill bedisplayed next tothe calendar. Below i twill a ppear the number of scenes recorded (_) and the total recording time f or t he same day.
  • Page 54 Sdecting 0nly Scenes that Contain PeopWs Faces If you recorded movies with the Face Detection function (C[3 72) acti- vated, the camcorder can narrow down the scenes shown in the index screen, leaving only those scenes where a face was detected. 1 Open the movie index screen.
  • Page 55 MovieTimeline 1 Open the original movies index screen. You can select the original movies in the built-in memory or on the memory card (L_ 51). 2 Select (_.T, 4_) the scene you want to view and press _. The [Timeline] screen appears. The large thumbnail will show the first frame of the scene.
  • Page 56 Changes inthe Scene's Main Subject 1 Open t he [Scenes with Faces] index s creen. Refer to Selecting Only" Scenes that ContaLr} People's Faces (q3 54). You can select the original movies in the built-in memory or on the memory card (r_ 51). 2 SeBect (AV, _II_) the scene you want to view and press _.
  • Page 57 Pre-selecting Recordings from the mndex Screen You can select inadvance anumber oforiginal movies orphotos from the index screen inorder toperform certain actions onthem collec- tively, all a tonce. mode: Delete ([Z_ 5 8), copy* ([Y_ 91) o radd the selected scenes tothe playiist (EZ] 87).
  • Page 58 To cancel all the selections O [[_ Select] O [Remove All Selections] O [Yes] O [OK] O L_u_c: The pre-selection of scenes/photos will be canceled if you turn off the camcorder or change the operating mode. Scenes in the playlist cannot be included in the pre-selection. Deleting Scenes You can delete those scenes that you are not interested in keeping.
  • Page 59 3 Delete thescene(s). _-F__I} O [_ Delete] O Desired option ( i}) [ Yes]* O [OK] O * ifyou s elected any option other than [This Scene], you c an p ress O tointer- rupt the operation while itisinprogress, Some scenes will be deleted neverthe less,...
  • Page 60: Advanced Functions

    Advanced Functions Special Scene Recording Programs Recording in a very bright ski resort or capturing the full colors of a sunset or a fireworks display becomes as easy as selecting a Special Scene recording program. For details about the available options, refer to page 61.
  • Page 61 Options (_ Default value) Pe_rait] ÷ The camcorder uses a large aperture, to achieve a sharp focus on the sub- ject while blurring the background. To record sports scenes such as tennis or golL [ _ Night] To record in low-light situations. [_¢...
  • Page 62: Changing The Shutter Speed And Aperture

    Changing the Shutter Speed and Aperture Select the [ P Programmed AE] recording program to use functions like the white balance or image effects. Select one of the other automatic exposure recording programs to control the shutter speed or aperture. Options (* Default value)
  • Page 63: Shutter Speed G Uidelines

    Shutter speed g uidelines Note t hat o nscreen only t he denominator isdisplayed - [Tv 250] indi- cates ashutter speed of1/250 second, etc. [1/21% [1/41% [l/SL [l/15]_ [ 1]30]To record inlow-light situations. [1/¢e] To record under most ordinary conditions. [l/lee] To record indoor sports scenes.
  • Page 64: Cinema Mode: Giving Acinematic Look Toyour Recordings

    Cinema Mode: Giving aCinematic Look toyour Recordings Give y our recordings acinematic look b yusing ..the [l_ Cine M ode] recording program. Combine _,._...o_ this recording program with the 24 fps progressive _,_, frame r ate [_ PF24] toget t he enhanced effect ofthe 24p Cinema Mode.
  • Page 65: Using An External Video Light

    Using an External Video Light You can use the optional VL-5 V ideo L ight orVFL=2 Video F lash Light when y ou need a video l ight that i sstronger than the builtqn mini video light. Attach the optionaB video B ight tothemini advanced shoe, Refer to...
  • Page 66 CombiningVideoSnapshotSceneswith Music 1 Open the original movies index screen and press _/. The button's blue light will turn on and only video snapshot scenes will appear in the index screen. You can select the original movies in the built-in memory or on the memory card (_ 51).
  • Page 67: Music Transfer

    @ _dfpoR_HT Music files t ransferred tothe camcorder with the supplied software Music Transfer Utilities may n ot b eused w ithout permission from the copyright holder, except for c ases permitted under applicable laws, such a s for p ersonal use.
  • Page 68 Pre-recording Function The camcorder will start recording 3 seconds before you press S_RT/STOy, ensuring you do not miss important shooting opportuni- ties. This is especially useful when it is difficult to predict when to start recording. 1 Open (A) the joystick guide, Pte REC 2 SeBect (AV) [q_ Pre REO] and press O°...
  • Page 69: Self Timer

    Self Timer _i ¸¸ _ iiiiii!!ii!i_i_!!!iTJi i i}!!:!!!!!!!!_i!i_! ii ! i _,i,i,_iii_ii_,i!!!i_i i _ %_ FU[LUN_.} © [_ Menu] © [i_l or _q © [Self Timer] © [On @] © @ appears, mode: mnrecord pause mode, press i_£Ri%i:_#}. The camcorder starts recording after a 1O-second countdown*. countdown appears on the screen.
  • Page 70 Manual ExposureAdjustment and AutomatBc BackHghtCorrection At times, backlit subjects may appear too dark (underexposed) or sub- ects under very strong lights may appear too bright or glaring (overex- posed). To correct this, you can manually adjust the exposure or use the automatic backiight correction.
  • Page 71 AutomaticBacHightCorrection When shooting subjects with a strong light source behind them, you can have the camcorder automatically correct for the backiight. 1 Open (,&) the joystick guide. 2 Select (AV) [;_& BLC] and press _. _2+appears. Press _ again to turn off the back_ght correction.
  • Page 72: Infinity Focus

    4 Adjust (4_,) the focus a srequired, then hide (y)the joystick. The s elected focus will b elocked. During focus l ock, press O twice t oreturn the camcorder autofocus. This f unction can also b eassigned tothe custom k ey/dial (C_ 85). Infinity Focus Use this function when y ou wish t ofocus o nfaraway subjects such as mountains...
  • Page 73 3 If there is more than one person in the picture, setect (4t_) the main subject. Move the white detection frame to the person for whom you want to optimize the camcorder's settings. Main subiect ..The camcorder may mistakenly detect the faces of non-human sub- jects.
  • Page 74 White Balance The white balance function helps you to accurately reproduce colors under different lighting conditions so that white objects will always look truly white in your recordings. PONTSTOCHECK Select a recording program other than the Special Scene recording pro- grams.
  • Page 75 To set the custom white balance 1 Point the camcorder at a white object, zoom in until it fills the whole screen and press _ET). When the adjustment is completed, stops flashing and stays on. The camcorder retains the custom setting even if you turn off the camcorder.
  • Page 76: Image Effects

    Image Effects You can use the image effects tochange the color saturation and con- trast torecord movies and photos with special color e ffects, _ PO _tTS TO CHECK +Select arecording program other than t he Special Scene recording pro- grams.
  • Page 77 Digital Effects ¸¸iiiiiiiiiii!!!!! ¸iii Opt[el'Is (_ Default value) Digita_ Effect 0f_] _ Select this setting when you do not intend to use the digital effects. [l_J Fade T_igger], [_ Wipe] Select one of the faders to begin or end a scene with a fade from or to a black screen. B_ack &...
  • Page 78 To activate an effect mode: Activate the selected effect while recording or in record pause mode. mode: Activate the selected effect and then press record the photo. When you apply a fader, not only the picture but also the sound will fade in or out.
  • Page 79 * Pressing [13iSP. I will turn off most of the icons and displays that appear automati-- cally but will not remove onscreen displays that were turned on manually (for example, onscreen markers, the audio level meter or the joystick guide). **Only displayed in record pause mode, not while recording.
  • Page 80 While the digital tele-converter is activated, photos cannot be recorded simultaneously at [LW3264x1840] size. Audio Recording Level You can adjust the audio recording level of the builtqn or an external microphone. You can display the audio level indicator while recording. ManualAdjustmentof the AudioRecordingLevel 1 Open (A) the joystick guide.
  • Page 81 When the audio l evel meter reaches the red point (0 dBmark), the sound may b edistorted. Ifthe audio level istoo high a nd the sound gets d istorted, activate microphone attenuator ([:_3 143). We recommend using headphones (LTj 81) t ocheck the sound level while a djusting the audio recording level orwhen the microphone...
  • Page 82 adjust the volume of the headphones mode, adjust (_) the volume of the headphones with the O [Headphone Volume] setting (CO 146). mode, and in mode during slideshow playback, adjust the headphones volume the same way you adjust the speaker's volume (CO 49). _IPORTANT When using headphones, make sure to lower the volume to an appro- priate level.
  • Page 83 _,_ .... _÷_.i _i_,_._ ,_ Using the Mini Advanced Shoe Using the mini advanced shoe, you can attach to the camcorder range of optional accessories to expand its functionality. For details about optional accessories available for use with your camcorder, refer to System Diagram (83 174) and OptionalAccessories (CO 175).
  • Page 84 Using an External Microphone When recording in very quiet surroundings, the built-in microphone may pick up the sound of the camcorder's internal machinery. In such case, we recommend using an external microphone. Usingthe DM-IO0 Directi0nalStereoMicrophone iii! ! il ,!!ii!!!!!i i_i ¸ iiiiiiiiiii_i,iii ¸¸...
  • Page 85: Using The Custom Key A Nd Dial

    Using the Custom Key a nd Dial You can assign to the [CUSTOM button and dial one of five frequently used functions. You can then adjust the selected function using the [CUSTOM!button and dial, without having to access any menus. Options (_ Default value)
  • Page 86 PmayHst and Scene Operations Dividing Scenes You can divide scenes (original scenes only) in order to leave out the best parts and later cut out the rest. 1 Open the originaB movies index screen. You can select the original movies in the built-in memory or on the memory card (CZ3 51).
  • Page 87: Editing The Playlist: Adding, Deleting, Moving And Playing Back

    - Scenes that w ere n ot r ecorded with this camcorder. Scenes cannot be divided within 0.5 seconds from the beginning orthe end ofthe scene. During the playback ofascene that was d ivided, you may n otice some anomalies inthe picture/sound atthe point where the scene was c ut.
  • Page 88: Deleting Recordings

    Press _ST] onthe camcorder oronthe wireless controller switch between the original movies index screen and the playlist, Playfist Deleting ormoving scenes inthe playlist will n ot a ffect the original recordings, You c an copy s cenes from the built-in memory tothe memory card (83 91) t oinclude inthe memory card's playlist also s cenes that...
  • Page 89 Deleting Scenes from the Playlist Deleting scenes from the piayiist will not affect your original recordings. Options [Am_ Seene$] Deletes all the scenes from the playlist. Fhis Sere] Deletes from the playlist only the scene marked with the orange selection frame. 1 Open the playlist index screen.
  • Page 90 4 Move ( &T, 4 11_) the orange marker tothe desired position ofthe scene and press 0" The original position of the scene and the current position of the marker are displayed at the bottom of the screen. 5 SeBect (_) [Yes] and press 0 to move the scene.
  • Page 91: Copying Scenes

    Copying Scenes You c an copy o riginal movies orthe entire playlist only f rom the built-in memory tothe corresponding location onthe memory card..! Copying Original Movies Options (A_ Seethes( Copies all the scenes to the memory card. (Am_ Seethes (this date}] Copies to the memory card all the scenes that were recorded on the same day as the selected scene.
  • Page 92 Copying the Entire Haylist 1 Open the index screen of the builtdn memory"s playlist. In the original movies index screen, select the [_} tab under the _m, icon (CO 51), and press _ST}. You can press [V_D_O SNAP] to open the playlist for video snapshot scenes (_ 65).
  • Page 93 Refer tothis chapter fordetails onshooting photos - taking photos and playing them back, capturing photos from video and printing photos. Basic Recording Taking Photos 1 Set the camera mode diaB to Oor 2 Turn on the camcordero By default, photos are recorded in the built-in memory.
  • Page 94 If the subject is not suitable for autofocus, (_ turns yellow, Adjust the focus manually (q3 71), When the subject is too bright, [Overexp.] will flash on the screen. In such case, use the optional 58 mm ND4L filter, Selecting Photo Size and Quality Photos are recorded as JPG files.
  • Page 95 O [_L 3264x2456] O Desired photo size* O Desired photo quality* 0 [_0iq_} * Press (SET) to move back and forth betweensizeand quality selection.The number displayedon the rightcorner indicatesthe approximatenumber of photos that can be recorded with the current quality/sizesetting. The actual number of photos that can be recorded will vary depending on the subject and shooting conditions.
  • Page 96 Basic Pmayback Viewing Photos To start directly in single photo view 1 Set the camera mode dial to _. 2 Press bS_F¢l The last photo recorded will be displayed in single photo view. 3 Push the joystick (4_)to move between photos. Push the joystick (4_) and hold it down to run quickly through the...
  • Page 97: Deleting Asingle Photo

    You c an also m ove the zoom lever toward Wtoopen t he photo index screen, Photo Jump Function When you have r ecorded alarge n umber ofphotos, you can jump 10 or 1O0 photos atatime. 1 Open ( A)the joystick guide, 2 Select (AV) t he _ icon and press O "...
  • Page 98 Using the FUNC. Menu 1 In single photo view, open the photo seBection screen. [¢uNc} O [_ Delete] Delete] appears on the screen. 2 SeBect (_) the photo you want to deBete and press O" 3 SeBect (_} [Yes] and press O to deBete the photo, 4 Repeat steps 2_3 to deBete additionaB photos or press _] twice...
  • Page 99 Magnifying Photos during Playback In single photo view, photos can be magnified up to 5 times. _ will appear for photos that cannot be enlarged. 1 Move the zoom _ever toward T. The photo is magnified by 2 times and a frame appears indicating the position of the magnified area.
  • Page 100: Additional Functions

    Additional Functions Flash You can use the flash to take photos in dark places, (_ 33) Options (* Defaultvalue) _A(auto}, The flash fires automatically according to the brightness of the subject. @ (ted-eye reductieo, acre} The flash fires automatically accord- ing to the brightness of the subject.
  • Page 101 Refer to Using the Mini Advanced Shoe (8}3 83). ,,_°_ appears when you turn on the video flash light (O ON). For details about using the video flash light, refer to the instruction manual of the VFL-2. NOTES • The flash will not fire in the following cases: - When you manually adjust the exposure in _A(auto) or @ (red-eye reduction) mode.
  • Page 102 Drive Mode: ContinuousShooting and ExposureBracketing Take a series of 3hotos of a moving subject or record the same picture in 3 levels of exposure in order to choose later the photo you like the best. ?0_HTS TOCHECK Select a recording program other than [q_.Fireworks]. Options value) Default...
  • Page 103 Taking Photos while R ecording Movies (Simultaneous Recording) You can record photos even while the camcorder is set to mode. Moreover, you can capture the photo at the same time you are record- ing video. Photos recorded with simultaneous recording will have the same aspect ratio of movies (16:9).
  • Page 104 Light Metering Mode The camcorder measures the light reflected from the subject in order to calculate the optimal exposure settings. Depending on the subject, you may want to change the way the light is measured and evaluated. Options (* Default value) Eva_eative]* Appropriate for standard shooting conditions, including backlit scenes, The camcorder divides the picture into...
  • Page 105: Rotating Photos

    5 Press _ topBay back t he sBideshow set t othe background music sebcted. Press Ira] tostop t he slideshow and return tothe photo i ndex screen, During the playback ofthe slideshow, push t he joystick (_) to adiust the volume ofthe background music.
  • Page 106 The area to the right of the histogram represents highlights and the left side represents shadows. A photo whose histogram skews to the right is rein- tively bright; while one whose histo- Shadows_,..> Highlights gram peaks to the left, is relatively dark.
  • Page 107 Photos captured from a scene with a lot of fast movement may be blurred. Photos will be recorded on the memory selected for recording photos (C_342). [D_ Photo Sequence]: - Up to 100 photos can be captured at a time. - The photo sequence capture will stop when the end of the scene is reached (playback will pause at the beginning of the following scene).
  • Page 108 ProtectingPhotosfrom the IndexScreen Options [mndividual Phetes] Opens the same screen described in Protect- LogSingle Photos ([_.3 107). Continue from step 3 of that proce- dure to protect the photo. [Selected Phetes] Protects all the photos selected in advance (marked with a ,/checkmark). Refer to Pre-setectLr W RecordLrWs from the Index Screen (83 57).
  • Page 109 [-¢BXBT} © [@ Copy (@,_ fssl ) ] [ r_J Copy (@,_1_)] appears on the screen. 3 SeBect (_1_} the photo you want to copy and press _). 4 Sebct (_) [Yes] and press 0 to copy the photo. 5 Repeat steps 3-4 to copy additionaB photos or press _) twice to cBose the menu.
  • Page 110 If there is not enough space on the memory card, as many photos as possible will be copied before stopping the operation. If the memory card slot cover is open, or the LOCK switch on the mem- ory card is set to prevent writing, you will not be able to copy photos to the memory card.
  • Page 111: Printing Photos

    Printing Photos Printing Photos (Direct Print) The camcorder can be connected to any PictBridge-compatible printer. You can mark in advance the photos you want to print and set the desired number of copies as a print order (83 117). PictBridge Canen printers: SELPHY printers of the CP, DS and ES series and PIXMA printers marked with the PbtBridge logo.
  • Page 112 During the following operations, even if you connect a printer to the camcorder it will not be recognized. - Deleting all photos - Removing all transfer orders - Removing all print orders _ will appear for photos that cannot be printed. We recommend powering the camcorder using the compact power adapter.
  • Page 113 (Date print} Select [On], [Off] or [Default]. (PHHt _ect} AvaiIabb only with printers compatible with the Image Optimize function. Select [On], [Oft] or [Default]. Canon PIXMA/SELPHY DS printers: You can also select [Vivid], [NR] and [vlvid+NR]. (Numbe_ _ ¢epies} Select 1-99 copies.
  • Page 114 [× photos/sheet]: Printing multiple photos On the same sheet VVhen us!ng CanOn pdnters Y0u Can piint the Same phot 0 multiple times en the same sheet o_ paper. Use the £ollowing table as a guideline PIXMA / SELPHY D S 2or4...
  • Page 115 6 Sebct (AT, 4_) [Print] and press 0" Printing starts. The print settings menu disappears when the print job is completed. To continue printing, select (4_) another photo. To cancel a print job 1 Press 0 ([Stop]) while printing. 2 Select (4) [OK] and press 0" When you have finished printing Disconnect...
  • Page 116 Trimming Settings Set the paper size and page layout before changing the trimming set+ tings. Trimming settings apply to one photo only. 1 Open the print settings menu. Refer to steps 1-2 in Printing after Changing the Print Settings (qj 114). 2 SeKect (A_', _) [Trimming] and press...
  • Page 117 Print Orders You can mark in advance the photos you want to print and set the desired number of copies as a print order. Later, you can easily print out the print orders by connecting the camcorder to a PictBridge-com- patible printer (83 111).
  • Page 118 Setting Print Orders from the index Screen Options [mndividua_ Phete$] Opens the same screen described in MarkLog SLogle/Rhotos wit,e Print Orders (8/_3117). Continue from step 3 of that procedure to set the print order. [Selected Phetes (1 eepy each}] Sets a print order of I copy of each of the photos selected in advance (marked with a 7 check- mark).
  • Page 119 Cancelinga printjeb: Refer to page 115. Restarting printing:Open the print menu as explained in step 2. In the print settings menu, select [Print]* or [Resume] and press 0' remaining photos will be printed. Printing cannot be restarted when the print order settings have been changed or if you deleted a photo with print order settings.
  • Page 120: External Connections

    External Connections This chapter explains how to connect your camcorder to an external device such as a T_; VCR, or computer. Terminams on the Camcorder (4} COM PON ENT OUT Terminal* COMPONENT Access: Open the side terminal cover. The component video terminal is for video only. When you use connection [3_, do not forget the audio connections using the AV OUT/O terminal.
  • Page 121: Connection Diagrams

    ConnectionDiagrams In the following connection diagrams, the left side shows the terminals on the camcorder and the right side shows (for reference only) an example of terminals on a connected device. HD_OUT HTC-!O0 HDMI Cable HDMI mini omtona stanaara HDM coRnecTo[ c0rH]ect0_- About...
  • Page 122 CTC-IO0/S Component Cable Blue _ II Pb/Ob (supplied) Green ,,,,,,<s_ @'}'r@ 0 @ 6"_bb White STV-250N StereoVideoCable (supplied) 122 _ Ext_ a C, o rr _cto s...
  • Page 123 (supplied) Ext_a C,orr _cto s_123...
  • Page 124 Pmayback on a TV Screen Connect the camcorder to a TV to enjoy your recordings with family and friends. Playback on an HDTV using one of the high-definition con- nections will ensure the best playback quality. 1 Turn off the camcorder and the TV.
  • Page 125: Saving Your Recordings

    Saving Your Recordings Saving Your Recordings on a Computer Movies recorded with this camcorder are saved in the builtqn memory only) or on the memory card. Because space is limited, make sure to save your recordings on a computer on a regular basis. PIXELA ImageMixer 3 SE With the software supplied on the Transfer Utilities...
  • Page 126: Authoring High-Definition (Avchd) Discs And Photo

    Authoring High-Definition (AVCHD) Discs and Photo DVDs You can connect the camcorder to the optional DW_100 DVD Burner to create high-definition DVD discs (AVOHD specifications). This way, you can save your video recordings in the highest video quality available. You can also create Photo DVDs from your photos that you can play back with most standard DVD players.
  • Page 127 2 SeBect the scenes or photos you want to add to the disc. O [_ Menu] O _ or [_10 [Add Recordings to Disc] O Desired option © i_J_i_} Connecting to the DW-100 DVD Burner and Creating a Disc 1 Turn on the DVD Burner. Refer to CreatLrW DVDs.
  • Page 128 To create an additional copy of the same disc After the operation is finished, insert a brand new disc, close the disc tray and repeat the operation. _dIPOR°_XbaT AVCHD discs containing scenes recorded in MXP mode cannot be cre- ated with the optional DW-100 DVD burner. Use the software on the supplied Video TooBs CD-ROM to save such scenes.
  • Page 129 Discs containing only scenes recorded Canbeplayed back Cannot b eplayed back* :FXP/XP+/SP/LP mode the disc, Haying Back AVCHDDiscs Using the DW-IO0 DVD Burner You can use the optional DW-1 O0 DVD Burner and the camcorder also to play back high-definition (AVCHD) discs on a TV.
  • Page 130 After the disc is recognized, the disc's content will be displayed in an index screen. 6 SeBect (AT, the scene you want to play back and press O to begin the playback. IIIIPORIXIT While the camcorder is connected to the DVD Burner, do not open the memory card slot cover and do not remove the memory card.
  • Page 131 Connecting Connect the camcorder to the VCR using Connection [_. Refer to Con- nection Diagrams (C._ 122). Recording 1 External device: Load a blank cassette or disc and set the device to record pause mode. 2 Turn on the camcorder and set it to mode (G3 49}.
  • Page 132 Preparations Install the software before you connect the camcorder to the computer for the first time. (Windows users only: you also need to select Camer- aWindow's autoqaunch setting.) After that, just connect the camcorder to the computer (steps 2 and 3) and proceed directly to transfer the photos (_ 134).
  • Page 133 Operation may not work correctly depending on the software and the specifications/settings of your computer. If you wish to use the image files on your computer, make copies of them first. Use the copied flies, retaining the originals. During the following operations, even if you connect the camcorder to the computer it will not be recognized.
  • Page 134 TransferringPhotos Automatic Transfer Options All the relevant photos will be transferred to the computer in one batch and their thumbnails will be displayed on the computer. [_'B_A_ Phetes] Transfers all photos. [[_¢¢_a÷wPhetes] Transfers only those photos that have not yet been transferred to the computer.
  • Page 135 2 Select (_1_) the photo you wish to transfer and press {_J. [E_ Select and Transfer]: Repeat this step to select other photos to transfer. The a, _ button will flash while the photos are being transferred. 3 Press to return to the transfer menu. When the camcorder is connected to the computer and the photo selection screen is displayed, press _ to return to the transfer...
  • Page 136 Setting Transfer Orders from the index Screen Options [mndi_idua_ Phetes] Opens the same screen described in MarkLog SLogle Photos with Transfer Orders (83 135). Continue from step 3 of that procedure to set the transfer order. [Selected Ph÷te$] Marks all the photos selected in advance (marked with a v_ checkmark) with a transfer order.
  • Page 137: Appendix: Menu Options Lists

    Additional nformation This chapter contains troubleshooting advice, screen rues= sages, handling and maintenance tips, and other information. Appendix: Menu Options Lists Menu items not availabb appear grayed out. For details about how to select an item, refer to Using the Menus (722 35).
  • Page 138 E_ Digitam Effect Off], [[_] Black& White], [_ Sepia] Recording mode [_XP High Quality 24 Mbps], [FXP High Quality' 17 Mbps], lAP÷ High Quality' 12 Mbps], E_P Standard Play 7 Mbps], Long Hay 5 Mbps] 138*Ad:t< a _fo/_Yato_...
  • Page 139 FUNC. Menu - P_ayback Modes (movb playback), _ (playback of video snapshot scenes): _ - avaibble only in the original index screen; @ -- availabb only in the playlist index screen; e - avail- abb in both; ------ -- not availabb in either. (photo playback): _ -- availabb only in single photo view;...
  • Page 140: Setup Menus

    ..¢ 135 Transfer O rders] individu;iPh;i;sil is;J; i;d Phoi;sil : [Remove All] [AllScenes],[ThisScene] [AllPhotos], [ ThisPhoto], ¢ SelectedPhotos] [SceneSearch] Calendar S creen],[DateSelection] ¢ ¢ Sceneswith Faces] Setup Menus [i_ 1 / [-_ Camera Setup 1 [RecMedia [Buimt-in Mere.I, [Mem= Card] for Movies] for Photos] [FrameRate]...
  • Page 141 PF24]: 24 frames per second, progressive. Using this frame rate will give your recordings a cinematic look. When combined with the [t_ Cine Mode] recording program (q3 64), the cinematic look will be enhanced. [xowCele_]: Uses a color space with an extended gamut to achieve deeper colors, closer to real life.
  • Page 142 [Microphone On _], Off] [Digita_ Zeem]_ Determines the operation of the digital zoom, The color of the indicator indi- cates the zoom, When activated, the cam- corder will switch automatically to digital zoom when you zoom White Light Dark in beyond the optical zoom blue blue range.
  • Page 143 [mmag÷Stabi_i£e_]s The image stabilizer compensates for camcorder shake even at full telephoto. The image stabilizer is designed to compensate for a normal degree of camcorder shake. We recommend setting the image stabilizer to [_ OfT 7 when using a tripod. [AGC Limit]_ Sets a maximum value for the automatic gain control.
  • Page 144 Ii_ / r-_ Camera Setup 3 [SelfTimer] OnQ], [_ Off] • • Focus Assist On], [_ Off] • • Functions] AssistFunctions] Off], [_ Zebra(70%)], • Zebra(100%)],[_ Peaking], B&WandPeaking] ]PeakingColor] ..[ _ Red], [d_' Blue],[@ Yellow] • [Onecreen Markers] OffJ,[_ Level(White)], •...
  • Page 145 * This function can also be assigned to the custom key/dial ([Z3 85). [Peaking CeJer]: Select the color of the emphasized outlines when [Assist Functions] is set to [_ Peaking] or [_ B&W and Peaking]. [Onscreen Markers]: You can display a grid or a horizontal line at the cen- ter of the screen.
  • Page 146 [U$I Cenneetiel Tyle],',' Select the connection protocol to use when con- necting the camcorder to an external device using the supplied USB cable. DVD Burner]: To connect exclusively to the optional DW-IO0 DVD Burner. Computer/Printer]: To connect to a computer, printer or similar USB peripheral.
  • Page 147 _Ou'_putOnscreen Displays] When set to [_ On], the camcorder's on-screen displays will appear also on the screen of a TV or monitor connected to the camcorder. [LC# Brightness]: Adiusts the brightness of the LCD screen. Changing the brightness of the LCD screen does not affect the bright- ness of your recordings or the brightness of the playback image on a [LCD Seree_ Dimmer]: When set to [_ On], the LCD screen is dimmed.
  • Page 148 To cancel the demo mode once it has started, press any button or turn off the camcorder. [_1 System Setup [Custom Key/Dial] Off], [H Exposure], ..Focus], Assist Functions], Mic. LeveB], AGO Limit] Off], [_ Exposure], [Elit Focus], Assist Functions] Control] Notification Sounds] [_W>)) High Vomurne],...
  • Page 149 [Power SaviHg Mode_: In order to save power when the camcorder is powered by a battery pack, it will automatically shut off if left without any operation for 5 minutes. Approximately 30 seconds before the camcorder shuts off, [Auto power off] will appear, In standby mode, the camcorder will shut off after the time selected for the [Quick Start] setting,...
  • Page 150 The photo number indicates the name and location of the file on the memory card. For example, the file name of a photo numbered 101 - 01 07 is "IMG 0107.JPG", stored under the folder "DCIM\101 CANON". [Hrm_ar÷],',' You can verifl/the current version of the camcorder's firm- ware.
  • Page 151 mnfermatien Screens [BatteryInfo] • • • [HDM!Status] • I[_eme_'y _nfe]/[Meme_ Card mnfe]_Displays a screen where you can ver- ify how much of the built-in memory (_[_ only) or the memory card is currently in use (_ total recording time and _ total number of photos) and how much space remains available for recording.
  • Page 152: Troubleshooting

    Consult your dealer or a Canon Service Center if the problem persists. CHECK THIS FIRST Power supply Is the battery charged? Is the compact power adapter correctly con- nected to the camcorder? (83 27)
  • Page 153 After using the c amcorder for a long time, itbecomes hot. - The camcerder may become hot after using it contieuoustyfor long periodsof time; this is not a malfunction. If the camcerder becomes unusually hot or it becomes hot after using it only for a short while, it may indicatea problem with the camcorder.
  • Page 154 Playback Cannot add scenes to the playlist. - The playlist can contain a maximum of g99 scenes.If the playlist includes scenes recordedin MXP or FXPmode, the maximum number of scenes in the pBylist may be lessthan g9g. - Youmay not be able to add scenesto the playlist if they were recordedor edited using another device.
  • Page 155 The red O N/OFF (CHG) ffldicator flashes rapidly one flash at O .5=second intervals). -Charging has stopped because the c ompact power adapter or t he b attery pack is faulty. Con- sult aCanon Service Center. The red O N/OFF (CHG) indicator flashes...
  • Page 156 A rattling can be heard from the camcorder. - The internal lens fixture can movewhen the camcorder is turned off. This is not a malfunc- tion. Memery Card and Accessories Cannot insert the memory card. - The memory cardwas not facing the correct direction. Turn the memory card over and insert it (E_ 41).
  • Page 157: List Of Messages

    The camcorder is connected using the o ptional HTCot O0 HDMI CaNe, but there is no picture or sound from the HDTV. - Disconnectthe BTC-tO0HDMI BaNe and then restore the connection or turn the camcorder off and then on again. The camcorder is connected using the optional HTCqO0 HDMICable, but HDfv]FCEC does not work (cannot play back using the TV's remote control).
  • Page 158 Accessing the memory card. Donot remove the memory card. - Youopenedthe memory card s!otcover whib the camcorder was accessingthe memorycard or the camcorder started accessingthe memory card as you openedthe memory card slot cover. Do not removethe memory card until this message disappears. Sack up recordings regularly - This message may appear when youturn on the camcorder, in the event of a malfunction, recordings may be lost so back upyour recordingsregularly.
  • Page 159 Cannot play tbe m ovies in the b uiINn memory, Initialize only using the c amcorde -The camcorder's built-in memory was initialized using acomputer. Initialize the b uilt-in mem- ory w ith this camcorder ([_42). Cannot play the m ovies on this m emory card -Movies...
  • Page 160 -Ifafter the m essage disappears, _ appears in red, perform the f ollowing: Turn off t he c am- corder and remove and reinsert the m emory card. if@turns back to green you can resume recording/playback. -initialize the m emory card (_ 42).
  • Page 161 not be possibb to record movies on this memory card - Youmay net be able to record movies on a memory card without a Speed Class rating. Replacethe memorycard with one rated Speed Class 2 or higher. Mere. Card Number of scenes already at maximum - The memory card alreadycontains the maximum number of scenes (3,999 scenes);...
  • Page 162 Operation canceled -The operation was canceled following user intervention. Playlist is full. C annot divide the s cene. -Scenes cannot be divided when the p laylist already contains ggg scenes. Delete some scenes from t he p laylist (_ 89). Print order error Youattempted to set more than 998 photos in the print order.
  • Page 163 This scene was recorded using another device and cannot be copied. - Scones that were not recordedwith this camcorder cannot be copiedto the memory card. Toe many photos. Disconnect the USe cable. - Disconnectthe USBcable. Try using a memory card reader or decreasethe number of photos on the memory card to fewer than 2,500 photos.
  • Page 164 - Check that the USBcane was not accidentally disconnected. No disc - Insert a disc intothe DVDBurner. - This message can appearalso if condensationhas formed (_ 172). Wait until the DVD burner dries completely before resuming use. No photos - There are no photosto add to the disc. No scenes - There are no scenesto add to the disc.
  • Page 165 File error -You attempted to print aphoto that was recorded with another camcorder, has adifferent compression, or w as edited on acomputer. Hardware error -Cancel printing. Turn off t he p rinter and turn i tback on. -Check the p rinter status.
  • Page 166 ,, If you cannot solve the problem even after consulting this list and the printer's instruction manual contact the closest Canon Service Center (refer to the list included with the printer). 166_Ad:t(...
  • Page 167: Handling Precautions

    (1:2] 125) and save them on a regular basis. This will protect your impor- tant recordings in case of damage and create more free space on the memory. Canon shall not be liable for any data loss. Do not carry the camcorder by the LCD panel. Be careful when closing the LCD panel.
  • Page 168 When recording movies, try to get a calm, stable picture. Excessive camcorder movement while shooting and extensive use of fast zooms and panning can result in jittery scenes. In extreme cases, the playback of such scenes may result in visually induced motion sickness. If you experience such a reaction, immediately stop the playback and take a rest break as necessary.
  • Page 169 We recommend backing up the recordings on the memory card onto your computer, Data may be corrupted or lost due to memo(/card defects or exposure to static electricity, Canon shall not be liable for lost or corrupted data, Do not touch or expose the terminals to dust or dirt,...
  • Page 170 SD/SDHC memor`/cards have a physical switch to prevent writing on the card so as to avoid the accidental erasure of the card's content. To write-protect the memory card set the switch to the LOCK position. LOCK switch Built-in Rechargeabb Lithium Battery The camcorder has a builtqn rechargeable lithium battery to keep the date/time and other settings.
  • Page 171 Wipe the batter,/with a clean dry cloth to ensure proper contact, Fer CaJifemia,USAenly: The lithium batter,/included contains Perchlorate Material - special handling may apply. See www,dtsc,ca,gov/hazardouswaste/perchlorate for details, Disposal When you delete movies or initialize the built-in memory (_ only) or memory card, only the file allocation table is altered and stored data is not physically erased.
  • Page 172: Maintenance/Others

    Maintenance/Others Charting Camcorder Body Use a soft, dr`/cloth to clean the camcorder body, Never use chemically treated cloths or volatile solvents such as paint thinner, Lens and instant AF Sensor if the lens surface or instant AF sensor is dirty, autofocus may not work properly.
  • Page 173: Using The Camcorder Abroad

    You can use the compact power adapter to operate the camcorder and to charge battery packs in any country with power supply between 100 and 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. Consult a Canon Service Center for information on plug adapters for overseas use.
  • Page 174: Optional Accessories

    _yst_m umdyrdm (Availabili_ differs from area to area) Optional accessories not listed below, are described in more detail in the following pages. VCR/DVD recorder * Accessoriesthat are;compatibb with the Advanced Accessory Shoecannot be atLached to this camcorder.Look for the Mini ADVANCED SHOE logo to ensure compatibilitywith the mini advancedshoe.
  • Page 175 This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable for any dam- age to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc., caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e.g., a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack).
  • Page 176 Charging Times The charging times given in the following table are approximate and van/ according to charging conditions and initial charge of the battery pack. Usingthe camcorder 155rain. 275rain. 395rain. Using the CG-800 BatteryCharger 105min. 190min. 260min. Recording and Playback Times Recording and playback times given in the following tables are approxi- mate and van/according...
  • Page 177 Usinga memory card Maximum min. min. tOOmin, tOOmin. OOmi recording time BP-807 BP-808 Typicalrecording 60 min= 60min= 65 min= 65min= 65min= time* Playback time 150min. 155min. 155min= 160min. 160min. Maximum 190 min. 190min. 200min. 200min. 200 min. recording time BP-819 Typicalrecording 125min.
  • Page 178 (9) WD-H58 Wide-converter This Wide-converter lens decreases focal length by a factor of 0.7, giving you a wide perspective for indoor shots or pan- oramic views. When the Wide-converter is attached, a shadow may appear in the picture when you use the flash. @} Protect Filter 58 ram, ND4L Filter 58 mm...
  • Page 179 This cable sends both video and audio signals. This mark identifies genuine Canon video accessories. When you use Canon video equipment, recommend Canon-brand...
  • Page 180: Product Codes

    Product Codes Provided Accessories 8468A002AA CA-570 Compact Power Adapter D85-1792-000 BP-807 Battery Pack WL-D88 Wireless Controller D83-0770-000 STV-250N Stereo Video Cable 3067A002AA (D82-0590-002) IFC-400PCU USB Cable 9370A001AA Optional Accessories 2589B002AA BP-819 Battery Pack 3185B002AA BP-827 Battery Pack 2590B002AA CG-800 Battery Charger TL-H58 Tele-converter 3573B001AA WD-H58 Wide-converter...
  • Page 181: Specifications

    Specifications WX_A HFSIOH_X_A HF$100 System Recording System Movies: AVCHD Video compression: MPEG-4 AVC/H264; Audio compression: Delby Digital 2ch Photos: DCF (Design rule for camera system), compatible with Exif* Ver. 2.2 and with DPOF Image compression: JPEG (Super Fine, Fine, Normal) * This camcorder supports Exif 2.2 (alsocalled "Exif Print").
  • Page 182 ,, Lens Configuration: 11 elements in 9 groups(2 asphericelements) ,, AF System Autofocus(TTL+ externaldistancesensorwhen set to [InstantAF])or Manualfocus ,, Filter Diameter: 58 mm ,, Minimum Focusing Distance 1 m (3.3 ft.); 1 cm (0.39in.) at full wide angle ,, White Balance Auto white balance,customwhitebalanceandpresetwhitebalancesettings: Daylight, S hade,Cloudy, T ungsten, F luorescent, F luorescent H ,, Minimum Hiuroination...
  • Page 183: Ca-570Compact Poweradapter

    +Power consumptUoe: &6 W (SP mode, AF o n, LCD normal brightness) + Operating temperatt_ra:0 - 40 _C(32 - 104°El + DUmeesUouls [W x H x D] (exciudUeg the grip belt): 70x 69x 136 mm (2.8x 2.7 x 5+4in+) +WeUght(camcorder body only): 450 g (15.9oz.) CA-570Compact PowerAdapter Power supply: 100- 240 VAC, 50/60Hz Rated output / consumption: 6,4 V DC,1+5A / 29 VA(!00 V)- 39 VA(240 V)
  • Page 184 The music data is saved in the memory under the following folder structure. In the builtqn memory: On the memory card: CANON ..__..] PRIVATE The Music Data CD-ROM incluaes extra music tracks (under the folder MUStC1 ) in addition to the music tracks (under the folder...
  • Page 185: Index

    index Continuous shooting ..24F progressive frame rate . . 26, 140 Copying* 24p Cinema Mode ..... Movies ....Photos ....Custom key/dial ....Abroad, using the camcorder ..AF-assist lamp ....AGC (automatic gain) limit ..Data code ....78, 145 Aperture (f number) ....
  • Page 186 FUNC. menu ..... 36, 1 37 P (recording program) ..Peaking ....144, 145 HDMI OUT terminal ... Photo numbers ....HDMI-CEC ....Photo quality ....Headphones ....Photo size ....Histogram ....Playback Movies ....Photos ....Image effects ....
  • Page 187 Self timer ....Troubleshooting ..... Serial number ....Tv (recording program) ..Setup menus ..... 36, 1 40 Shutter speed ....Simultaneous recording ..103 USB terminal ... 120, 123 Slideshow ....Snow (recording program) ..61 Special Scene Video snapshot ....
  • Page 188 If the Equipment cantatas a hard disk drive, Canon USA recommends that data stored on that drive be dupBeated or hacked up to prevent its mussin the event of faBum or uther ma#unetinn of such thivu.
  • Page 190 Ship your Equipment in its original carton, box or equivalenL, propedy packed, fully insured with shipping charges prepaid, together with a copy of your bill of sale or oLher proof of purchase and a description of the problem to any of the Canon...

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