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Epson B80818 Series Installation Manual

Bi-directional parallel interface board
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Bi-directional Parallel Interface Board
Installation Manual
Manuel d'installation
Manual de lnstalacion
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Summary of Contents for Epson B80818 Series

  • Page 1 Bi-directional Parallel Interface Board B80818* Installation Manual lnstallationshandbuch Manuel d'installation Manual de lnstalacion Manuale di lnstallazione 4005242 COl-01...
  • Page 2 FCC Compliance Statement For United States Users This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 3 Seiko Epson Corporation. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.
  • Page 4: Declaration Of Conformity

    Product Name: Bi-directional Parallel Interface Board Type Name: B808183 Model: B80818 Conforms to the following Directive(s) and Norm(s): Directive 89/336/EEC: EN 55022 Class B EN 50082-l IEC 801-2 IEC 801-3 IEC 801-4 November 1995 M. Hamamoto President of EPSON EUROPE B.V.
  • Page 5 Installation ......4 Installation ......4 Installation .
  • Page 6 For best results, you need Version 1.3 or later of the EPSON Scan! II scanning software. Check the EPSON Scan! II disk label for the software version number. If you have an older version, contact your EPSON dealer for information on updating your software.
  • Page 7 Pour obtenir les meilleurs rbultats, vous devez avoir la version 2.20 ou une version superieure de logiciel EPSON TWAIN. Verifier, dans la boite de dialogue “A propos de EPSON TWAIN”, le num&o de la version. Si vous possedez une version plus ancienne, veuillez vous mettre en contact avec votre revendeur EPSON pour obtenir les informations nkessaires concemant la mise &...
  • Page 8 La scheda d’interfaccia parallela bidirezionale e’ stata progettata per l’installazione su personal computer IBM compatibili. Questa scheda puo’ essere usata per collegare il computer a uno scanner Epson a colori. Per collegare la scheda allo scanner dovete usare un cave di interfaccia parallel0 schermato con un connettore DB2S (D-sub 25 pin) a un’estremita’...
  • Page 9 Unpack the bidirectional board, and hold it by its edges. Caution: Do not touch the parts on the board or the board connector. Vergewissern Sie sich, daB der Computer ausgeschaltet und vom Netz getrennt Vorsicht: Nehmen Sie niemals die Computerabdeckung ab, wiihrend der Computer noch an das Netz angeschlossen ist.
  • Page 10 You may need to change the jumper setting on the interface board to match your computer’s settings. If so, simply lift off the jumper plug (J1) and reinstall in over the proper pins as shown. Jumper Function Factory setting Select LPT1 or LPT2 LPT2 Factory use (do not change) Open...
  • Page 11 11 est possible de changer le Gglage de cavalier sur la carte d’interface pour qu’il corresponde aux rbglages de l’ordinateur. 11 suffit d’enlever le cavalier 01) et de I’ins&er sur les broches appropri&s, comme indique. Cavalier Fonction Rbglage d’udne SBlectionne LPTl ou LPT2 LPT2 Position d’usine (Ne pas changer) Ouvert...
  • Page 12 Make sure the computer is turned off and unplugged from the AC outlet. Warning: Never remove the cover of the computer while it is plugged into a power source. Disconnect the keyboard, monitor, and all the cables and peripherals from the computer, and then move it to a place that will allow sufficient room for installation.
  • Page 13 Face the back of the computer, and then remove the retaining screws. Keep the screws in a safe place while you work on the computer. Entfemen Sie auf der Computerriickseite alle noch verbliebenen Schrauben. Bewahren Sie die Schrauben an einem sicheren Ort auf, wahrend Sie am Computer arbeiten.
  • Page 14 Remove the top cover. Nehmen Sie die obere Abdeckung des Computergeh&ws ab. Retirer le capot superieur. Retire la cubierta de1 rodenador. Aprite il computer.
  • Page 15 Choose a 16-bit option slot in which to install the board, and remove the screw and slot cover. Wahlen Sie fir die Installation der Karte einen optionalen 16-Bit-Schnittstellenschacht und entfemen Sie die Schraube und die Abdeckung des Schnittstellenschachts. Choisir une fente en option de 16 bits dans laquelle installer la carte et retirer la vis ainsi que la protection de la fente.
  • Page 16 Insert the card gently into the slot in the correct direction. If the board does not seem to fit, do not try to force it. Check the alignment of the connectors and then reinsert the board. Schieben Sie die Karte vorsichtig in den Schnittstellenschacht. Wenn die Karte nicht pa&, versuchen Sie es nicht mit Gewalt.
  • Page 17 Be sure that it is firmly seated in the slot. Secure the board with the screw you removed from the slot cover. Vergewissem Sie sich, da13 sie fest im Schnittstellenschacht sitzt. Schrauben Sie die Karte mit der Schraube fur die Abdeckung des Schnittstellenschachts fest.
  • Page 18 screws. Setzen Sie die obere Abdeckung des Computers wieder auf und schrauben Sie die mit den verbliebenen Schrauben fest. Remonter le capot supkieur de l’ordinateur et l’attacher avec les vis de fixation. Coloque de nuevo la cubierta de1 ordenador y ase@rela con sus tomillos. Chiudete il computer e riawitate le viti di chiusura.
  • Page 19 Reconnect the keyboard, monitor, and peripherals to the computer. Make sure you use a properly shielded parallel interface cable to connect the bidirectional interface board to your scanner. Next, reconnect the computer and peripherals to power outlets. SchlieBen Sie die Tastatur, den Monitor und die Peripheriegerate an den Computer an.
  • Page 20 Turn on the computer and check to see that it operates correctly. Note: lf you have a diagnostic program for the computer, run it before starting up the entire system to ensure that the board was installed correctly. Schalten Sie den Computer ein und iiberptifen Sie, ob er ordnungsgemlf?, arbeitet.
  • Page 21 Run your scanner software program as a final check. Lancer le programme du logiciel du digitaliseur pour une verification finale. Como comprobaci6n final, ejecute el programa de1 scanner. - 1 6 -...
  • Page 22 EPSON OVERSEAS MARKETlNG LOCATlONS EPSON UK LTD. EPSON AMERICA, INC. Campus 100. Maylands Avenue, 20770 Madrona Ave. Hemel Hempstead, Herts. P.O. Box 2842 Torrance, CA 90509-2642 HP2 7TJ, U.K. Phone: (+44) 01442 61144 Phone: (600) 922-6911 Fax: (+44) 01442 227227 Fax: (310) 762-5220 EPSON FRANCE S.A.
  • Page 23 EPSON...