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Defrosting Of The Freezer; Periods Of Non-Operation; What To Do If - Electrolux QT3549FX User Manual

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1. Loosen the upper edge of the grille by
pulling outward/downward.
2. Pull the grille straight out to completely
remove it.
3. Vacuum clean under the cabinet.

Defrosting of the freezer

The freezer compartment of this model, on the other hand, is a "no frost" type. This means
that there is no buildup of frost when it is in operation, neither on the internal walls nor
on the foods.
The absence of frost is due to the continuous circulation of cold air inside the compartment,
driven by an automatically controlled fan.

Periods of non-operation

When the appliance is not in use for long periods, take the following precautions:
1. Switch of the ice machine
2. Turn off the water connection
3. Empty the ice container
4. Disconnect the appliance from electricity supply
5. Remove all food
6. Clean the appliance and all accessories
7. Leave the door/doors open to prevent unpleasant smells.
When the ice maker starts again, do not use ice produced during the first day to ensure
fresh taste.
If the cabinet will be kept on, ask somebody to check it once in a while to prevent the food
inside from spoiling in case of a power failure.

What to do if...

During operation of the appliance some smaller but annoying trouble can often occur,
which does not require calling a technician out. In the following chart information is given
about them to avoid unnecessary charges on service.
The operation of the appliance goes with certain sounds (compressor and circulating
sound). This not means a trouble, but a normal operation.
The appliance operates discontinuously, so the stopping of compressor does not mean being
no current. That is why you must not touch the electrical parts of the appliance before
breaking the circuit.
The appliance is noisy.
Possible cause
The appliance is not supported
What to do if...
Check if the appliance stands sta‐
ble (all feet and wheels should be
on the floor). Refer to "Levelling".



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