Defrosting The Refrigerator; Defrosting The Freezer - Electrolux IK2755BL User Manual

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• rinse and dry thoroughly.
Do not pull, move or damage any
pipes and/or cables inside the
Never use detergents, abrasive
powders, highly perfumed clean-
ing products or wax polishes to
clean the interior as this will dam-
age the surface and leave a
strong odour.
Clean the condenser (black grill) and the
compressor at the back of the appliance
with a brush. This operation will improve

5.2 Defrosting the refrigerator

5.3 Defrosting the freezer

A certain amount of frost will always form
on the freezer shelves and around the top
Defrost the freezer when the frost layer
reaches a thickness of about 3-5 mm.
About 12 hours prior to defrost-
ing, set the Temperature regulator
toward higher settings , in order to
build up sufficient chill reserve for
the interruption in operation.
To remove the frost, follow the instruc-
tions below:
Switch off the appliance.
Remove any stored food, wrap it in
several layers of newspaper and put it
in a cool place.
Do not touch frozen goods with
wet hands. Hands can freeze to
the goods.
Leave the door open.
the performance of the appliance and
save electricity consumption.
Take care of not to damage the
cooling system.
Many proprietary kitchen surface cleaners
contain chemicals that can attack/dam-
age the plastics used in this appliance.
For this reason it is recommended that
the outer casing of this appliance is only
cleaned with warm water with a little
washing-up liquid added.
After cleaning, reconnect the equipment
to the mains supply.
Frost is automatically eliminated from the
evaporator of the refrigerator compart-
ment every time the motor compressor
stops, during normal use. The defrost wa-
ter drains out through a drain hole into a
special container at the back of the appli-
ance, over the motor compressor, where
it evaporates.
It is important to periodically clean the de-
frost water drain hole in the middle of the
refrigerator compartment channel to pre-
vent the water overflowing and dripping
onto the food inside.
In order to speed up the defrost-
ing process, place a pot of warm
water in the freezer compartment.
In addition, remove pieces of ice
that break away before defrosting
is complete.
When defrosting is completed, dry
the interior thoroughly.
Switch on the appliance.
After two or three hours, reload the
previously removed food into the
Never use sharp metal tools to
scrape off frost from the innerliner
as you could damage it.
Do not use a mechanical device
or any artificial means to speed up
the thawing process other than
those recommended by the man-
A temperature rise of the frozen
food packs, during defrosting,
may shorten their safe storage life.


Table of Contents

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