Replacing The Lamp - Electrolux QT3549FX User Manual

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Table of Contents
The appliance does not
No ice.
The ice dispenser lamp
and the child look indica‐
tor flashes.
The lamp does not work.
Door interferes with ven‐
tilation grill.
Misaligned door.
As much as the advice does not lead to result, call the nearest brand-mark service.

Replacing the lamp

1. Disconnect the appliance from the power socket.
2. Press the spring and at the same time pull
the cover downwards.
3. Replace the bulb (E14 socket) with one of
the same power and specifically designed
for household appliances. (the maximum
power is shown on the light diffuser).
4. Reconnect the appliance.
Possible cause
The appliance is switched off.
The mains plug is not connected
to the mains socket correctly.
The appliance has no power.
There is no voltage in the mains
The ice maker is not switched on. Refer to "Switching on and off the
No water supply.
Leakage in the connection box.
The ice channel in the door is
No water supply.
The lamp is defective.
The door has been open to long. Close the door.
The appliance is not levelled.
The appliance is not levelled.
What to do if...
Switch on the appliance.
Connect the mains plug to the
mains socket correctly.
Connect another electrical appli‐
ance to the mains socket. Check
fuse. Contact a qualified electri‐
ice maker".
Carry out the necessary measures
on the water supply.
Contact service.
Remove the obstacle.
Carry out the necessary measures
on the water supply.
Reset the system by pressing the
button 2 on the ice dispenser.
Refer to "Replacing the lamp".
Refer to "Levelling".
Refer to "Levelling".


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents