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Switching On; Switching Off; Temperature Indicator; Temperature Regulation - Electrolux QT3549FX User Manual

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Table of Contents
Control panel
8. Alarm light

Switching on

Insert the plug into the wall socket.
If the pilot light and the display is not illuminated, press ON/OFF button.
Select a temperature according to "Temperature regulation".
If the door remains open for some minutes, the light will turn off automatically. The light
is reset by closing and opening the door.

Switching off

Press the ON/OFF button until a countdown is completed from -3 -2 -1.
The temperature indicator and the Pilot light switches off.

Temperature indicator

• During normal operation, the temperature indicator shows the current temperature in‐
side the appliance (ACTUAL temperature).
• During temperature adjusting operation, the temperature indicator flashes the appliance
temperature currently set (DESIRED temperature).

Temperature regulation

To operate the appliance, proceed as follows:
1. Set the required temperature by pressing the corresponding temperature regulator. The
temperature indicator flashes the DESIRED temperature.
2. Each time the temperature regulator is pressed the DESIRED temperature is adjusted
by 1 °C. The DESIRED temperature is reached within 24 hours.
Once the DESIRED temperature has been set, after a short period (approx. 5 sec.) the tem‐
perature indicator will show again the ACTUAL temperature inside the compartment. The
temperature indicator will change from flashing to continuous illumination.
For a correct storage of the food the following temperature should be set:
• -18 °C in the freezer.

Ice maker function

The ice maker is switched on at delivery and starts up automatically when the appliance is
connected to water and power supplies.
Press the Alarm reset button to switch on and off the ice maker.

Super Action Freeze function

The Super Action Freeze function accelerates the freezing of fresh food and , at the same
time, protects foodstuffs already stored from undesirable warming.
To activate the function, do these steps:
1. Press the Super Action Freeze button.
2. The Super Action Freeze indicator will light up and the Temperature indicator shows
SF (approx. 5 sec).
To deactivate the function, do these steps:
1. Press the Super Action Freeze button.
2. The Super Action Freeze indicator goes out.
The Super Action Freeze function stops automatically after about 52 hours.


Table of Contents

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