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Water Connection; Water Supply Connections; Water Outlet Hose Connection - Electrolux QB 5201 User Manual

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washer since this could damage the hydraulic components.
The dishwasher must be secured to the underside of the worktop or to adjacent units by
using the brackets supplied. Neglect to do this can cause injury or damage. Under no cir-
cumstances may holes be drilled through the sides of the dishwasher since this could dam-
age the hydraulic components.

Water connection

Water supply connections

This appliance can be connected to either a hot (max. 60°) or cold water supply.
With a hot water supply you can have a significant reduction of energy consumption. This
however, depends on how the hot water is produced. (We suggest alternative sources of
energy that are more environmentally friendly as e.g. solar or photovoltaic panels and
For making the connection itself, the coupling nut fitted to the machine's supply hose is
designed to screw onto a 3/4" thread spout or to a purpose made quick-coupling tap such
as the Press-block.
The water pressure must be within the limits given in the "Technical specifications". Your
local Water Authority will advise you on the average mains pressure in your area.
The water inlet hose must not be kinked, crushed, or entangled when it is being connected.
The dishwasher features fill and drain hoses which can be turned either to the left or the
right to suit the installation by means of the locknut.
The locknut must be correctly fitted to avoid water leaks.
(Attention! NOT all models of dishwashers have fill and drain hoses provided with locknut.
In this case, this kind of facility is not possible). If the machine is connected to new pipes
or pipes which have not been used for a long time, you should run the water for a few
minutes before connecting the inlet hose.
DO NOT use connection hoses which have previously been used for an old appliance.
This appliance has been fitted with safety features which will prevent the water used in
the appliance from returning back into the drinking water system. This appliance complies
with the applicable plumbing regulations.

Water outlet hose connection

The end of the drain hose can be connected in the following ways:
1. To the sink outlet spigot, securing it to the underside of the work surface. This will
prevent waste water from the sink running into the machine.
2. To a stand pipe provided with vent-hole, minimum internal diameter 4 cm.
Water connection