Adjusting The Height Of The Upper Basket - Electrolux QB 5201 User Manual

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Loading cutlery and dishes
• The cup racks can be folded up out of the way
for tall crockery items.
• Lay or hang wine and brandy glasses in the
slots in the cup racks.
• For glasses with long stems, fold the glass
rack to the right, otherwise fold it away to
the left.
• The row of spikes on the left of the upper
basket is also in two parts and can be folded
Spikes not folded away: place glasses, mugs
etc. in the upper basket.
Spikes folded away: more room for serving

Adjusting the height of the upper basket

With upper basket raised
With upper basket lowered
The height of the upper basket can also be adjusted when it is loaded.
Maximum height of the dishes in:
the upper basket
22 cm
24 cm
the lower basket
30 cm
29 cm


Table of Contents

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