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Adjusting The Dosage Of Rinse Aid - Electrolux QB 5201 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Use of rinse aid
1. Open the container by pressing the release
button (A).
2. Add the rinse aid in the container. The
maximum level for filling is indicated by
The dispenser holds about 110 ml of rinse
aid, which is sufficient for between 16 and
40 dishwashing cycles, depending upon
the dosage setting.
3. Ensure that the lid is closed after every re-
Clean up any rinse aid spilt during filling with
an absorbent cloth to avoid excess foaming
during the next wash.

Adjusting the dosage of rinse aid

According to the finish and drying results obtained, adjust the dose of rinse aid by means
of the 6 position selector (position 1= minimum dosage, position 6= maximum dosage).
The dose is factory set in position 4.
Increase the dose if there are drops of water or lime
spots on the dishes after washing.
Reduce it if there are sticky whitish streaks on the
dishes or a bluish film on glassware or knife blades.


Table of Contents

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