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Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual page 9

6.5˝ wide tft touch-panel display cd/dvd multi source receiver with dvd navigation


Automatic rerouting
5.5 sec.
5.5 sec.
When you happen to divert from a recommended
route like missing an intersection or unexpected
road work or an accident, the AVN2454 goes
right to work, displaying a new alternate route in
just 2.5 seconds. Or even display a new
crosscountry route from LA to New York in a
mere 5.5 seconds.
Voice announcements in 8 directions
To add accuracy when making turns at complex
intersections, the AVN2454 now adds voice
announcements that distinguish 8 compass
The accurate display is
worth a thousand words.
Landmark displays
Gas stations and other landmarks can be
displayed by type. Some landmark types such as
Restaurant or ATM can be displayed onscreen
simultaneously as you choose.
Versatile zooming in/out
Zoom in/out is simply controlled with a single
finger and magnifications can be changed at
will. The actual scale of a displayed map is
controlled by the "detail" and "wide" icons.
Simply touching an icon will shift zoom
magnification one scale increment at a time.
Split screen display
A very useful split screen function allows
displaying a realistic wide map view and other
map views at the same time for easier
understanding. The city driving mode which only
shows vital information can be combined with
other views that show current location
information, information on the closest towns,
route to the destination and others. Maps of
different scales can also be displayed together.
Holding both these icons down will provide
seamless zooming out/in. Selecting a set
magnification/scale on the zoom gauge which
goes from 150 feet to 250 miles directly sets the
map at that particular zoom value.