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Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual page 6

6.5˝ wide tft touch-panel display cd/dvd multi source receiver with dvd navigation


User-friendly vehicle navigation
that changes the driving experience.
Navigation with the AVN2454
means much more than informing
you of exactly where you are,
where you're headed and what
facilities and landmarks are around
you as you travel. It'll also
automatically reroute you and take
you home. The AVN2454
represents an invaluable navigator
that assists every driver to make
every drive more enjoyable.
Advanced technologies that make precise
and accurate navigation possible.
Constant map matching
GPS Navigation constantly updates the car's
present position as well as velocity. This is
determined through Global Positioning System
navigation which uses radio waves from 24 GPS
satellites to achieve pinpoint navigation.
Gyro sensor and auto speed pulse
enables positioning the car as well as
independent navigation
The AVN2454 makes good use of a gyro sensor
and auto speed pulse working in tandem. This
means that you will continue to have full
navigational support even when the car travels
through tunnels or on roads under high rise
buildings that may not allow the GPS satellites-
generated radio signals to pass through.
ECLIPSE makes best use of digital technologies
to deliver all the potential that the navigation
system has.
Fulltime precision map referencing
The AVN2454 is constantly taking all the
information coming into it from GPS, gyro and
auto speed pulse and matching it to the most
relevant map data contained in the navigation
software. This comprehensive fulltime
positioning processing makes it possible to
accurately display the car's current position no
matter how complex the route being taken,
enabling an up-to-the-second confirmation of
where you are on the map that is displayed.
Fulltime map matching
Positioning by
GPS Antenna
GPS radio wave
Gyro sensor
Auto Screen
The display will automatically revert to
navigation screen mode after completing another
operation so there is no need to manually switch
sources. For instance, while you are in
navigation mode, you can call up the CD control
screen. After you've completed your CD menu
choices, the display automatically reverts to the
navigation display. The sophisticated interface of
the AVN2454 ensures you can be entertained as
well as navigate with interruptions kept to a bare
Advanced touch control
One finger does it all. No complex operation
setup to learn. Nothing can be more intuitive
than touching what you want right on the screen.
Just touch a map in the general direction you
want to see and the map will scroll automatically
until you lift your finger off. Even for other
non-navigational settings such as EQ, all you
need to do is touch the level you want to boost
or cut a frequency band.
Navigation voice guidance interrupt and
audio mute
The smart AVN2454 will automatically mute the
music and generate a voice message when
auto speed
required. At any such time, the AVN2454 will
mute the left front speaker and speak a message
even if a CD or a radio broadcast is being
listened to. ECLIPSE's AVN2454 intelligently
combines the Navigation and entertainment
sections in one unit so there is never a need to
adjust separate volume levels. This prevents the
annoying volume level discrepancies often
encountered with conventional dedicated audio
and navigation units.
Audio playing
waypoint while
listening to music
"Turn" Audio muted
Music cuts off at the
front left speaker
and the navigation
voice message is