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Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual page 7

6.5˝ wide tft touch-panel display cd/dvd multi source receiver with dvd navigation


How to find what you're looking for.
Define Search Area
Select the button that corresponds to the area
you want the navigation features and functions
to cover.
Rapid, comprehensive search functions
Address search
With the direct address input function a
destination's location can be narrowed down to
street name and number level.
By Point of Interest (POI) name
Just by inputting a POI's name or address using
the keyboard display shown on the touch-control
panel, a selectable list of POI locations will be
called displayed.
Map Search
Pushing the Map button will take you directly to
the map navigation screen.
Memory search
Store up to 100 locations in memory for instant
recall when you want. You can also assign up to
46 symbols (plus 7 with expanded memory) as
location names for easier selecting. In addition,
you can assign sound tags to locations. When
you're in the vicinity of a sound tag-enabled
location, the AVN2454 will activate the sound to
notify you. You can even assign a sound tag to a
location with directivity, that is specifying the
direction you'll be approaching the location in.
So only when you near a location traveling in a
specific direction will you be alerted.
Selecting Emergency from the Destination screen
will call up a screen that will indicate your
present position and allow you to call up police
and hospital information* pertaining to your
Last visited location memory
To quickly recall places you've already visited,
the AVN2454's memory will hold up to 20 of the
last visited locations just as in your telephone's
"recall" function.
Home search
Register your home in the AVN2454 and it'll
guide you back no matter where you may be. The
way home is shown instantly on the display.
* Please do keep in mind however that since emergency service providers
sometimes change locations and services, a phone call should be made
first to verify current availability before proceeding to the destination.