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Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual
Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual

Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual

6.5˝ wide tft touch-panel display cd/dvd multi source receiver with dvd navigation


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How to get there the right way.
And enjoy yourself on the way.



Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454

  • Page 1 How to get there the right way. And enjoy yourself on the way.
  • Page 2 Mobile entertainment and enha functionality create the ideal co Driving always takes paramount importance in ECLIPSE product development. Any other function has to be performed without distracting the driver from the primary task at hand. With this in mind, ECLIPSE developed its integrated Audio, Visual and Navigation concept —...
  • Page 3 nced mbination.
  • Page 4 A fusion of specialized technologies creates a mobile comfort zone for driving.
  • Page 5 Upgraded graphics IC For navigation to be a functional assistant to real world driving needs, maps have to be drawn and redrawn without delay. A dedicated high-speed graphics chip is used to handle advanced visual processing, in almost constant use, displaying all sorts drawing a detailed map of the road ahead.
  • Page 6 User-friendly vehicle navigation that changes the driving experience. Navigation with the AVN2454 means much more than informing you of exactly where you are, where you're headed and what facilities and landmarks are around you as you travel. It’ll also automatically reroute you and take you home.
  • Page 7 How to find what you’re looking for. Define Search Area Select the button that corresponds to the area you want the navigation features and functions to cover. Rapid, comprehensive search functions Address search Memory search Last visited location memory With the direct address input function a Store up to 100 locations in memory for instant To quickly recall places you've already visited, destination’s location can be narrowed down to...
  • Page 8 How to get to where you want to — Simple, effective assistance in the easiest way. provided whenever you need it. Detour memory Voice announcements that keep you well informed The AVN will announce the names of major intersections located all across the country*. These can be regarded as cues for making turns to the left or right, an example being “turn right at the intersection in about 8/10ths of a mile”.
  • Page 9 The accurate display is worth a thousand words. Automatic rerouting Landmark displays Split screen display 5.5 sec. 5.5 sec. A very useful split screen function allows When you happen to divert from a recommended displaying a realistic wide map view and other route like missing an intersection or unexpected map views at the same time for easier road work or an accident, the AVN2454 goes...
  • Page 10 Audio and Visual Features ECLIPSE designed the AVN2454 to provide the best audio and video entertainment performances — even while the navigation keeps working.
  • Page 11 Incorporating the very best of entertainment as well. Digital advantage. thickness or warping, the pickup automatically DVD Video compensates for disk-to-pickup distance The advantages of keeping digital signals in the Enjoy an instant in-car theater with the AVN2454 variations. Audio quality remains high digital domain as long as possible until being as it incorporates a built-in MPEG2 decoder for performance no matter the source as the laser...
  • Page 12 Rear view camera-ready (optional) Navigation database Product safety notice The AVN2454 also offers the option to see The navigation database provided on the • To ensure safe operation of products, please read the owner’s manuals carefully prior to use. exactly what your're backing into. The separately supplied DVD contains street data as well as available BEC104 rear parking camera can be other points of interest in various categories.