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Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual page 8

6.5˝ wide tft touch-panel display cd/dvd multi source receiver with dvd navigation


How to get to where you want to —
in the easiest way.
Detour memory
Up to 10 areas you may wish to avoid driving in
can be selected. AVN will then automatically offer
a detour. For example, if there's a chronically
congested area when you're driving home from
work, just input it into the AVN2454 as a trouble
zone and request a detour. From then on, the
AVN2454 will always set a route that avoids this
area. No matter how distracted you may be, you'll
never find yourself in traffic hell.
"Must travel" routing
You can assign up to 2 roads as "must use
sections" of a route so they will always be
included when a route is requested. If you're
traveling in a scenic area, you can set these 2
sections into your complete travel routing as a
"must travel" portion or mandatory detour. This
will be reflected then in any route suggestion the
AVN2454 will make.
On-the-way stopping points
Up to 5 on-the-way locations can be specified as
stopping points in a complete route suggestion.
3 Routes Information
Once a destination is selected, a choice of routes
is displayed. In addition to the Quick1 route, the
display will also show 2 other recommended
Simple, effective assistance
provided whenever you need it.
Voice announcements that keep you well
The AVN will announce the names of major
intersections located all across the country*.
These can be regarded as cues for making turns
to the left or right, an example being "turn right
at the intersection in about 8/10ths of a mile".
Other announcements are made in advance for
curves, it also notifies you when you've arrived at
a destination railroad crossings and highways to
enhance driving safety.
Driving lane directions help making the correct
turnoff from the freeway by displaying all the
driving lanes all the way through. All lanes up to
exits ahead of the intended exit are shown when
the car approaches it within a half mile. As the
car approaches a quarter mile of the exit, the
recommended lane is displayed. No matter if
you're traveling in a totally unfamiliar city, you
can be assured of always making the correct
Intersection zooming
As you approach an intersection* where you'll
have to make a turn, the display automatically
zooms into the map to make things easier.
And as you approach intersections on a
recommended route, the AVN2454 will show
related landmarks and other cues. The added
confidence that comes from the AVN2454's
support enhances driving safety and reduces
stress even if you're traveling where you've never
* Intersections not included in the DVD database will not be announced by
the navigator.