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Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual page 5

6.5˝ wide tft touch-panel display cd/dvd multi source receiver with dvd navigation


For the first time a single platform
that delivers music, movies and
navigation to fulfill all in-car
The display
High resolution, high clarity LCD.
Graphics-dedicated IC for instant map
Setting the direction for car navigation.
The centerpiece is the custom LCD with a
pressure-sensitive touch-panel interface.
Because the display is key to the entire
system, it has to able to withstand hard use
consistently to deliver optimum
performance day in and day out. It will be
in almost constant use, displaying all sorts
of information, functions and different
screen modes initiated with a single finger
touch. The low reflection screen has a
rating of just 6.5% surface reflectivity and
offers enhanced visibility as well facilitating
information retrieval.
The advanced navigation afforded by the
AVN 2454 is realized by utilizing a powerful
ASIC (64 bit BUS RISC CPU) for information
processing. This CPU provides parallel
processing for faster operation. Coupled
with a boosted clock rate, the result is
significant high-speed processing power for
performing navigation tasks without any
latency, therefore assisting driving in real
time and providing responsive,
stress-free navigational operation.
Upgraded graphics IC
For navigation to be a functional assistant
to real world driving needs, maps have to
be drawn and redrawn without delay. A
dedicated high-speed graphics chip is used
to handle advanced visual processing,
drawing a detailed map of the road ahead.
The audio circuitry of the AVN2454 utilizes
ECLIPSE's latest digital and analog
components. A 24bit x 31bit DSP chip
handles all audio processing from level,
EQ and soundfield modes in the digital
CD Transport
The high-performance CD-R/RW transport
mechanism assures stable transport for
any optical disc and minimizes any
discrepancies resulting from CD-R/RW
media's individual variations using smart
digital technology. A high level of stability
in the transport mechanism helps achieve
ideal disc tracking and the laser pickup to
read data with great precision.
DVD Transport
A special high performance DVD drive that
provides instant access to the DVD
database on 8.5 gigabit double layer DVD.
It reads data at a high speed so there is no
data latency. In addition, an MPEG2
decoder is incorporated to provide DVD
movie enjoyment.