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Fujitsu Eclipse AVN2454 Manual page 11

6.5˝ wide tft touch-panel display cd/dvd multi source receiver with dvd navigation


Incorporating the very best of entertainment as well.
Digital advantage.
The advantages of keeping digital signals in the
digital domain as long as possible until being
converted to analog have long been a part of
ECLIPSE technology. Analog circuits such as
volume level have now been replaced with purely
digital controls. Conversion back to analog
uses a high-performance 24-bit Advanced
Multibit ∆∑ DAC for minimal distortion and
DSP(Sound Field Control)
The environment of a car is not an ideal acoustic
environment. The AVN2454 offers five preset
acoustic environments each with differing spatial
characteristics to be selected as desired or to suit
program material.
9-band EQ
9 frequency bands allow easy manual adjustment
via touch panel to suit user preferences. Simply
push up/down a frequency band with your
fingertip. In addition, 5 original EQ presets are
provided to enhance music material.
Perfect disc playback.
The AVN2454 is
equipped with a
fast focusing laser
pickup that
precisely reads
digital data from
any optical disc
(CD, CD-R/RW, and DVD-Video). Performance
stays stable with no annoying changes due to the
different conditions from the different origins of
individual CD-R/RW discs. Because discs vary in
thickness or warping, the pickup automatically
compensates for disk-to-pickup distance
variations. Audio quality remains high
performance no matter the source as the laser
pickup's accuracy and precision reading the
digitally encoded data helps achieve the highest
quality audio signals.
Perfect balance oil damping
Built to resist vibrations that could cause
mistracking and skipping, the AVN2454's oil-
damped disc transport mechanisms feature a
carefully formulated blend of oils to constrain
and absorb vibrations which could impact disc
No-compromise construction.
The way ECLIPSE builds products has a lot to do
with sound quality. High-quality PCBs with thick
signal traces to custom capacitors and premium
resistors are generously used. Other advanced
build techniques are used as well such as the
multiple, independently regulated power
supplies and independent grounding. Every
precaution is taken to cut cross interference
between the many circuits as well as overall
system noise. Every circuit is evaluated on the
basis of sound quality as well as test
measurements with repeated listening
4-channels of 50W amplification built in.
The AVN2454 incorporates a high performance
amplification section that offers 4 channels each
rated at 50W. The low distortion and audiophile
grade sound is that same acclaimed ECLIPSE
audio quality as in its dedicated music products.
DVD Video
Enjoy an instant in-car theater with the AVN2454
as it incorporates a built-in MPEG2 decoder for
DVDs. Take a break from driving with your
favorite movie or concert. Whether it's visual or
audio quality, the AVN2454 offers all the high
performance that is associated with the ECLIPSE
Burn a CD-R/RW with your favorite MP3 files
and enjoy them in the AVN2454 as it is fully
compatible with this file format.
CD text data compatibility
Text data on a compact disc such as song titles
can be read and displayed on the screen.
High-performance AM/FM tuner section
6 FM/6 AM broadcasts presets are provided. As
you travel, you can choose to have the AVN2454
automatically set the six strongest signals to
become the presets.
CD Changer Compatible
Using the E-LAN data link system allows easily
connecting the unit to the CH3083 8-Disc CD
Card type remote control (optional)
The AV2454 comes provided with a remote
control for non-navigation system operation
Note: DVD-Video is disabled when the vehicle is in motion.
Inserting a DVD will only allow the audio to be heard.