IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Always read this manual first
before attempting to install or use this fireplace. For your safety, always
comply with all warnings and safety instructions contained in this manual
to prevent personal injury or property damage.
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    For your safety, always comply with all warnings and safety instructions contained in this manual to prevent personal injury or property damage. To view the full line of Dimplex products, please visit 7207500200R05...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CAUTION: Procedures and techniques which, if not carefully followed, will result in damage to the equipment. W ARNINg: Procedures and techniques which, if not carefully followed, will expose the user to the risk of fire, serious injury, or death.

  • Page 3: Welcome & Congratulations

    Welcome & Congratulations Thank you and congratulations for choosing to purchase an electric fireplace from Dimplex, the world leader in electric fireplaces. Please carefully read and save these instructions. CAUTION: read all instructions and warnings carefully before starting installation. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a possible electric shock, fire hazard and will void the warranty.

  • Page 4

    Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation ⑤ Do not operate any unit with or exhaust opening as this may a damaged cord or plug, or if the cause an electric shock or fire, or heater has malfunctioned, or if

  • Page 5: Save These Instructions

    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS damage to the heater. be no. 14 AWG minimum size and rated no less than 1875 Watts. ⑪ To prevent a possible fire, do ⑮ Do not burn wood or other not block air intake or exhaust materials in the fireplace. in any manner.

  • Page 6

    Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause interference and; (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device

  • Page 7: Site Selection And Preparation

    If installing fireplace into your Dimplex mantel the fireplace in a carpeted surround. area, place a one-piece, solid, flat surface under the fireplace 1.

  • Page 8: Fireplace Installation

    Figure 1. The fireplace does not require any additional IMPORTANT: If not using a venting. Dimplex mantel, the firebox must be installed in an NOTE 1: A 15 Amp, 120 enclosure with the following Volt circuit is required. A...

  • Page 9

    Fireplace Installation Option #2: A new outlet can be 3. mark the desired location on the floor and store the installed inside the new frame fireplace in a safe, dry and construction. dust free location. Plug the unit directly into a 15 4.

  • Page 10: Operation

    CAUTION: If you need to remote operated thermostat. continuously reset the heater, unplug the unit and call C. Initialization Button Dimplex north America Limited used to synchronize remote at 1-888-346-7539. Have control. the product model and serial numbers ready when calling.

  • Page 11: Remote Control

    Operation control it is recommended to Remote Control replace the batteries promptly, The remote control has a range to maintain full functionality of of approximately 50 feet (15.25 the remote/fireplace. The remote m). It does not have to be transmitter has a battery backup pointed at the fireplace and can time of only several hours.

  • Page 12

    J and I to change °F to °C. press the N button to increase the C. Light Dimmer Control speed of the flame or press the M to decrease the speed of the While the fireplace is running, flame. repeatedly press the L or K

  • Page 13

    Operation E. Sleep Timer H. Flame & Heat On/Off Button The sleep Timer automatically Press the H button to turn the shuts off the fireplace after a Flame/Heat function on. When preset time (from 30 minutes to 8 B is higher then A the heat will hours).

  • Page 14

    Release the O button and the Child Lock Locked unlocked button. switch Press the Initialization button on the unit (Figure 4C). Press the button on the remote. Your remote will now have a different frequency communicating with the fireplace.

  • Page 15: Maintenance

    Maintenance light bulbs at one time if they are WARNINg: Disconnect close to the end of their rated life. power before attempting any Group replacement will reduce maintenance or cleaning to the number of times you need reduce the risk of fire, electric to open the unit to replace light shock or damage to persons.

  • Page 16

    To access the upper light bulb Rear area: Front side section slide fireplace out of mantel. Edge Remove four (4) Phillips Set Log Set Assembly in front screws from right side of trim of fireplace. (Figure 7). unscrew bulbs counter remove trim. clockwise.

  • Page 17: Glass Cleaning

    Maintenance Slide glass to the right side of the top rear of the unit (Figure the fireplace to remove (Figure Grasp filter and slide filter remove upper Light Bracket straight up. (Figure 7). replace or clean filter. upper bulbs are located in NOTE: If after market air the upper left and upper right filter is used ensure it is...

  • Page 18: Warranty

    This limited warranty applies to the owner/purchaser. Products the following model of your newly purchased in Yukon Territory, purchased Dimplex electric fireplace nunavut, northwest Territories, DFB8842 and to newly purchased Hawaii, or Alaska are not covered Dimplex fireplace surrounds by this limited warranty.

  • Page 19

    This limited warranty does not apply defective products and parts (with to products that have been repaired no in-home services) for the 4 year (except by Dimplex or its authorized period commencing on the first service representatives) or otherwise anniversary of first purchase and altered.

  • Page 20

    Accordingly, of the product. Dimplex will be responsible for all labour and transportation costs What Dimplex will do in the event of associated with the repair or a defect replacement of the product or part In the event a product or part...

  • Page 21

    InABILITY To usE THE or cannot be timely made, ProDuCT, EVEn IF DImPLEX or Dimplex may, in lieu of repair or ITs DIrECTors, oFFICErs, or replacement, choose to refund AGEnTs HAVE BEEn ADVIsED the purchase price for such oF THE PossIBILITY oF suCH product or part.

  • Page 22

    The provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the sale of Goods shall not apply to this limited warranty or the sale of products covered by this limited warranty.

  • Page 23: Replacement Parts

    Fireplace Foot ......8800090100RP Dimplex North America Limited 1367 Industrial Road Cambridge on Canada n1r 7G8 © 2011 Dimplex north America Limited...

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