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Section 3 - Configuration
Check the box to enable the wireless function. If
Enable Wireless:
you do not want to use wireless, uncheck the box
to disable all the wireless functions.
Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the name of your
Wireless Network
wireless network. Create a name using up to 32
characters. The SSID is case-sensitive.
Wireless Channel:
Indicates the channel setting for the WBR-2310.
By default the channel is set to 6. The Channel can
be changed to fit the channel setting for an existing
wireless network or to customize the wireless
network. The Auto Channel Scan setting can
be selected to allow the WBR-2310 to choose the
channel with the least amount of interference.
Enable this mode if your network is made up of
802.11g Only
purely 802.11g devices. If you have both 802.11b
and 802.11g wireless clients, uncheck the box.
Check this option if you would not like the SSID
of your wireless network to be broadcasted by the
Enable Hidden
WBR-2310. If this option is checked, the SSID of
the WBR-2310 will not be seen by Site Survey
utilities so your wireless clients will have to know
the SSID of your WBR-2310 in order to connect
to it.
D-Link DIR-301 User Manual

Wireless Settings

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