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Setting Up Virtual Dmz In Your Lan; Setting Up Ddns - Asus WL-500GP_V2 User Manual

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4) Setting up virtual DMZ in your LAN

To expose an internal host to Internet and make all services provided by this host
available to outside users, enable Virtual DMZ function to open all ports of the host.
This function is useful when the host plays multiple roles such as HTTP server and
FTP server. However, in doing this, your network becomes less secure.
1. Click Virtual DMZ in the NAT Setting menu.
2. Enter the IP address of the
host and click Finish.
3. Click Save & Restart to
restart the wireless router
and activate the settings.

5) Setting up DDNS

DNS enables host who uses static IP address to associate with a domain name;
for dynamic IP user, they can also associate with a domain name via dynamic
DNS (DDNS). DDNS requires registering and account-creating at ASUS DDNS
service. The ASUS DDNS server has already recorded your
IP address information. You just set your domain name and
you can access USB Hard Disc Drive that plugged in WL-
500gP V2 via Internet.
1. Click DDNS from IP Config folder.
2. Select Yes to enable the DDNS service.
WL-500gP V2 Wireless Router User Manual


Table of Contents

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