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Ezsetup - Asus WL-500GP_V2 User Manual

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2) EZSetup

Wireless LAN setup will complete in two easy steps. First open the EZSetup utility
form Start menu, then push the EZSetup button on the rear panel for 3 seconds.

Push EZSetup over
3 sec. and release.
1) If the setup button is pushed without running the EZsetup wizard utility, the PWR
indicator will flash and Internet connections will pause for a short period but will then
return to normal operation without change.
2) To use EZSetup, we recommend using an ASUS wireless adapter such as WL-106gM,
WL-100gE, and WL-169gE.
Wireless settings, including network name and network keys, are generated automatically.
You can modify these settings manually. Note if your wireless router is configured before,
select Preserve original wireless router settings to use the current value. Click Next to
WL-500gP V2 Wireless Router User Manual
Click the EZSetup button in the utility.
Note: Use EZSetup Wizard with one
wireless client at a time. If the wireless
client computer cannot discover the
wireless router while in EZSetup
mode, please shorten the distance
between the client and the router.


Table of Contents

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