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Quick Setup - Asus WL-500GP_V2 User Manual

User manual
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5) Quick setup

To start quick setup, click Next to enter the "Quick Setup"
page. Follow the instructions to setup the ASUS Wireless
1. Select your time zone and click
2. ASUS wireless router supports
five types of ISP services: cable,
PPPoE, PPTP, static WAN IP,
and Telstra BigPond. Select your
connection type and click Next to
Cable or dynamic IP user
If you are using services provided by
cable ISP, select Cable Modem or other
connection that gets IP automatically.
If your ISP provides you hostname, MAC
address, and heartbeat server address,
fill these information into the boxes on
the setting page; if not, click Next to skip
this step.
PPPoE user
If you use PPPoE service, select ADSL
connection that requires username
and password. It is known as PPPoE.
You need to input the username and
password provided by your ISP. Click
Next to continue.
WL-500gP V2 Wireless Router User Manual


Table of Contents

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