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  • Page 2: General Remarks

    CLEANING METHOD OF CUFF After cleaning the cuff with a neutral detergent, will cause air leakage. Also, be careful not to get lightly rinse it with water and let it dry in the air. water into the air hose. Hard rubbing or washing in a washing machine GENERAL REMARKS General Remarks on blood •...

  • Page 3: Precautions For Use

    • When you feel like relieving yourself, you For proper measurement of blood should do so before measuring blood pressure. pressure • Measure blood pressure where the room tem- • Take a deep breath five or six time and then perature is about 20˚C.

  • Page 4: Nature And Frequency Of Maintenance, Protect The Nature Environment

    • Congestion, swelling, etc. may occur in some Nature and frequency of people. maintenance: • If blood pressure is measured repeatedly, an This products is designed for use over an ex- accurate result will not be achieved. An inter- tended period of time; however, it is generally val of about 10 minutes should be allowed.

  • Page 5: Identification Of Parts

    IDENTIFICATION OF PARTS Diastolic blood pressure/ Pulse display section Systolic blood pressure display section Battry cover Power/Start switch Memory recall switch Wrist cuff - Eng 5 -...

  • Page 6: Battery Replacement, Measurement Procedures

    BATTERY REPLACEMENT 1. To use this unit, you must install batteries, and also If battery mark “ ” will display on the display, you must change two pieces of batteries. 2. Open battery cover as illustrated. Replace the new two pieces of batteries, matching the (+) and (–) polarities on each battery with the polarity marks on the case.

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    • Apply the wrist cuff to the wrist and make sure Measurement Procedures for it is not too loose or too tight. If the wrist cuff People With a Weak Pulse is applied inappropriately, it may display an • Apply the middle part of the wrist cuff to the error or abnormal values.

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    The heart symbol flashes, and the buzzer sounds When a pulse is detected, the pressure value for 1 second. Once the measurement prepara- moves to the lower side of the display. At this tions are completed, the buzzer sounds three time the mark “Q”...

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    When there are already 7 sets of results in 3. Turn Power off memory, the oldest one is automatically erased and overwritten with the newest. (2 second) (1 second) Blood pressure values and pulse rate display al- ternatively on the display. Display of the mea- surement result will continue until power is Press the “POWER/START”...

  • Page 10: Memory Recall

    5. Memory recall • When pressing the “Memory recall” switch, the memory cell number is displayed, then the stored measurement results (high/low blood pressure) are displayed. • You can recall stored data by pressing the “Memory recall” switch, except when per- forming a measurement.

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    6. Memory clear function While the memory datum to be cleared are in- dicated and when the “Memory recall” switch is continued to push for 3 seconds, buzzer beeps and the memory datum are cleared. - Eng 11 -...

  • Page 12: Description Of Display Marks

    DESCRIPTION OF DISPLAY MARKS DISPLAY MARK CONDITION / CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION The cuff was inflated to more than 280 Exhaust the air with in the cuff. mmHg. Pressurization is not possible After winding the cuff over again, re- Cuff winding has not been performed peat measurement.

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    CITIZEN is a registered trademark of Citizen Watch Co., Japan. Consumer Electronics Division CBM Bldg. 5F, 5-68-10, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan Phone: (03)5345-7430 Fax: (03)5345-7431 E-mail:

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  • campeis Sep 01, 2017 03:26:
    have gone thru manual and cannot find reason for machine not working on left wrist. comes up with err3. have rewound strap to no avail and cannot find exact instructio​ns to see if doing something wrong.

    it works fine on right wrist,