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A Word to Mazda Owners
Thank you for choosing a Mazda. We
at Mazda design and build vehicles
with complete customer satisfaction in
To help ensure enjoyable and
trouble-free operation of your Mazda,
read this manual carefully and follow
its recommendations.
Important Notes About This Manual
Keep this manual in the glove box as a handy reference for the safe and enjoyable use of your Mazda. Should you resell
the vehicle, leave this manual with it for the next owner.
Please be aware that this manual applies to all models, equipment and options. As a result, you may find some
explanations for equipment not installed on your vehicle.
Form No. 8P95-EA-00G
An Authorized Mazda Dealer knows
your vehicle best. So when
maintenance or service is necessary,
that's the place to go.
Our nationwide network of Mazda
professionals is dedicated to providing
you with the best possible service.
We assure you that all of us at Mazda
have an ongoing interest in your
motoring pleasure and in your full
satisfaction with your Mazda product.
Mazda North American Operations


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   Summary of Contents for Mazda 626

  • Page 1

    Important Notes About This Manual Keep this manual in the glove box as a handy reference for the safe and enjoyable use of your Mazda. Should you resell the vehicle, leave this manual with it for the next owner.

  • Page 2

    Air Conditioning and the Environment Your Mazda’s genuine air conditioner is filled with R134a, a refrigerant that has been found not to damage the earth’s ozone layer. If the air conditioner does not operate properly, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

  • Page 3: How To Use This Manual

    The above symbol in this manual enjoy your Mazda. By reading your has the information you want. means “Do not do this ” or “Do not let manual, you can find out about the this happen”.

  • Page 4

    How to Use This Manual WARNING NOTE A WARNING indicates a situation A NOTE provides information and in which serious injury or death sometimes suggests how to make could result if the warning is better use of your vehicle. ignored. CAUTION A CAUTION indicates a situation in which bodily injury or damage...

  • Page 5

    How to Use This Manual #Q002-2AE Graphic symbols: Some of the following symbols are used to identify controls and displays on your vehicle. HEADLIGHT HIGH HEADLIGHT LOW ILLUMINATION LIGHTS PARKING LIGHTS TURN SIGNALS BEAM BEAM CONTROL ENGINE COOLANT BATTERY CHARGING HOOD RELEASE TRUNK RELEASE FUEL...

  • Page 6


  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents n003-1A1E Your Vehicle at a Glance Essential Safety Equipment Knowing Your Mazda Protecting Your Mazda Driving Your Mazda In Case of Emergency Appearance Care Maintenance Customer Information Including Information on How to Report Safety Defects (page 9-14)

  • Page 8: Your Vehicle At A Glance

    Your Vehicle at a Glance Your Mazda is a complex vehicle, but the design throughout considers your safety and comfort paramount. This requires many controls, locks, graphic symbols, mechanisms and amenities that need to be understood for proper operation. 004-1A1E Section 1 illustrates this information to familiarize you with what needs to be known to help make your motoring safer and easier, and lots more fun.

  • Page 9: Interior Overview

    Your Vehicle at a Glance 004-2AE Interior Overview Sunvisor (page 5-59) Rearview mirror (page 3-35) Shoulder belt adjuster (page 2-18) Vanity mirror* (page 5-60) Wiper and washer lever Steering wheel (page 3-32) (page 5-47) Passenger-side air bags (page 2-35) Seat belt (page 2-14) Rear window defroster switch (page 5-49) Cruise main switch* (page 5-25)

  • Page 10: Dashboard Overview

    Your Vehicle at a Glance 004-3AE Dashboard Overview J94S1002 Instrument cluster (page 5-30) Hazard warning flasher switch (page 6-2) Climate control system (page 5-60) Side vent (page 5-62) Vent (page 5-62) Cruise control switch* (page 5-26) Light control/ Turn signal lever Audio system* (page 5-75) (page 5-44) Shift lever (page 5-7, 5-9)

  • Page 11

    Your Vehicle at a Glance 004-4AE Doors Front (Driver’s side) Front (Passenger’s side) Outside mirror (page 3-33) Outside mirror (page 3-33) J94S1003_a (2001) Door lock (page 3-4) Door lock (page 3-4) Door handle (page 3-7) Door handle (page 3-7) Power window master control* Courtesy light (page 3-41) (page 3-13)

  • Page 12: Some Models, Door Lock (page, Door Handle (page, Power Window Switch* (page

    Your Vehicle at a Glance 004-5AE Luggage Compartment J94S6013_1Gr Rear Spare tire (page 6-27) Door lock (page 3-4) Door handle (page 3-7) Child safety lock (page 3-8) Power window switch* (page 3-13) Tool bag Jack J94A1005 *Some models. Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 13: Essential Safety Equipment

    Essential Safety Equipment Personal safety and comfort are what make driving your Mazda a pleasurable experience. Section 2 describes essential information for optimal safe drivng including seats, seat belt systems and the supplemental restraint systems. 154-1AE Front Seats 2- 2...

  • Page 14

    Essential Safety Equipment n016-1A3E n016-20A1E Front Seats (Manually Operated) WARNING WARNING Securing the Front Seats: Driver’s Seat Adjustment: Adjustable seats and seatbacks Adjusting the driver’s seat while that are not securely latched are the vehicle is moving is dangerous. In a sudden stop or dangerous.

  • Page 15

    Essential Safety Equipment n016-2AE CAUTION original position and the seatback is locked in place by attempting to push When returning a rear-reclined it forward and backward. seatback to its upright position, n016-15BE make sure you support the WARNING seatback while operating the seatback lever.

  • Page 16

    Essential Safety Equipment nQ016–3G1E I Head Restraint Adjust the head restraint so that the top parallels the top of the passenger’s ears, never the passenger’s neck. WARNING Head Restraints Adjustment: Driving with the head restraints Stop catch release adjusted too low or removed is dangerous.

  • Page 17

    Essential Safety Equipment n016-5BE n017-1DE nn017-8A1E Front Seats (Electrically Operated) CAUTION J94A2070 The seat-bottom tilt, seat height and seat slide can be electrically adjusted. • The seat-bottom power adjust is Move them to the desired positions by using the switch on the seat’s lower operated by a motor.

  • Page 18: Seat-bottom Front/rear Height Adjustment

    Essential Safety Equipment n017-3AE n017-4AE 017-2AE J94A2028 J94A2027 J94A2029 I Seat Slide I Seat-Bottom Front Height I Seat-Bottom Rear Height Adjustment Adjustment To slide the front seat, move the slide lifter switch on the left side of the seat To adjust the front height of the Raise or lower the back of the switch to the front or back and hold it.

  • Page 19: Seat Height Adjustment/recline

    Essential Safety Equipment n017-5A1E n016-2AE Lower the seat-bottom by pressing down on the center and releasing it when the seat is where you want it. J94A2030 J94A2025 I Seat Height Adjustment I Seat Recline Raise the seat-bottom by pulling up on To change each individual seatback the center of the switch.

  • Page 20

    Essential Safety Equipment n016–3G1E I Head Restraint CAUTION Make sure the lever returned to its original position and the seatback is When returning a rear-reclined locked in place by attempting to push WARNING it forward and backward. seatback to its upright position, make sure you support the n016-15BE seatback while operating the...

  • Page 21

    Essential Safety Equipment n019-1E1E Rear Seat WARNING Adjust the head reatraint so that the top parallels the top of the passenger’s Stacking Cargo: ears, never the passenger’s neck. Stacking luggage or other cargo higher than the seatbacks or putting things on the rear package tray is dangerous.

  • Page 22: Seat Belt (page

    Essential Safety Equipment n019-36AE nnQ019-3E1E J94S2001 WARNING Securing Seat: Adjustable seats and seatbacks that are not securely latched are dangerous. In a sudden stop or collision, the seat or seatback could move, causing injury. Make sure the adjustable components of J94S2002 the seat are locked in place.

  • Page 23

    Essential Safety Equipment n019-35A1E n019-41A1E 2. Push the button and fold the To return the seatbacks to their NOTE seatback forward. original positions: When you return the seatbacks to nn019-13BE 1. Lift the seatback and push it firmly their original position: NOTE into place.

  • Page 24

    Essential Safety Equipment nQ019-4A2E WARNING WARNING occupants and cause serious injury. Never allow a passenger to Unlocked Seatback: Passenger on the Folded sit or stand on the folded seatback A seatback plays an important Seatback: while the vehicle is moving. role in your protection in a Driving with a passenger on the vehicle.

  • Page 25

    Essential Safety Equipment 019-5EE Q019-17AE Lock Unlock Unlock Lock NOTE The seatback locks are part of the J94A2072 trunk security system (page 3-17). I Rear Seatback Lock To lock or unlock a seatback, move the lever. 2-13 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 26

    Mazda systems, automatic locking mode. far out. To return to the more recommends that the driver and all comfortable emergency locking mode, passengers always wear seat belts.

  • Page 27

    Have an killed. In the same collision, Authorized Mazda Dealer inspect occupants wearing seat belts all seat belt systems in use during would be much safer. Always...

  • Page 28

    Essential Safety Equipment 020-3HE WARNING WARNING J94S2003 Twisted Seat Belts: One Belt, One Passenger: Twisted seat belts can cause Using one seat belt for more than injury. In a collision, the full one person at a time is dangerous. width of the belt isn’t available to A seat belt used in this way can’t absorb the impact.

  • Page 29

    Buckle If the system does not operate 3. Insert the tongue into the buckle correctly, consult an Authorized until you hear a click. Mazda Dealer. 4. Make sure the shoulder belt is snugly fitted against your body. Tongue J94A2033 (J18Y2049)

  • Page 30

    Essential Safety Equipment nn020-22A3E Shoulder belt adjuster J94A2037 WARNING (J18Y2806) Positioning the Shoulder Portion of the Seat Belt: Improper positioning of the shoulder portion of the seat belt is J94A2036 dangerous. An improperly positioned belt will provide little or no protection in a collision. Always make sure the shoulder portion of the seat belt is positioned across your shoulder...

  • Page 31

    Essential Safety Equipment n020-??? J94A2034 WARNING (J18Y2050) Positioning the Lap Portion of the Seat Belt: The lap portion of the seat belt Take up slack worn too high can be dangerous. Keep low on In a collision, this would hip bone concentrate the impact force Too high directly on the abdominal area,...

  • Page 32

    Essential Safety Equipment nn020-9CE Buckle NOTE 2. Insert this tongue into the buckle until you hear a click. If a belt does not fully retract, inspect it for kinks and twists. 3. Make sure the shoulder belt is snugly fitted against your body. Tongue The retractor will take up excess belt J94A2038...

  • Page 33

    Essential Safety Equipment J94A2039 WARNING WARNING (J18Y2055) Positioning the Shoulder Portion Positioning the Lap Portion of the of the Seat Belt: Seat Belt: Improper positioning of the The lap portion of the seat belt Take up slack shoulder portion of the seat belt is worn too high can be dangerous.

  • Page 34

    Essential Safety Equipment nn020-19A1E J94S2004 J94A2066 J94A2065A M Rear-center belt To unfasten: This portion will serve as the lap belt portion of the lap/shoulder belt when Depress the button on the buckle. To use the rear-center belt: tongue (C) and buckle (D) are fastened.

  • Page 35

    Essential Safety Equipment WARNING NOTE Fastening the Rear-Center Seat Always unfasten the lap portion of Belt Only with one Buckle: the belt before folding the rear-left Fastening the rear-center seat seatback. Leaving the lap portion belt only with one buckle could be of the belt fastened could cause dangerous.

  • Page 36

    It is now secure for passenger extender may be available to you at no use. charge from your Authorized Mazda seat belt will be too long and not fit properly. In an accident, the Dealer. This extender will be only for...

  • Page 37

    Essential Safety Equipment n020-12AE I Pregnant Women and Persons WARNING WARNING with Serious Medical Conditions Using an Improper Extender: Using an Extender That is Too Using a seat belt extender that is Long: Pregnant women should wear seat for another person or a different Using an extender that is too long belts.

  • Page 38: Child Restraint

    Essential Safety Equipment n020-12AE Child Restraint I Child Restraint Precautions WARNING WARNING Holding a Child While the Vehicle One Belt, One Passenger: Statistics confirm that the rear seat is the best place for all children up to is Moving: Using one seat belt for more than Holding a child in your arms one person at a time is dangerous.

  • Page 39

    Essential Safety Equipment n020-13A3E M Small children WARNING CAUTION Proper Size of Child-Restraint A seat belt or child-restraint You are required by law to use System: system can become very hot in a child-restraint system for children in For effective protection in vehicle closed vehicle during warm the U.S.

  • Page 40

    Essential Safety Equipment n000-00 M Older children I Child-Restraint Systems WARNING Follow the Manufacturer’s A child who has outgrown Whatever child-restraint system you child-restraint systems should sit in the consider, please pick the appropriate Instructions and Always Keep the Child-Restraint System Buckled rear and use seat belts, both lap and one for the age and size of the child, shoulder.

  • Page 41

    In your Mazda, there are tether anchors. deploy. tethered child-restraint systems can only be accommodated in the three positions on the rear seat.

  • Page 42

    Essential Safety Equipment WARNING in the rear seat, do not allow the child to lean over or against the Seating Position with Side Air front door, even if the child is Bag: seated in a child-restraint system. Allowing a child to lean over or against the front door is dangerous.

  • Page 43

    Essential Safety Equipment J76TCS06 belt is out of the retractor. Position the belt correctly, push the child-restraint system firmly into the vehicle seat and be sure the belt retracts as snugly as possible. For rear Cover Clicking from the retractor will be center seat Open heard during retraction if the...

  • Page 44

    To check if child up front uses the shoulder belt your Mazda front seats have side air over the shoulder. Do not put bags-every Mazda side air bag will...

  • Page 45

    Essential Safety Equipment n020-21AE WARNING WARNING WARNING Front Passenger’s Seat Position: Rear-Facing Child-Restraint Seating Position with Side Air As your vehicle has front air bags System: Bag: and doubly so if your vehicle has Rear-facing child-restraint Allowing a child to lean over or optional side air bags, a systems on the front seat are against the front door is...

  • Page 46

    Essential Safety Equipment in the rear seat, do not allow the 2. Secure the child-restraint system with child to lean over or against the the lap portion of the lap/shoulder front door, even if the child is belt. See the instructions on the seated in a child-restraint system.

  • Page 47

    Essential Safety Equipment n000–00? Supplemental Restraint Systems I The front and side* supplemental repeat this step. In a front-end or side impact, the air restraint systems include 4 air bag supplemental restraint systems are 4. Inspect this function before each bags.

  • Page 48

    Essential Safety Equipment n000–00? • Reduce the possibility of injuries in WARNING WARNING frontal or side collisions that are Air Bags without Seat Belts: Child in the Front Seat: not severe enough to activate the air bag. Depending only on the air bags Placing a child, 12 years or for protection during an accident under, in the front seat is...

  • Page 49

    Essential Safety Equipment n000–00? child-restraint system on the front WARNING seat with an air bag that could deploy. Child-Restraint System Positioning: Rear-facing child-restraint systems on the front seat are particularly dangerous. The child-restraint system can be hit by a deploying air bag and moved violently backward resulting in serious injury or death to the child.

  • Page 50

    Essential Safety Equipment n000–00? Inflator and air bag* Inflators and air bags The air bags are mounted in the following locations: the center of the steering wheel, the passenger-side of the dashboard, and in the outboard Side crash sensor* sides of the front seatbacks. They are Crash sensors and out of sight until activated.

  • Page 51

    Only an Authorized Mazda Dealer can sent to the inflators. Nitrogen and replace the systems. argon gases are produced to inflate the air bags.

  • Page 52

    Essential Safety Equipment WARNING always sit upright against the WARNING seatbacks with seat belts worn Seating Position with Front Air properly. Seating Position with Side Air Bags: Bags Sitting too close to the air bag Sitting too close to the side air bag storage compartments or placing storage compartments or placing hands or feet on them is...

  • Page 53

    When an air bag deploys, a loud components or wiring. inflation noise can be heard and An Authorized Mazda Dealer can some smoke will be released. (Continued) Neither is likely to cause injury. 2-41...

  • Page 54

    Essential Safety Equipment n021-12B1E n021–9AE provide the special care needed in WARNING WARNING the removal and installation of front seats. It is important to Installation of Front-End Front Air Bag Storage Areas: protect the side air bag wiring and Equipment: Attaching an object to a front air connections to assure that the Installation of front-end...

  • Page 55

    Always have an Authorized Using a seat cover on the front protection of the side air bag Mazda Dealer inspect the seats could be dangerous. In a system or redirecting the air bag supplemental restraint systems severe side collision, the seat in a way that is dangerous.

  • Page 56

    Essential Safety Equipment n021-?? WARNING Suspension Adjustment: Adjusting the vehicle suspension is dangerous. If the vehicle’s height or the suspension’s damping is changed, the vehicle will be unable to accurately detect a collision resulting in incorrect or unexpected air bag deployment and the possibility of serious injuries.

  • Page 57

    Essential Safety Equipment n000–00? I Front Air Bag Activation ➀ ➂ A greater than moderate impact will cause the front air bags to inflate in the following cases: ➀ Hitting a solid wall straight on at greater than about 22 km/h (14 mph).

  • Page 58

    Essential Safety Equipment I Limitations to Front Air Bag Activation J94S.Familia_Sedan2 (OMJ) ➁ Depending of the severity of impact, the front air bags may ➀ not inflate in the following cases: ➀ Impacts involving trees or poles cause severe cosmetic damage but may not have enough impact to activate the air bag.

  • Page 59

    Essential Safety Equipment I Non-Activation of Front Air Bags ➀ Front air bags will not normally inflate in the following cases: ➂ ➀ Collision from the rear. ➁ Vehicle roll-over, may deploy the side air bag(s) but not the front air bags. ➁...

  • Page 60

    Essential Safety Equipment n000–00? I Side Air Bag Activation Greater than moderate impact to one side of the vehicle (driver or passenger side areas) will cause a side air bag* to inflate, but it will not normally deploy the front air bags. J94S.Familia_Sedan4 (OMJ) 2-48 *Some models.

  • Page 61

    Essential Safety Equipment I Limitations to Side Air Bag Activation ➀ ➂ Depending on the severity of impact, a side air bag* may not inflate in the following cases: ➀ Frontal offset impact may not provide enough side impact to deploy a side air bag. ➁...

  • Page 62

    Essential Safety Equipment I Non-Activation of Side Air Bags A side air bag* will not normally inflate in the following cases: ➀ Collision from the rear. ➀ ➁ ➁ Collision from the front, but it may deploy the front air bags.

  • Page 63

    Essential Safety Equipment n000–00? I Constant Monitoring driven. J94S2005 The following components of the supplement restraint systems are monitored by a diagnostic system: • SAS unit • Air bag modules • Side air bag crash sensors* M Supplemental restraint system •...

  • Page 64

    An air bag could dangerous. These parts contain Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. The system may not work in accidentally activate or become essential air bag parts. The air disabled.

  • Page 65

    But if any of the NOTE following occurs, take your vehicle to or a vehicle with live air bags in it an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon can be extremely dangerous. Should you sell your Mazda, we as possible:...

  • Page 66: Knowing Your Mazda

    Knowing Your Mazda Security takes many forms and is very important to owner and occupants. Section 3 describes the safe way to use your Mazda: keys, locks, windows and interior lighting. Q005-1A2E Keys 3- 2 Door Locks 3- 4 Keyless Entry System...

  • Page 67

    • Expose the key to any kind of Key code number plate Key code number plate magnetic field. • Expose the key to high Your Mazda has two kinds of keys: temperatures on places such as primary and secondary. the dashboard or hood, under direct sunlight.

  • Page 68

    • Metal objects that touch or pass If your key is lost, consult your Trunk through the hole in the key. Authorized Mazda Dealer with the code number ready. If you must leave your vehicle with another person, such as a parking...

  • Page 69: Door Locks

    Knowing Your Mazda n007-1A1E Door Locks WARNING Turn the key toward the front to J94A2003 unlock, toward the back to lock. Keys and Children: Leaving small children in a vehicle with the ignition key is Unlock dangerous. This could result in someone being badly injured or even killed.

  • Page 70

    Knowing Your Mazda n007-8DE 007–20AE 007-9BE Front door Rear door NOTE When locking the doors this way, be careful not to leave the key inside the vehicle. Lock Lock J94A2004_a J94A2005_a M Locking without key To lock a rear door, push the inside lock button and close the door.

  • Page 71

    Knowing Your Mazda n007-2A1E n007-3E3E J94A2006 WARNING NOTE Unattended Children and Pets: Always remove the key from the Leaving a child or an animal ignition switch, close all windows, unattended in a parked vehicle is and lock all doors when leaving dangerous.

  • Page 72

    Knowing Your Mazda n007-10A1E n007-4A2E nnQ007-18DE J94A2008 WARNING J94A2007 Lock Unlocked Doors: Unlock Unlocked doors in a moving vehicle can be dangerous. Passengers can fall out if a door is accidentally opened and can more easily be thrown out in an accident.

  • Page 73

    Knowing Your Mazda n007-7FE J94A2009 WARNING NOTE Keys and Children: Always remove the key from the Leaving small children in a ignition switch, close all windows, vehicle with the ignition key is and lock all doors when leaving Unlock dangerous. This could result in your vehicle unattended.

  • Page 74: Keyless Entry System

    Knowing Your Mazda nQ118-5BE n118-6BE Keyless Entry System* If you slide the child safety lock to the This system locks and unlocks the NOTE lock position before closing that door, doors and opens the trunk. • The keyless entry system is the door cannot be opened from the inside.

  • Page 75

    Knowing Your Mazda n118-8CE n118-9GE 118-7BE M Lock button (Keyless entry NOTE Unlock button system) Lock button This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules and with To lock all the doors, press the LOCK RSS-210 of Industry Canada.

  • Page 76

    UNLOCK button again within 5 facing upward. Battery leakage obtained at an Authorized could occur if it is not installed seconds. Mazda Dealer. Up to 3 correctly. #Q118-12BE additional transmitters can be Trunk button (Keyless entry • When replacing the battery, be...

  • Page 77

    If your transmitter is lost or stolen, gently pry open the transmitter. bring all remaining transmitters to an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as 2. Pull the battery out. possible for a replacement and to make the lost or stolen transmitter inoperative.

  • Page 78: Power Windows

    Knowing Your Mazda nQ008-1GE n#Q008-2A1E Power Windows* J94A2064 I One-Touch Power Window Left front window Close (Driver’s Window Only) Left rear window Open When the switch is pressed firmly, the window will move to its fully open position. To stop the window partway, lift the switch.

  • Page 79

    Knowing Your Mazda Q008-3AE Q008-4E2E J94A2013 WARNING With the lock switch in the locked position, only the driver’s window can Lock Closing Power Windows: be operated. Closing power windows can be dangerous. A person’s hands, WARNING head, or even neck could be caught by the window and result in serious injury.

  • Page 80: Trunk Lid

    Knowing Your Mazda nQ008-5AE nnQ010-1A2E Trunk Lid J94A2014 CAUTION To prevent burning out the fuse Open and damaging the power window system, don’t open or close more Close than two windows at once. Open Q008-7A1E WARNING J94A2015 Children Playing with Power...

  • Page 81

    Knowing Your Mazda nQ010-2A1E Q010-3BE WARNING To close, push the lid down until the lock snaps shut. Don’t slam it. Open Trunk and Exhaust Gas: Then pull up on it to make sure it’s Exhaust gas in the cabin of a vehicle is dangerous.

  • Page 82

    Unlock with the remote trunk lid release. Lock If you must leave your Mazda with another person, such as a parking attendant, protect valuables in the trunk by locking the rear seat backs and trunk. Give the other person only...

  • Page 83: Trunk Release Handle

    Knowing Your Mazda N178-1AE Trunk Release Handle WARNING Your vehicle is equipped with a trunk release handle that provides a means Open Trunk Lid and Children: of escape for children and adults in the event they become locked inside the...

  • Page 84

    Knowing Your Mazda WARNING The ‘‘T” shaped handle is located on the inside of the trunk lid. Unattended Children and Pets: Leaving children or animals unattended in a parked vehicle is dangerous. Babies left sleeping and kids who lock themselves in cars or trunks can die very quickly from heat prostration.

  • Page 85: Hood Release

    Knowing Your Mazda nn013-1AE Hood Release CAUTION Always keep the handle firmly attached to the holder and in the recessed position. Not securing the handle this way could allow it to snag luggage in the trunk and open the trunk lid.

  • Page 86

    Knowing Your Mazda n013-3A1E 013-2BE J94A2019 To close the hood: Support rod • Check under the hood area to make certain all filler caps are in place Safety catch and all loose items (e.g. tools, oil Clip containers, etc.) have been removed.

  • Page 87: Immobilizer System

    If any of these occur, contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. 3-22 *Some models. Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 88

    Go to an Authorized a mobile telephone, could Mazda Dealer and have it interfere with your immobilizer checked. If you shut off the system. If you are using the...

  • Page 89

    Knowing Your Mazda • If you lose a key, an Authorized immediately after it starts. NOTE Mazda Dealer will reset the • The keys carry a unique electronic codes of your electronic code. For this reason, remaining keys and the...

  • Page 90

    To avoid damage to the key, do When starting the engine, do not not: let the following materials touch Mazda cannot guarantee the system’s • Drop the key. the key grip. The engine may not operation if the system has been •...

  • Page 91: Theft-deterrent System

    Knowing Your Mazda nnQ096-19AE nn096-3AE nnQ096-4D2E Theft-Deterrent System* I Operation The optional theft-deterrent system is The system won’t function unless it’s designed to prevent your vehicle or its properly armed. contents from being stolen when all of So when you leave your vehicle: What turns it on: •...

  • Page 92

    Knowing Your Mazda #096-8AE I How to Arm the System NOTE When it is triggered, the warning lights and horn will activate. They will The alarm will activate about 15 shut off when: 1. Remove the ignition key. seconds after a door has been nQ096-9GE •...

  • Page 93

    Knowing Your Mazda n096-12AE n096-14C1E J94A2008A J94S3001 Lock J94S3002 I To Turn off an Armed System The following method will also arm 3. The turn signal lights flash for the theft-deterrent system. about 2 seconds, then the security Close the hood and the trunk lid. Press...

  • Page 94

    Knowing Your Mazda nQ096-16I1E 096-18AE I To Stop the Warning Alarm key into the ignition and turn it to the ON position. If it takes longer than 15 seconds the alarm will sound. A triggered alarm can be turned off by...

  • Page 95: Fuel-filler Lid, Fuel-filler Cap

    Knowing Your Mazda n015-1DE 014-2BE Fuel-Filler Lid Fuel-Filler Cap J94A2023 Mazda recommends that you affix them to the lower rear corner of the front door windows. Open Close J25F2040 • To remove the filler cap, turn it To open, pull the remote fuel-filler lid release up.

  • Page 96

    Fuel Vapor: Always use only a designated Fuel spray is dangerous. Fuel can Fuel vapor is dangerous. It could Mazda fuel cap or an approved burn skin and eyes and cause be ignited by sparks or flames; equivalent, available at Authorized illness when ingested.

  • Page 97: Steering Wheel

    Contact an dangerous. Moving it up and I Tilt Wheel Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon down can very easily cause the as possible. driver to abruptly turn to the left or right. This can lead to loss of...

  • Page 98

    Knowing Your Mazda 022-2HE 023-1A1E 023-3FE Mirrors Outside mirror I Outside Mirrors J94A2053 J94A2054 Check the mirrors’ angles before driving. n023-2C1E WARNING Convex Mirror on Passenger Side: Changing lanes without taking into account the actual distance I Horn M Manual control mirror of the vehicle in the convex mirror is dangerous.

  • Page 99: Rear Window Defroster Switch (page

    Knowing Your Mazda n023-4IE 023-6BE J94A4036 Mirror adjusting switch To adjust: 1. Rotate the mirror adjusting switch to the left or right to choose the mirror. 2. Depress the switch in the appropriate direction. J94A2055 After adjusting the mirror, lock the...

  • Page 100

    Knowing Your Mazda n023-7B1E View from above Push the lever forward for day driving. Pull it back to reduce glare from headlights. J94A2056 Stay Side view Day/Night lever Stay J94A2057 Night I Rearview Mirror (With Day/Night Function) NOTE Before driving, adjust the rearview...

  • Page 101

    Knowing Your Mazda nn024-1M2E Sunroof* WARNING J25A2049 Slide switch Blocked View: Cargo stacked higher than the seatbacks can be dangerous. It can block your view in the rearview mirror, which might Open cause you to hit another car when changing lanes. Don’t stack...

  • Page 102

    Knowing Your Mazda n024-2A1E WARNING To close, push the front of the tilt switch. Extending the Head or Arms Through the Sunroof: Extending the head, arms, or other parts of the body through the sunroof is dangerous. The Tilt up head or arms could hit something while the vehicle is moving.

  • Page 103

    024-5A1E J94A2059 WARNING NOTE Closing the Sunroof: After washing your Mazda or after A closing sunroof can be a rain, wipe the water off the dangerous. The hands, head, or sunroof before operating it. even neck of a person - especially a child - could be caught in it as it closes, causing serious injury.

  • Page 104: Interior Light

    Knowing Your Mazda #025-1AE n025-2IE Interior Light The sunshade opens automatically NOTE when the sunroof is opened, but must DOOR When the switch is in the DOOR be closed by hand. position, the interior light comes 024-6A1E on for: CAUTION •...

  • Page 105: Map Lights

    Knowing Your Mazda nn026-1BE Map Lights With sunroof Without sunroof ON position. J94S3005 • the door is locked by the transmitter or the door lock switch. When the interior light comes on by opening a door, it goes out Map light...

  • Page 106: Trunk Light, Courtesy Lights

    Knowing Your Mazda Q027-1AE Trunk Light Courtesy Lights J94S1004 J94A2061 Courtesy light The trunk light is on when the lid is Lights on when any door is open. open and off when it’s closed. 3-41 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 107: Protecting Your Mazda

    Protecting Your Mazda Most people like to save money. With an automobile, that can be done in several ways from its first day of operation. Probably tops on the list of cost-efficiency is using the right kind of fuel and using that fuel conservatively.

  • Page 108: Fuel Requirements

    U.S. federal law requires that octane Your Mazda will perform best with Your Mazda will perform best with ratings be posted on gasoline station regular unleaded fuel having an octane premium unleaded fuel having an pumps.

  • Page 109

    Protecting Your Mazda nn031-2A3E CAUTION CAUTION Gasoline blended with oxygenates such as alcohol or ether compounds NEVER USE LEADED FUEL. Your vehicle can only use are generally referred to as oxygenated It is harmful to the catalytic fuels. The common gasoline blend that oxygenated fuels containing no converter.

  • Page 110: Emission Control System

    Never add cleaning agents other Mazda warranty. enables your vehicle to comply with than those specified by Mazda. U.S. exhaust emissions requirements. Other cleaning agents and 1) Gasohol containing more than additives may damage the system.

  • Page 111

    Never park over or near FUEL. by a qualified technician. anything inflammable. • Don’t drive your Mazda with • Don’t try to push-start or any sign of engine malfunction. pull-start your vehicle. • Don’t coast with the ignition switch turned off.

  • Page 112: Engine Exhaust

    Loss of consciousness or even windows fully open and contact enclosed area. death could occur. Open the an Authorized Mazda Dealer windows or adjust the heating or immediately. cooling system to draw fresh air. Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 113: Before Driving

    Protecting Your Mazda #034-2AE 034-1AE Before Driving I Before Getting In WARNING NOTE • Be sure the windows, outside Snow Blocking the Exhaust Gas: Engine oil, engine coolant, Running the engine when a mirror(s), and outside lights are brake/clutch fluid, washer fluid,...

  • Page 114: Break-in Period

    Protecting Your Mazda n035-1AE Q034-3BE Break-In Period I After Getting In • Release the parking brake and No special break-in is necessary, but a make sure the brake warning light few precautions in the first 1,000 km • Are all doors closed and locked? goes off.

  • Page 115: Money-saving Suggestions

    036-1AE Money-Saving Suggestions • Slow down on rough roads. WARNING How you operate your Mazda determines how far it will travel on a • Keep the tires properly inflated. Coasting: tank of fuel. Use these suggestions to help save money on fuel and repairs.

  • Page 116: Special Driving Conditions

    Protecting Your Mazda n037-1CE 037-3A1E Special Driving Conditions I Hazardous Driving • For more traction in starting, use WARNING sand, rock salt, chains, carpeting, or Downshifting on Slippery When driving on ice or in water, snow, other nonslip material under the mud, sand, or similar hazard: front wheels.

  • Page 117

    Protecting Your Mazda n037-4A1E 037-6A1E I Rocking the Vehicle WARNING CAUTION Spinning the Wheels: Too much rocking may cause If you must rock the vehicle to free it from snow, sand, or mud, depress the When the vehicle is stuck,...

  • Page 118

    Protecting Your Mazda nQ037-7IE n037-8H1E I Winter Driving • Use washer fluid made with M Snow tires antifreeze—but don’t use engine • Carry emergency gear, including coolant antifreeze for washer fluid Your vehicle is originally equipped tire chains, window scraper, flares, (page 8-33).

  • Page 119

    Protecting Your Mazda n037-9A5E M Tire chains WARNING 3. Retighten the chains after driving 1/2-1 km (1/4-1/2 mile). Mixing Tire Types: Check local regulations before using Using tires different in size or type tire chains. is dangerous. Your vehicle’s handling could be greatly affected Install the chains on the front tires.

  • Page 120

    Protecting Your Mazda n037-10AE • Don’t use chains on the CAUTION I Driving in Flooded Areas temporary tire; it may result in • Chains may scratch or chip damage to the vehicle and to aluminum wheels. Install tire the tire.

  • Page 121

    037-11AE 038-1AE I Trailer Towing I Overloading WARNING Driving with Wet Brakes: Never tow a trailer with your Mazda. WARNING Driving with wet brakes is dangerous. Increased stopping distance or the vehicle pulling to Vehicle Load Weight: one side when braking could The gross axle weight rating result in a serious accident.

  • Page 122: Vehicle Information Labels

    Protecting Your Mazda n040-1A1E Vehicle Information Labels Vehicle Identification Number Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Vehicle Emission Control Label Information Label J94A3002 J94A3003 J94A3001 The vehicle identification number legally identifies your vehicle. The number is on a plate attached to the left top side of the dashboard.

  • Page 123

    Protecting Your Mazda Chassis Number Engine number J94A3007+3008 (J18T3004+3005) J94A3004 2.0-liter engine 2.5-liter engine 4-17 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 124

    Protecting Your Mazda Tire Pressure Label J94A3005 4-18 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 125: Driving Your Mazda

    Driving Your Mazda Operating your vehicle requires a good understanding of the many controls you must know and use. Section 5 describes all this in step-by-step information from use of the ignition switch to cruise control and braking. nQ041-1B1E Also highlighted are the gearshift and shifting modes, power steering, instruments and gauges, warnings and indicators, windshield wipers, and interior features.

  • Page 126: Ignition Switch Positions

    Driving Your Mazda n042-1CE Ignition Switch Positions J94S5001 J94A4001A I ACC (Accessory) Without immobilizer With immobilizer system system The steering wheel unlocks and some electrical accessories will operate. I LOCK The steering wheel locks to protect against theft. Only in this position can the key be removed.

  • Page 127

    Driving Your Mazda n042-3FE n042-4AE 042-2DE J94S.J94A4004 NOTE If turning the key is difficult, jiggle the steering wheel from side to side. ON(II) ON(II) n042-5BE ACC(I) ACC(I) WARNING Shift lever Push the key engaged in P LOCK(0) LOCK(0) J94A4003 (park) Removing the Key: It’s dangerous to remove the key...

  • Page 128: Starting The Engine

    Driving Your Mazda nQ042-6EE nQ043-8AE 042-7A1E Starting the Engine WARNING NOTE 1. Occupants should fasten their seat belts. Not Setting the Parking Brake: If the ignition switch is in the Leaving the driver’s seat without LOCK or ACC position, a beep 2.

  • Page 129

    Driving Your Mazda n043-9B1E n043-10BE n043-4HE 4. (Manual transaxle) NOTE 5. Turn the ignition switch to the START position and hold (up to 10 The starter will not operate... Depress the clutch pedal all the seconds at a time) until the engine way and shift into neutral.

  • Page 130

    Driving Your Mazda 043-2EE 6. After starting the engine, let it idle NOTE 2. Turn the ignition switch to the for about 10 seconds. START position and hold it Whether cold or warm, the engine there—for up to 10 seconds. If the...

  • Page 131: Manual Transaxle Operation

    Driving Your Mazda 044-1AE 044-2A1E Manual Transaxle Operation A safety feature prevents accidental NOTE shifting from 5 to R. The shift lever • Make sure the vehicle is must be put in neutral before being shifted to R. stopped before shifting to R.

  • Page 132

    Driving Your Mazda #044-3AE I Recommendations for Shifting For cruising, we recommend these stalling and gives better acceleration shift points. when you need more speed. M Upshifting On a steep downgrade, downshifting 2.0-liter engine 2.5-liter engine For normal acceleration, we...

  • Page 133: Driving Your Mazda, Automatic Transaxle Controls

    Driving Your Mazda 045-1AE Automatic Transaxle I Automatic Transaxle Controls J94S.J94A4006_a+7 Lock-release button Shift lever To prevent unsafe shifting Overdrive button For selecting either a three-speed or four-speed transaxle Overdrive (O/D) OFF Shift pattern indicator indicator Shows shift lever position...

  • Page 134

    Driving Your Mazda n045-2AE nQ045-3A4E I Transaxle Ranges M P (Park) CAUTION • Shifting into P or R while the The shift lever must be at P or N to P locks the transaxle and prevents the operate the starter.

  • Page 135

    Driving Your Mazda n045-4AE n045-14A1E M R (Reverse) M 2 (Second) WARNING Shifting from N or P: In position R, the vehicle moves only The 2 position is helpful when driving backward. You must be at a complete It’s dangerous to shift from N or...

  • Page 136

    Driving Your Mazda n045-15BE M 1 (Low) I Driving Tips 2. Shift to D or 1 depending on the load weight and grade steepness. M Passing Use the 1 position for maximum power in hard-pulling situations, or for 3. Release all brakes while gradually...

  • Page 137

    Driving Your Mazda n045-16B1E But to increase engine braking, don’t To turn off the overdrive, push the use overdrive when going down a button. steep grade. The transaxle will then shift through a three-gear sequence in D. And for a smoother ride with less shifting, don’t use it when...

  • Page 138

    Shift patterns with overdrive: flashes, the transaxle has an electrical problem. Continuing to D = 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th drive your Mazda in this 2 = 2nd (1st, 2nd) coondition could cause damage to 1 = 1st your transaxle. Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon (2.5-liter engine only)

  • Page 139

    Driving Your Mazda n045-11JE I Shift-Lock System NOTE • When the ignition switch is in For your safety, the automatic transaxle has a shift-lock, which the LOCK position, the transaxle cannot be shifted prevents shifting out of P unless the brake pedal is depressed.

  • Page 140

    Driving Your Mazda 114-1A1E Traction Control System (TCS)* WARNING WARNING The Traction Control System (TCS) enhances traction and safety by TCS and Unsafe Driving: TCS and Snow and Ice: regulating engine torque. When the TCS detects driving wheel slippage, it...

  • Page 141

    If the light stays on, • In addition to the TCS warning take your vehicle to an Authorized Mazda Dealer. The traction control light flashing, a slight lugging sound will come from the system may have a malfunction.

  • Page 142

    Driving Your Mazda n114-3AE J94A4011 It also comes on when you switch off the traction control system or when the system has a malfunction. NOTE After starting the engine on very cold days, the TCS OFF indicator J94A4012 will remain on and the system will...

  • Page 143: Brake System

    I Foot Brake WARNING NOTE • If the TCS is off when the Driving with the Engine Off: Your Mazda has power-assisted brakes engine is turned off, it that adjust automatically through Continuing to drive when the automatically activates when engine is stalled or turned off is normal use.

  • Page 144

    Driving Your Mazda 047-2A1E J94A4013 WARNING WARNING (J18Y4021) Riding the Brakes: Driving with Wet Brakes: Driving with your foot Driving with wet brakes is continuously on the brake pedal dangerous. Increased stopping or steadily applying the brakes for distance or the vehicle pulling to long distances is dangerous.

  • Page 145

    Driving Your Mazda Q047-3A1E J94A4014 When you hear this noise, consult an pedal; then lower the handle to the Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as release position while holding the Parking brake possible. button in. Release the pedal when it’s handle safe to do so.

  • Page 146

    Authorized The driver will feel a slight vibration in the brake pedal and may hear a Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. chattering noise from the brake I Brake System Warning Light system. This is normal when the ABS operates.

  • Page 147

    Driving Your Mazda WARNING NOTE NOTE Braking distances may be longer ABS: When the engine is jump-started, on loose surfaces (snow or gravel, The ABS cannot compensate for an unevenness of rpm occurs and for example) which usually have a unsafe and reckless driving, the ABS warning light comes on.

  • Page 148: Power Steering, Cruise Control

    If you find steering hard in normal • Heavy or unsteady traffic driving, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. • Slippery or winding roads • Similar restrictions that CAUTION...

  • Page 149

    Driving Your Mazda n049-2F1E n049-3AE n049-12AE J94A4017_2001 J94A4018 WARNING CRUISE MAIN switch Cruise Main Switch: Leaving the CRUISE MAIN switch on when not using the cruise control is dangerous as it may be switched on accidently. This could result in loss of vehicle control.

  • Page 150

    Driving Your Mazda n049-4F1E n049-6A3E J94A4019 RESUME/ I To Cancel 3. Press the SET/COAST button and (J18T4016) ACCEL release it at the speed you want. button Release the accelerator at the same To turn off the system, use one of SET/ time.

  • Page 151

    Driving Your Mazda n049-7A1E • Accelereate to the desired speed, NOTE then press SET/COAST switch and Cruise control will cancel at release. approximately 15 km/h (9 mph) below the preset speed or below 40 Your vehicle has a “tap-up” feature km/h (25 mph).

  • Page 152

    Driving Your Mazda n049-9A1E 049-8AE J94A4021 I Accelerating with Cruise Control current speed in decrements of 1.6 (J18T4018) km/h (1 mph) by a momentary tap of the SET/COAST switch. Multiple taps Accelerate if you want to speed up will decrease your vehicle speed 1.6 temporarily when the cruise control is km/h (1 mph) for each tap.

  • Page 153

    Driving Your Mazda n049-10A4E J94A4022 RESUME/ACCEL switch is pressed. (J18T4019) If vehicle speed is below 40 km/h (25 mph), increase the vehicle speed up to 40 km/h (25 mph) and press the RESUME/ACCEL switch. n049-11FE NOTE With an automatic transaxle...

  • Page 154: Instrument Cluster

    Driving Your Mazda 050-1AE Instrument Cluster Speedometer Turn signal indicator Turn signal indicator Tachometer Warning and indicator lights Warning and indicator lights Fuel gauge Water temperature gauge Odometer and Trip meter Odometer/Trip meter selector J94S5002 5-30 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 155

    Driving Your Mazda n051-1AE n051-2IE Gauges I Speedometer J94A4023 Odometer/Trip meter The display mode can be changed selector from odometer to trip meter A to trip The speedometer shows speed in miles meter B and then back to odometer by and kilometers per hour.

  • Page 156

    Driving Your Mazda Trip meter A For instance, trip meter A can record the distance from the point of origin, and trip meter B can record the distance from where the fuel tank is filled. When trip meter A is selected,...

  • Page 157

    Driving Your Mazda 051-4AE CAUTION Use this meter to measure trip Normal range distances and to compute fuel Driving with an overheated engine consumption. can cause serious engine damage (page 6-2). NOTE • Only the trip meters record tenths of kilometers (miles).

  • Page 158

    Driving Your Mazda 051-5EE 051-7B1E ➀ 2.0-liter engine Use it while selecting shift points and ➁ 2.5-liter engine to prevent lugging and overrevving (page 5-8). Warning light 051-8AE ➀ ➁ CAUTION Don’t run the engine with the zone tachometer needle in the RED...

  • Page 159: Dashboard Illumination, Warning Lights/beeps

    ON position with the engine off and the parking brake on. Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer about any light that doesn’t come on. J94A4028 If the brake system warning light is off when the ignition switch is in the...

  • Page 160

    Driving Your Mazda nQ053-2GE I Brake System Warning If it stays on: 4. After adding fluid, check the light Light again. BRAKE 1. Be sure the parking brake is fully This warning has two functions. released. If the warning light remains on, or...

  • Page 161

    Driving Your Mazda n053-4HE n053-5CE I Seat Belt Warning I Charging System WARNING Warning Light Light/Beep Brake Warning Light: Driving with the brake system If the driver’s seat belt is not fastened This warning light indicates a warning light on is dangerous. It...

  • Page 162

    3. If it’s OK, the charging system has 3. Check the light. Warning Light a problem. Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. If the light remains on even after This warning light indicates low you add oil, have your vehicle 053-6AE engine oil pressure.

  • Page 163

    If this light comes on while driving, problem. consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. the vehicle may have a problem. It is • A ROOM fuse blows or is important to note the driving conditions when the light came on and removed.

  • Page 164

    NOTE continuously, decrease your speed and (ABS) Warning Light* When the engine is jump-started to consult an Authorizd Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. The warning light stays on for a few charge the battery, uneven rpm occurs and the ABS warning light...

  • Page 165

    Dealer perform all servicing and one of these occur, consult an the ignition is turned to the start Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as repairs. position. The light will go out when possible. The system may not work in the engine starts.

  • Page 166

    If the ignition switch is in the LOCK of these occur, contact an Authorized or ACC position, a beep will sound This light indicates one of two things: Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. when any door is opened. • The high-beam headlights are on. 053-19FE...

  • Page 167

    TCS OFF indicator electrical problem. Continuing to light will come on. If it comes on drive your Mazda in this while you’re driving, consult an coondition could cause damage to Authorized Mazda Dealer.

  • Page 168: Lighting Control And Turn Signals

    Driving Your Mazda n054-1C1E n054-2KE Lighting Control and Turn Signals M Lights-on reminder The first stop ( ) turns on the taillights, dashboard lights, parking Second stop lights, and license plate lights. If lights are on and the key is removed...

  • Page 169

    Driving Your Mazda 054-4AE 054-5AE The high-beam indicator light on the High beams dashboard is blue. Low beams J94A4030 J94A4031 M Headlight high-low beam M Flashing the headlights Push the lever forward for high beams. To flash the headlights, pull the lever Pull it back for low.

  • Page 170

    Driving Your Mazda 054-6AE M Lane-change signals Green indicators on the dashboard Right lane Right turn show which signal is working. change Move the lever slightly toward the If the indicator light continues to flash direction of the change—until the after a turn, manually return the lever indicator flashes—and hold it there.

  • Page 171

    Driving Your Mazda 055-1IE 055-2CE Windshield Wipers and Washer Turn the wipers on by pulling the lever down. — Intermittent — Normal — Fast J94A4033 J94A4052 I Windshield Wipers M Variable-speed intermittent wipers* The ignition switch must be in the ON position.

  • Page 172

    For a single wiping cycle, push the on the switch and the blades The ignition switch must be in the ON lever up to MIST. should operate normally. If they position. don’t, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. 5-48 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 173: Rear Window Defroster

    If the washer doesn’t work, inspect the dangerous. The washer fluid could freeze on the windshield fluid level (page 8-33). If it’s OK, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. and block your vision. You could have an accident. Don’t use the washer without first warming the windshield.

  • Page 174

    Driving Your Mazda n057-2B1E Push the switch to turn on the rear NOTE NOTE window defroster; the indicator light • When the switch is turned on, This defroster is not designed for will come on. the defroster comes on for melting snow.

  • Page 175

    ACC or To prevent accessory socket ON position. damage or electrical failure, pay attention to the following; Only use genuine Mazda accessories or the equivalent requiring no greater • Don’t use accessories that than 12V—10A. Clock require more than 12V—10A.

  • Page 176

    Driving Your Mazda J94S5020 NOTE The front accessory socket can be used for a lighter. To prevent discharging the battery, don’t use the socket for long If a lighter is needed, one can be periods with the engine off or purchased from your Authorized idling.

  • Page 177

    Driving Your Mazda Cap slot, closed CAUTION • If you use a lighter, overheating may occur when the lighter J94S5016 doesn’t pop out within 30 Cap slot, opened seconds. • Don’t use a lighter in the rear accessory socket. J94S5006 I Rear Accessory Socket When placing an electrical device (e.g.

  • Page 178

    Driving Your Mazda Cord Release catch 45° 45° J94S5017 J94S5018 J94S5019 1. Using a coin, turn the cap 2. Open the tray by pulling the release 4. Make sure the plug cord is running counterclockwise (about 45° from catch. through the cap slot, reinstall the the closed position) and remove it.

  • Page 179: Glove Box

    Driving Your Mazda 061-1DE Glove Box Unlock WARNING Open Glove Box: Lock J94A4040 An open glove box can be dangerous while the vehicle is moving. To reduce the possibility of injury in an accident or a sudden stop, keep the glove box closed while the vehicle is moving.

  • Page 180: Cup Holders

    Driving Your Mazda n063-1KE 063-2BE Cup Holders WARNING J94S5008 Using the Cup Holder: Using the cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. If the contents spill, you could be scalded. Never use the cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving.

  • Page 181: Storage Compartments

    Driving Your Mazda n062-1HE Storage Compartments J94S5015_H WARNING Open Storage Box: Driving with a storage box open is dangerous. To reduce the possibility of injury in an accident or a sudden stop, keep the storage boxes closed when driving. J94S5009...

  • Page 182

    Driving Your Mazda J94A4050A J94S5022 Release catch J94S5011 I Storage Pocket* I Center Pocket I Center Console Box To open, push the release catch down To open, push the release catch down To open the center console box, pull and pull the lid downward.

  • Page 183

    Driving Your Mazda Q066-1A1E Sunvisors Sunvisor J94S5013 J94S5010 J94S5023 I Rear Armrest Box* Small items can be pleced in the tray When you need a sunvisor, lower it for of the center console lid. use in front or swing it to the side.

  • Page 184: Vanity Mirrors, Climate Control System

    Driving Your Mazda nQ067-1GE nQ067-1GE Vanity Mirrors* Climate Control System I Operating Tips Type A Type B Cover Cover M Operating the climate control system Operate the climate control system with the engine running. M Foggy windows Vanity mirror Vanity mirror...

  • Page 185

    Lack of sunlight during hot weather, open the refrigerant may make the air windows to let warm air escape, then conditioner less efficient. Consult an run the climate control system. Authorized Mazda Dealer for refrigerant inspection. 5-61 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 186

    Driving Your Mazda I Vent Locations and Airflow J94AAC01 5-62 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 187

    Driving Your Mazda M Selecting the airflow mode When you want air When you want air When you want air When you want air When you want to to the face. to the face and the mainly to the floor.

  • Page 188

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE Louver Open When using the air conditioner, mist may come out from the vents. This is not a sign of trouble but a result of humid air being suddenly cooled. Close Knob J94AAC02 J94AAC03 M Directing airflow...

  • Page 189: Control Panel

    Driving Your Mazda I Control Panel Fan control dial (page 5-66) Temperature control dial (page 5-66) Mode selector switch (page 5-68) Mode selector switch (page 5-68) Air intake selector switch (page 5-67) Air conditioner switch* (page 5-69) J94S5124 5-65 *Some models.

  • Page 190

    Driving Your Mazda This dial allows variable fan speeds. — Fan off — Low speed — Medium low speed — Medium high speed — High speed Cold J94AAC10 J94AAC11 M Fan control dial M Temperature control dial This dial controls temperature of the air coming through the system.

  • Page 191

    Driving Your Mazda Press the switch to alternate between Recirculated air position: Indicator light the two positions. The indicator light illuminates when the recirculated air This position recirculates air within position is selected. the vehicle. Don’t use the recirculated air position for long...

  • Page 192

    Driving Your Mazda WARNING NOTE • Clear all snow and ice from the The Recirculated Air Position: Using the recirculated air position hood and the air inlet in the in cold weather will cause the cowling grille to improve glass to fog up. Your vision will be...

  • Page 193

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE J94S5125_a The air conditioner may not function when the outside temperature is too cold. NOTE J94AAC14 • The optional air conditioner is filled with R134a, a refrigerant M Air conditioner switch M Ventilation that will not damage the ozone (With air conditioner)* layer.

  • Page 194

    Driving Your Mazda J94S5126 3. Set the temperature control dial to 3. Set the temperature control dial to the desired position. the hot position. 4. Set the fan control dial to the 4. Set the fan control dial to the desired speed.

  • Page 195

    Driving Your Mazda J94S5127 If cooler air is desired at face level, set 3. Set the air intake selector switch to the mode selector switch at the the either position. position and adjust the temperature 4. Set the temperature control dial to control dial to maintain maximum the desired position.

  • Page 196

    Driving Your Mazda CAUTION NOTE If warmer air is desired at floor level, set the mode selector switch at the When maximum cooling is When using the air conditioner position and adjust the desired, set the temperature control while driving up long hills or in...

  • Page 197

    Driving Your Mazda 3. Set the fan control dial to the NOTE J94S5125_b desired speed. • When the mode selector switch is set to , the WARNING outside air position is selected automatically. The air intake Foggy Windshield: selector switch cannot be...

  • Page 198

    Driving Your Mazda 1. Set the temperature control dial at a J94S5125_c comfortable position. 2. Set the mode selector switch to the desired position. 3. Set the air intake selector switch at the either position. J94AAC16 4. Turn on the air conditioner.

  • Page 199: Radio Reception

    Driving Your Mazda Radio Reception J18Y4136 AD airflow can manually be adjusted by signals. Because of this, two stations the thumb wheel. may sometimes be picked up on the Ionosphere same frequency at the same time. NOTE When the switch is turned on, the...

  • Page 200

    Driving Your Mazda J18Y4138 AD Because of extra coding needed to FM Station Ionosphere break the sound into two channels, stereo FM has even less range than AM wave wave monaural (nonstereo) FM. 40—50 km (25—30 miles) FM wave J18Y4137 AD 100—200 km (60—120 miles)

  • Page 201

    Driving Your Mazda Atmospheric conditions can also affect This condition may also be FM reception. High humidity will encountered when in close proximity cause poor reception. However, cloudy to the transmitter. days may provide better reception than Reflected clear days.

  • Page 202

    Driving Your Mazda When a vehicle passes through such an area, the reception conditions may change suddenly, resulting in annoying noise. J18Y4141 AD J18Y4140 AD M Flutter/Skip noise M Weak signal noise Signals from an FM transmitter move In some areas, broadcast signals...

  • Page 203

    Driving Your Mazda Station 1 Station 2 88.1 MHz 88.3 MHz J18Y4142 AD J18Y4143 AD M Strong signal noise M Station drift noise This occurs very close to a transmitter When a vehicle reaches the area of two tower. The broadcast signals are...

  • Page 204: Safety Certification

    Safety Certification • Changes or modifications not CAUTION This CD player is made and tested to expressly approved by Mazda meet exacting safety standards. • This CD player should not be may void the user’s authority to It meets FCC requirements and...

  • Page 205

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE NOTE For CD player section: This equipment has been tested This device complies with part 15 and found to comply with the of the FCC Rules. Operation is limits for a Class B digital device, subject to the following two...

  • Page 206: Am/fm Radio With Compact Disc Player

    Driving Your Mazda N068-1NE AM/FM Radio with Compact Disc Player* 07L032–002B Disc in indicator Band selector buttons /Cassette tape play button* CD eject button CD play button Clock button Seek tuning/Track up/ APC button* Display Scan/Hour set button Seek tuning/Track down/...

  • Page 207

    Driving Your Mazda N068-1NE AM/FM Radio with Cassette Tape and Compact Disc Player*/Changer (In-Dash CD Changer)* 07L032–002 Disc in indicator Band selector buttons MD/Cassette tape play button CD eject button CD play button Clock button Load button (Only in-dash CD changer)

  • Page 208

    Driving Your Mazda Press the power/volume knob to turn the audio system on. Press the power/volume knob again to turn the audio system off. Decrease Increase NOTE To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not leave the audio 76Y032-005...

  • Page 209

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE About 5 seconds after selecting any mode, the volume function will be automatically selected. To reset bass, treble, fade, and balance, press and hold the audio control knob for 2 seconds. The unit will beep and “CL” will be displayed.

  • Page 210

    Driving Your Mazda Bass control Mid-range control Treble control To adjust the bass, select BASS by To adjust the mid-range, select MID To adjust the treble, select TREB by pressing the audio control knob. by pressing the audio control knob.

  • Page 211

    Driving Your Mazda Fader control Balance control To adjust the sound distribution To adjust the sound distribution between front and rear speakers, select between left and right speakers, select FADE by pressing the audio control BAL by pressing the audio control knob.

  • Page 212

    Driving Your Mazda 1. To adjust the time, press the clock NOTE button for about 2 seconds until a If the power supply to the unit is beep is heard. Hour set interrupted (if the fuse blows or the vehicle’s battery is 2.

  • Page 213

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE If the time is not adjusted while the clock’s current time is flashing (if neither the H nor M is pressed), and the clock button is pressed a second time, the minutes will be set to 00. If the clock’s current...

  • Page 214

    Driving Your Mazda M Radio ON NOTE If audio operation is selected while Press the AM or FM1/2 button to turn the clock mode is on, selected the radio on. audio mode will be displayed for 10 seconds, then the display will revert to the clock mode.

  • Page 215

    Driving Your Mazda M Band selection M Tuning Select AM by pressing the AM button The radio has the following tuning and FM1 or FM2 by pressing the methods: Manual, Seek, Scan, Preset FM1/2 button. channel, and Auto memory tuning.

  • Page 216

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE If you continue to press and hold the button, the frequency will Higher frequency continue changing without stopping. Lower frequency 76Y032-017 76Y032-020 Seek tuning Scan tuning Pressing the seek tuning button will Press the scan button to automatically cause the tuner to seek a higher or sample strong stations.

  • Page 217

    Driving Your Mazda To set a channel first select AM, FM1, NOTE or FM2. Tune to the station you want If the power supply is interrupted and depress a channel preset button for about 2 seconds until a beep is heard.

  • Page 218

    Driving Your Mazda Press and hold the auto memory NOTE button for about 2 seconds until a beep If no stations can be tuned after is heard; the system will automatically scan and temporarily store the six scanning operations, “A” will be displayed.

  • Page 219

    Driving Your Mazda I Operating the Cassette Tape NOTE Player Press the power/volume knob again to listen to the frequency last To operate the cassette tape player, tuned to. turn the ignition switch to the ACC or ON position. M Cassette tape insert...

  • Page 220

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE When a metal tape is inserted, the player will automatically compensate for it and “MTL” will be displayed. 76Y032-031 76Y032-021 M Playing M Dolby noise reduction Press the cassette tape play button to When using a tape with Dolby NR*,...

  • Page 221

    Driving Your Mazda * Noise reduction system NOTE manufactured under license from When the cassette tape ends during Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. fast forward or rewind, it automatically stops and starts Dolby and the double-D symbol playing. are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

  • Page 222

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE When the cassette tape ends, the unit automatically reverses play. 76Y032-015 76Y032-017_a M Reversing M APC (Automatic Program Control) Press the program button to change cassette tape-playing direction. APC is used to find the beginning of either the next program or the one being played.

  • Page 223

    Driving Your Mazda Press the APC button ( ) to the If APC detects 15 seconds of blank beginning of the next selection. space it will automatically advance the Press the APC button ( ) to the tape to the next selection.

  • Page 224

    Driving Your Mazda Press the repeat button once again to cancel repeat play. NOTE RPT may not operate properly if • A tape was recorded at a low level. • A tape has long, silent intervals. • A tape is a live recording.

  • Page 225

    Use a good quality head-cleaning tape or a liquid cleaner cassette tape to remove it. Should the unit not operate normally, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Never attempt to repair it or insert a screwdriver or anything else. 5-101...

  • Page 226

    Driving Your Mazda J54A01 J54A02 J18Y4176_AD • Do not spill any liquid on the audio • Do not insert any objects, other • If the cassette tape is loose, it may system. than cassette tape, into the slot. produce poor sound or performance during playback.

  • Page 227

    Driving Your Mazda • Only cassette tapes that play no • Insert only cassette tapes into the I Operating the Mini Disc (MD) longer than 90 minutes should be slot. If objects other than cassette Player* used. Cassette tape exceeding 90...

  • Page 228

    Driving Your Mazda Press the repeat button once again to cancel repeat play. 76Y032-023A 76Y032-014 M Playing M Repeat play Press the MD play button to start This feature makes it possible to listen playing when a MD is in the unit.

  • Page 229

    Driving Your Mazda Press the random button once again to cancel random play. 76Y032-015 76Y032-020 M Random play M Music scan This feature allows the MD player to This feature helps to find a program by randomly select the order of the songs.

  • Page 230

    Driving Your Mazda Press the scan button once again to cancel scan play. Track up NOTE Track down If the unit is left in scan, normal play will resume where scan was Reverse Fast forward selected. 76Y032-017_b 76Y032-018_a M Track search...

  • Page 231

    Driving Your Mazda Song title Disc title No display NOTE If there is no song or disc title recorded on the MD, “NO TITLE” will be displayed. Long disc or song titles 76Y032-005 76Y032-032 When disc or song titles exceed 10...

  • Page 232

    Driving Your Mazda I Error Indications If you see an error indication on the display, find the cause in the chart. If you cannot clear the error indication, take the vehicle to an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Indication Cause Solution 76Y032-033 MD is inserted Insert the MD properly.

  • Page 233

    Driving Your Mazda I Operating the Compact Disc M Inserting the CD NOTE (CD) Player*/In-Dash CD (In-dash CD changer) A CD cannot be inserted while the Changer* The CD must be label-side up when display reads “WAIT.” A beeping sound can be heard during this To operate the CD player/in-dash CD inserting.

  • Page 234

    Driving Your Mazda Multiple insertion NOTE The first-inserted CD will be 1. Press and hold the load button for about 2 seconds until a beep is played automatically when: heard. • No CD is inserted within 15 seconds after “In” is displayed.

  • Page 235

    Driving Your Mazda Inserting CDs into desired tray NOTE number The CD can not be inserted to the 1. Press and hold the load button for desired tray number if the number is already occupied. about 2 seconds until a beep is heard.

  • Page 236

    Driving Your Mazda Press the repeat button once again to cancel repeat play. 76Y032-014 76Y032-015 M Repeat play M Random play This feature makes it possible to listen This feature allows the CD player to to a selection repeatedly. randomly select the order of the songs.

  • Page 237

    Driving Your Mazda Press the random button once again to Press the scan button once again to cancel random play. cancel scan play. NOTE If the unit is left in scan, normal play will resume where scan was selected. 76Y032-020...

  • Page 238

    Driving Your Mazda Track up Track down Disc down Disc up Reverse Fast forward 76Y032-016 76Y032-017_b 76Y032-018_a M Disc search (In-dash CD changer) M Track search M Fast-forward/Reverse Press the disc up button ( ) to skip Press the track up button once to skip...

  • Page 239

    Driving Your Mazda M Ejecting the CD (In-dash CD changer) Normal ejection 1. Press the CD eject button. The disc number and “OUT” will be displayed. 2. Pull out the CD. 76Y032-005 76Y032-019 M Stopping M Ejecting the CD (CD player)

  • Page 240

    Driving Your Mazda NOTE Ejecting CDs from desired tray Multiple ejection number When the CD is ejected during 1. Press and hold the CD eject button play, the next CD will be played 1. Press and hold the CD eject button for about 2 seconds until a beep is automatically.

  • Page 241

    Driving Your Mazda I Operating the CD Changer* NOTE (Except In-Dash) with Controls • CDs will be ejected starting on the Main Audio Unit with the one with the lowest number. The CD changer can be connected to the main audio unit and operated by •...

  • Page 242

    Driving Your Mazda I Error Indications I Operating Tips for CD Player/ In-Dash CD Changer If you see an error indication on the M Condensation phenomenon display, find the cause in the chart. If you cannot clear the error indication,...

  • Page 243

    Driving Your Mazda M Handling the CD player/in-dash CD changer The following precautions should be observed. J16EUS10 J16EUS07 • Do not spill any liquid on the audio • Do not insert any objects, other system. than CDs, into the slot.

  • Page 244

    Driving Your Mazda J16EUS08 J16EUS09 J16EUS06 • The CD revolves at high speed • Do not use non-conventional discs • A new CD may have rough edges within the unit. Defective (cracked such as heart-shaped, octagonal on its inner and outer perimeters. If or badly bent) CDs should never be discs, etc.

  • Page 245

    Driving Your Mazda Remove the rough edges in advance by using a ball-point pen or pencil as shown on the left. To remove the rough edges, rub the side of the pen or pencil against the inner and outer perimeter of the CD.

  • Page 246

    Driving Your Mazda • Do not stick paper or tape on the • Do not use record sprays, antistatic CD. Avoid scratching the reverse agents, or household spray side (the side without a label). cleaners. Volatile chemicals such as benzine and thinner can also •...

  • Page 247

    Driving Your Mazda Antenna • The CD player/changer ejects the The rear window antennas receive CD if the CD is inserted upside both AM and FM signals. down. Also dirty and/or defective CDs may be ejected. CAUTION • 8 cm (3 in) CDs and CD When washing the inside rear accessories (e.g.

  • Page 248: In Case Of Emergency

    It provides helpful information on what to do if the engine overheats, if you have a flat tire, and if the battery is discharged. 070-1A1E You will also find out what to do if you confront a problem in the electrical system; and, there’s some guidance on the correct way to tow your Mazda. Hazard Warning Flasher 6- 2 Overheating...

  • Page 249: Hazard Warning Flasher

    In Case of Emergency nQ072-3AE 071-1A1E Hazard Warning Flasher Overheating J94A5001 Depress the hazard warning switch If the temperature gauge indicates and all four turn signals will flash at overheating, if you experience power once. loss, or if you hear a loud knocking or pinging noise, the engine is probably too hot.

  • Page 250

    Authorized front of the vehicle. Stop the engine. Then turn the ignition Mazda Dealer. switch to the ON position without starting the engine. The radiator Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 251

    In Case of Emergency n073-1A2E 072-2CE Emergency Starting I Jump-Starting WARNING WARNING Cooling System Caps: Battery-Related Explosion: Jump-starting is dangerous if done When the engine and radiator are incorrectly. So follow the procedure Flames and sparks near open hot, scalding coolant and steam battery cells are dangerous.

  • Page 252

    In Case of Emergency n073-2A3E WARNING Discharged Discharged battery battery (–) (–) Jump-Starting: Jump-starting a frozen battery or one with a low fluid level is Jumper cables Jumper cables (–) (–) dangerous. It may rupture or explode, causing serious injury. Connect cables in Connect cables in Booster...

  • Page 253

    In Case of Emergency WARNING 2. Turn off the engine of the vehicle (4) Connect the other end to a solid, with the booster battery and all stationary, exposed metallic Connecting to Negative Terminal: unnecessary electrical loads in both point (for example, the engine vehicles.

  • Page 254

    In Case of Emergency 073-3A1E I Push-Starting WARNING WARNING Connecting Jumper Cable to a Towing a Vehicle to Start It: You can’t start a vehicle with an Moving Part: automatic transaxle by pushing it. Towing a vehicle to start it could Connecting a jumper cable near be dangerous.

  • Page 255

    074-1BE Fuses I Fuse Replacement If the same fuse blows again, avoid using that system and consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as If the electrical system doesn’t work, possible. first inspect fuses on the driver’s side. J94A5002 1. Turn off the ignition switch and other switches.

  • Page 256

    The check engine light comes on If it doesn’t, have an Authorized when a ROOM fuse blows or Mazda Dealer install it. when a ROOM fuse is removed. When installing a ROOM fuse, If you have no spare fuses, borrow one...

  • Page 257

    In Case of Emergency 074-3JE J94A5004 1. Turn off the ignition switch and all other switches. 2. Open the fuse block cover by unhooking the tab and lifting up on the cover. Normal Blown J94A5005 (J18Y5006) If the headlights or other electrical 3.

  • Page 258

    In Case of Emergency #n074-4JE 4. Lift the fuse block and remove bolts C. 5. Replace the fuse with a new one of the same rating. 6. Install in the reverse order of removal. J94A5006 When replacing the 100A fuse: 1.

  • Page 259

    In Case of Emergency Q074-6AE I Fuse Panel Description M Fuse block (engine compartment) FUSE DESCRIPTION PROTECTED COMPONENT RATING EGI INJ Fuel-injection system DEFOG Rear window defroster — — — MAIN 100A For protection of all circuits RADIO, SUNROOF*, TURN, METER, ENGINE, POWER IG KEY WINDOW*, WIPER fuses, Ignition system HEATER...

  • Page 260

    In Case of Emergency FUSE DESCRIPTION PROTECTED COMPONENT RATING Tail lights, Parking lights, Dashboard illumination, License plate TAIL lights, Switches illumination HORN Horn (ABS) Antilock brake system* — — — ST. SIGN Starter signal H/L–L Head light (Left) H/L–R Head light (Right) (ABS) Antilock brake system* 6-13...

  • Page 261

    In Case of Emergency M Fuse panel (driver’s side) J94S.J94A5008_a FUSE DESCRIPTION PROTECTED COMPONENT RATING AUDIO Audio system* ROOM Interior lights, Trunk light 19 20 S. ROOF Sunroof* METER Gauges, Back-up lights 15 16 D. LOCK Power door lock* HAZARD Hazard warning lights 11 12 A/B&ABS...

  • Page 262

    In Case of Emergency FUSE DESCRIPTION PROTECTED COMPONENT RATING P. WIND Power windows* — — — RADIO Audio system*, Socket, outside mirror ENGINE Engine control system Tail light, License plate lights, parking lights, Dashboard ILLUMI illumination STOP Brake lights, Horn, Cruise control* CIGAR Accessory socket, clock*, radio*, outside mirror —...

  • Page 263

    J94S6001 We recommend that towing be done CAUTION only by an Authorized Mazda Dealer or a commercial tow-truck service. Don’t tow the vehicle backward with driving wheels on the ground. Proper lifting and towing are...

  • Page 264

    In Case of Emergency nnQ075-9AE 075-7AE Tiedown hooks-Front Tiedown hooks-Rear J94A5012 J94S6003 J94S6002 CAUTION Don’t tow with sling-type equipment. This could damage your vehicle. Use wheel-lift or flatbed equipment. 6-17 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 265

    In Case of Emergency CAUTION Don’t use the hook loops under the front and rear for towing. They are designed ONLY for tying down the vehicle when it’s being transported. Using them for towing will damage the bumper. 6-18 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 266

    In Case of Emergency #076-1B1E Flat Tire I Tire, Jack, and Lug Wrench Spare tire (page 6-27) J94S6013 Tool bag Jack 6-19 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 267

    In Case of Emergency 076-2A1E 076-29A1E 076-3A1E M To secure the jack J94S6006 Perform the removal procedure in reverse. J94A5014 M To remove the jack M To remove the spare tire Turn the wing bolt counterclockwise. Turn the tire hold-down bolt counterclockwise with the lug wrench.

  • Page 268

    In Case of Emergency n076-6A3E #Q076-7A1E J94A5016 I Changing a Flat Tire WARNING Flat tire Jacking a Vehicle: Changing a tire can be NOTE dangerous. The vehicle can slip If the following occurs while off the jack and seriously injure driving, it could indicate a flat tire.

  • Page 269

    In Case of Emergency 076-8B2E Q076-9H1E 3. Turn on the hazard warning flasher. NOTE J94S6004 Force the end of the wrench firmly 4. Have everyone get out of the vehicle and away from the vehicle between wheel and cover or cap, or removal will be difficult.

  • Page 270

    In Case of Emergency Q076-23CE 076-10A1E 076-11EE CAUTION (Center Cap) There is a valve-stem mark inside the center cap. When installing the center cap, align this mark with the Jacking position tire’s valve stem. J94A5018 (Wheel Cover) J94A5019 Lug wrench Align the notch on the wheel cover with the valve stem when installing it.

  • Page 271

    Attempting to jack the vehicle in Using a jack that isn’t designed Jacking the vehicle with an object positions other than those for your Mazda could be under the jack is dangerous. The recommended in this manual is dangerous. The vehicle could slip jack could slip and someone could dangerous.

  • Page 272

    Use the lug wrench to 25 mm (1 in). Before removing tighten the nuts in the order the lug nuts, make sure your shown. Mazda is firmly in position and that it cannot slip or move. 6-25 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 273

    The specified torque is 90 to 120 N·m Because the wheel studs and lug Driving on tires with incorrect air nuts on your Mazda have metric pressure is dangerous. Tires with (9.0 to 12.0 kgf·m, 65 to 87 ft·lbf).

  • Page 274

    15. Temporarily store the damaged tire. Have it repaired and replace Driving with a Temporary Spare the spare with it as soon as Your Mazda has a temporary spare possible. tire. It’s lighter and smaller than a Tire on Ice or Snow:...

  • Page 275

    Mazda. • Don’t exceed 80 km (50 mph). • Use only one temporary spare • Avoid driving over obstacles. tire on your vehicle at the same Also, don’t drive through an...

  • Page 276: Appearance Care

    Appearance Care This section features care, inside and out, of your best to keep it clean and looking good. Be aware that appearance is not the only reason for cleanliness. Road grime tends to eat away at the metal, so keeping your vehicle clean in the way Section 7 prescribes will help prevent its early deterioration and rusting.

  • Page 277

    078-13A1E How to Minimize Environmental Paint Damage I Etching Caused by Acid Rain or M Prevention The paintwork on your Mazda represents the latest technical Industrial Fallout developments in composition and It is necessary to wash and wax your M Occurrence methods of application.

  • Page 278

    It is necessary to have your Mazda Insects and tree sap are best removed washed and waxed to preserve its with a soft sponge and water or a...

  • Page 279

    Appearance Care #078-16A1E 078-15A1E I Water Marks M Prevention I Paint Chipping M Occurrence M Occurrence It is necessary to wash and wax your vehicle to preserve its finish according Rain, fog, dew, and even tap water can to the instructions in this section. Paint chipping occurs when gravel contain harmful minerals such as salt These steps should be taken...

  • Page 280

    • In low temperatures a vehicle’s finish hardens. This increases the chance of paint chipping. • Chipped paint can lead to rust forming on your Mazda. Before this happens, repair the damage by using Mazda touch-up paint according to the instructions in this section.

  • Page 281: Exterior Care

    • The vehicle is washed without first and cautions. To help protect the finish from rust rinsing off dirt and other foreign and deterioration, wash your Mazda matter. thoroughly and frequently, at least • The vehicle is washed with a once a month, with lukewarm or cold water.

  • Page 282

    • Use plenty of lukewarm or cold CAUTION NOTE water and a soft cloth when • Mazda is not responsible for • Don’t use steel wool, abrasive washing the vehicle. Do not use a scratches caused by automatic nylon cloth.

  • Page 283

    Appearance Care M Waxing Pay special attention to removing salt, After washing the vehicle, dry it with a dirt, mud, and other foreign material clean chamois to prevent water spots from the underside of the wings, and from forming. Your vehicle needs to be waxed when make sure the drain holes in the lower water no longer beads on the finish.

  • Page 284: Maintenance

    CAUTION chrome preservative and rub it to a doesn’t need it. high luster. If your Mazda is damaged and • During cold weather or in coastal needs metal parts repaired or replaced, make sure the body shop areas, cover bright-metal parts with...

  • Page 285: Underbody Maintenance

    Appearance Care 078-5A1E I Underbody Maintenance WARNING It will do more harm than good to wet down the road grime without Driving with Wet Brakes: Road chemicals and salt used for ice removing it. and snow removal and solvents used Driving with wet brakes is dangerous.

  • Page 286

    Appearance Care 078-6A2E • Avoid washing your vehicle in I Aluminum Wheel Maintenance NOTE an automatic car wash that uses • Don’t use a wire brush or any high-speed or hard brushes. A protective coating is provided over the aluminum wheels. Special care is abrasive cleaner, polishing •...

  • Page 287: Interior Care

    Appearance Care 079-1A1E 079-2AE Interior Care I Dashboard Precautions I Cleaning the Upholstery and M Fabric Interior Trim Prevent caustic solutions such as Remove dust and loose dirt from M Vinyl perfume and cosmetic oils from fabric with a whisk broom or vacuum contacting the dashboard.

  • Page 288

    You may Damaged Seat Belt: damage the rear window defroster Using damaged seat belts is grid. dangerous. In a collision, damaged belts cannot provide adequate protection. Have your Authorized Mazda Dealer replace damaged belts immediately. 7-13 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 289

    Maintenance Because your Mazda is a large piece of intricate machinery, it needs regular care in the form of maintenance and servicing. Many owners prefer to do much of this work themselves. So Section 8 has been prepared as a guide for the operator who wants to self-service such minor jobs as 080-1A1E changing the engine oil, replacing bulbs and wiper blades, charging the battery, and rotating the tires.

  • Page 290

    A claim against a warranty will not qualify if it results from lack of Factory-trained Mazda technicians and maintenance and not from defective genuine Mazda parts are best for your material or authorized Mazda vehicle. Without this expertise and the workmanship.

  • Page 291

    Maintenance Ln082-1AE Scheduled Maintenance Follow Schedule 1 if the vehicle is operated mainly where none of the following conditions applies. If any of them apply, follow Schedule 2 (Puerto Rico residents follow Schedule 2). • Repeated short-distance driving • Driving in dusty conditions •...

  • Page 292

    Maintenance NOTE After the described period, continue to follow the described maintenance at the recommended intervals. I : Inspect and repair, clean, adjust, or replace if necessary Schedule 1 R : Replace MAINTENANCE Number of months or miles (kilometers), whichever comes first INTERVALS INTERVALS Months...

  • Page 293

    Brake lines, hoses and connections According to state and federal regulations, failure to perform maintenance on these items will not void your emissions warranties. However, Mazda recommends that all maintenance services be performed at the recommended time or kilometrage (mileage) period to ensure long-term reliability.

  • Page 294

    Maintenance I : Inspect and repair, clean, adjust, or replace if necessary Schedule 1 (Cont’d) L : Lubricate MAINTENANCE Number of months or miles (kilometers), whichever comes first INTERVALS INTERVALS Months 1000 km MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE ITEM ( 1000 miles) (7.5) (15) (22.5) (30)

  • Page 295

    Air filter According to state and federal regulations, failure to perform maintenance on these items will not void your emissions warranties. However, Mazda recommends that all maintenance services be performed at the recommended time or kilometrage (mileage) period to ensure long-term reliability.

  • Page 296

    Brake lines, hoses and connections According to state and federal regulations, failure to perform maintenance on these items will not void your emissions warranties. However, Mazda recommends that all maintenance services be performed at the recommended time or kilometrage (mileage) period to ensure long-term reliability.

  • Page 297

    Maintenance I : Inspect and repair, clean, adjust, or replace if necessary Schedule 2 (Cont’d) L : Lubricate MAINTENANCE Number of months or miles (kilometers), whichever comes first INTERVALS INTERVALS Months 1000 km MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE ITEM ( 1000 miles) (10) (15) (20) (25)

  • Page 298

    Maintenance I : Inspect and repair, clean, adjust, or replace if necessary Schedule 2 (Cont’d) MAINTENANCE Number of months or miles (kilometers), whichever comes first INTERVALS INTERVALS Months 1000 km MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE ITEM ( 1000 miles) (10) (15) (20) (25) (30) (35) (40)

  • Page 299

    (page 8-29) • Washer fluid level • Power steering fluid level Bring any problem to the attention of (page 8-33) an Authorized Mazda Dealer or (page 8-27) M At least monthly qualified service technician as soon as possible. You can do the following scheduled •...

  • Page 300

    Maintenance n083-2A2E • Engine coolant I Owner Maintenance Precautions WARNING (page 8-22) Maintenance Procedures: Improper or incomplete service may • Engine oil and oil filter result in problems. This section gives Performing maintenance work on a vehicle can be dangerous. You (page 8-18) instructions only for items easy to perform.

  • Page 301

    ON position when you wear jewelry or loose is dangerous. The cooling fan maintenance procedure, have it done by an Authorized Mazda Dealer. clothing. Either can become could come on unexpectedly even entangled in moving parts and when the engine isn’t running.

  • Page 302

    Maintenance #083-4AE I Engine Compartment Overview 2.0-liter engine Air filter Brake/Clutch fluid reservoir Engine oil dipstick Automatic transaxle fluid-level dipstick (only for automatic transaxle) Power steering fluid reservoir Windshield washer fluid reservoir Fuse block Battery Coolant reservoir Cooling system cap Engine oil-filler cap J94A7001A 8-14...

  • Page 303

    Maintenance 2.5-liter engine Cooling system cap Air filter Brake/Clutch fluid reservoir Engine oil dipstick Automatic transaxle fluid-level dipstick (only for automatic transaxle) Power steering fluid reservoir Windshield washer fluid reservoir Fuse block Battery Coolant reservoir Engine oil-filler cap J94A7002A 8-15 Form No.

  • Page 304: Engine Oil

    Maintenance n083-5A2E But high-temperature weather J94A7003 conditions require higher-viscosity (J18T7003) engine oils for satisfactory lubrication. When choosing an oil, consider the temperature range your vehicle will operate in before the next oil change. Then select the recommended viscosity from this chart. (ILSAC) I Engine Oil “SJ”, or “ILSAC”...

  • Page 305

    Maintenance #n083-6A2E 2.0-liter engine 2.5-liter engine CAUTION Using oils of viscosity besides those recommended for specific temperature ranges could result in engine damage. Energy conserving oils are J94A7005 recommended. A chief contribution J94A7004 they make to fuel economy is reducing the amount of fuel necessary to M Inspecting engine oil level 3.

  • Page 306

    Maintenance #n083-7CE M Changing engine oil and filter WARNING 5. Pull it out again and examine the level. It’s OK between L and F. Handling Used Engine Oil: Change engine oil and filter according But if it’s near at or below L, add to Scheduled Maintenance (page Continuous contact with used engine oil could be dangerous.

  • Page 307

    Maintenance J94A7006 J94A7007 (J18T7009) 2.0-liter engine 2.5-liter engine WARNING (J18T7008) Oil-filler cap Tighten Loosen Checking or Changing Engine Oil-filler cap Oil: Hot engine oil could be Loosen dangerous. If the engine has been Tighten running, the engine oil becomes very hot. You could be seriously burned.

  • Page 308

    7. Turn it off and wait 5 minutes for the oil to return to the oil pan. Changing oil filter Because you need a special tool to retighten the filter, an Authorized Mazda Dealer should do the work. 8-20 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 309

    Maintenance #083-8C2E 083-9C1E I Engine Coolant 2.0-liter engine Inspect the antifreeze protection and coolant level in the coolant reservoir at M Inspecting coolant level least once a year—at the beginning of the winter season—and before traveling where temperatures may WARNING drop below freezing.

  • Page 310

    Do not overfill. • The engine has aluminum parts If new coolant is required frequently, Change coolant according to consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Scheduled Maintenance (page 8-3). and must be protected by an ethylene-glycol-based coolant to prevent corrosion and...

  • Page 311

    Maintenance n083-12D1E Cooling system cap 2.0-liter engine engine damage and could result For mixture percentage: in serious injury from escaping Loosen Volume hot coolant or steam. Turn off the Protection Tighten Antifreeze engine and wait until it’s cool. Water solution Even then, be very careful when Above –16°C (3°F) removing the cap or drain plug.

  • Page 312

    Maintenance 2.5-liter engine 5. Fill the radiator (to the top of the 8. Then do this: filler neck) and then the coolant Tighten • Run the engine at 2,500 rpm for reservoir (to F) with as much Loosen ethylene-glycol-based coolant and about 5 minutes.

  • Page 313

    The brakes and clutch draw fluid from MAX. life expentancy of the coolant. Use the same reservoir. only genuine Mazda orange Before adding fluid, thoroughly clean colored or equivalent coolant the area around the cap. 8-25...

  • Page 314

    Spilled brake fluid is dangerous. will damage the systems. Mixing If it gets in your eyes, they could have the brake/clutch system inspected by an Authorized Mazda different fluids will also damage be seriously injured. If this them. happens, immediately flush your Dealer.

  • Page 315

    Maintenance Q083-15FE J94A7015 WARNING High Low Brake/Clutch Fluid Levels: Low brake/clutch fluid levels could be dangerous. Low levels could signal brake lining wear or a brake system leak. Your brakes could fail and cause an accident. J94A7016 If you find a low fluid level, have (J18T7019) the brakes and clutch inspected.

  • Page 316

    6. It must be between HIGH and If new fluid is required frequently, for leaks and damage. LOW. Add fluid if necessary. consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. 1. Park on a level surface, well off the Don’t overfill. CAUTION right-of-way, and set the parking brake firmly.

  • Page 317

    Maintenance n083-18A1E #nQ083-19A2E I Inspecting Automatic Transaxle CAUTION 1. Park on a level surface and set the Fluid Level parking brake firmly. • Low fluid level causes The automatic transaxle fluid level transaxle slippage. Overfilling 2. Idle the engine about two minutes. should be inspected regularly.

  • Page 318

    Maintenance #083-65B1E WARNING the crosshatched area on the dipstick. J94S.J94A7018 M Scale B Sudden Vehicle Movement: Shifting the shift lever without first depressing the brake pedal is When the engine has not been running, dangerous. The vehicle could and the outside temperature is above move suddenly and cause an 10°C (50°F), the level should be accident.

  • Page 319

    Maintenance #n083-65A1E 083-20CE J94S.J94A7017 NOTE Fully insert the dipstick. When adding fluid, make sure the fluid level doesn’t • Use scale B only as a reference. pass the crosshatched area on the dipstick. • If the outside temperature is lower then 10°C (50°F), start the engine and inspect the fluid level after the engine reaches operating temperature.

  • Page 320

    Maintenance 083-20BE M Fluid cold scale B NOTE Fully insert the dipstick. When adding fluid, inspect with the dipstick to make • Use the cold scale only as a When the engine has not been running sure it doesn’t pass full. and the outside temperature is about reference.

  • Page 321

    Maintenance n083-22DE 083-23A2E 083-26AE I Body Lubrication WARNING Substitute Washer Fluid: All moving points of the body, such as Using radiator antifreeze as door and hood hinges and locks, washer fluid is dangerous. If should be lubricated each time the sprayed on the windshield, it will engine oil is changed.

  • Page 322

    Maintenance 083-27F2E 083-28LE 4. Replace the filter. Air filter cover 5. Install in the reverse order of removal. Replace the filter according to Scheduled Maintenance (page 8-3). Air filter J94A7020 Clamp J94A7021 I Maintaining the Air Filter 1. Unfasten the clamps. A viscous paper air filter fits inside the 2.

  • Page 323

    Maintenance 083-45BE 083-29A1E I Maintaining Wiper Blades NOTE If the blades are not wiping properly, clean the window and blades with a If the vehicle is operated in very good cleaner or mild detergent; then CAUTION dusty or sandy areas, replace the rinse thoroughly with clean water.

  • Page 324

    Maintenance n083-30A3E I Replacing Windshield Wiper CAUTION J94A7022 (J18Y7036) Blades Push To prevent damage to the When the wipers no longer cleans windshield, don’t let the wiper arm fall on it. well, the blades are probably worn or cracked. Replace them. Plastic locking clip CAUTION...

  • Page 325

    Maintenance J94A7024_a CAUTION J94A7023 Metal support (J18Y7038) (J18Y7037) • Don’t bend the stiffeners. You need to use them again. Pull out • If the metal stiffeners are switched, the blade’s wiping efficiency could be reduced. Tabs Stiffeners So don’t use the driver’s side metal stiffeners on the 3.

  • Page 326

    Maintenance WARNING NOTE J94A7025 (J18Y7039) Install the blade so that the tabs are Spilled Battery Fluid: toward the bottom of the wiper arm. Spilled battery fluid is dangerous. Battery fluid contains Tabs n083-31A1E I Battery SULFURIC ACID which could cause serious injuries, if it gets in your eyes or on your skin.

  • Page 327

    Maintenance 083-32AE WARNING WARNING Battery-Related Explosion: Children and Batteries: Flames and sparks near open Allowing children to play near battery cells are dangerous. batteries is dangerous. Battery Hydrogen gas, produced during fluid could cause serious injuries J94A7026 normal battery operation, could if it gets in the eyes or on the skin.

  • Page 328

    Maintenance nn083-33A4E • Keep terminals and connections I Tires WARNING clean, tight, and coated with Using Different Tire Types: petroleum jelly or terminal grease. For reasons of proper performance, safety, and better fuel economy, Driving your vehicle with • Rinse off spilled electrolyte different types of tires is always maintain recommended tire immediately with a solution of...

  • Page 329

    Refer to the specification charts (page 10-6). Using Wrong-Sized Tires: Using any other tire size than what is specified for your Mazda (page 10-6) is dangerous. It could seriously affect ride, handling, ground clearance, tire clearance, and speedometer calibration. This...

  • Page 330

    Maintenance 083-34A2E J94A7027_a (J18T7031) • Keep your tire pressure at the NOTE correct levels. If one frequently • Warm tires normally exceed needs inflating, have it recommended pressures. Don’t inspected. Front release air from warm tires to adjust the pressure. WARNING •...

  • Page 331

    Maintenance 083-37AE 083-38A1E J94A7028 Tread wear indicator WARNING Also, inspect them for uneven wear (J18Y7061+62) and damage. Abnormal wear is usually Worn Tires: caused by one or a combination of the following: Driving with worn tires is dangerous. Reduced braking, •...

  • Page 332

    Maintenance #083-39AE Q083-40A2E M Temporary spare tire M Replacing a wheel CAUTION • Don’t use your temporary spare Inspect the temporary spare tire at When replacing a wheel, make sure least monthly to make sure it’s tire rim with a snow tire or a the new one is the same as the original conventional tire.

  • Page 333

    Do not touch the glass surface • Ground clearance • Snow-chain clearance I Replacing a Headlight Bulb • Speedometer calibration Your Mazda’s headlights have replaceable halogen bulbs. • Headlight aim • Bumper height 8-45 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 334

    Maintenance #n083-42SE J94A7030 WARNING WARNING Handling Halogen Bulbs: Children and Halogen Bulbs: When a halogen bulb breaks, it is Playing with a halogen bulb is dangerous. These bulbs contain dangerous. Serious injuries could pressurized gas. If one is broken, be caused by dropping a halogen it will explode and serious injuries bulb or breaking it some other could be caused by the flying...

  • Page 335

    Maintenance Carefully remove the headlight bulb from the socket by pulling it Bulb straight back. J94A7032 retaining spring Replace the bulb. J94A7031 10. Install in the reverse order of removal. Sealing cover NOTE 4. Disconnect the electrical connector 5. Pull off the sealing cover. from the bulb by squeezing the tabs Use the protective cover and carton to dispose of the old bulb...

  • Page 336

    Interior light 10W (–) Courtesy lights 5W (–) Parking lights 27/8W (1157NA) J94A7033_a J94A7034 J94S8004 The number in ( ) shows the bulb To replace the map light bulbs, contact number. an Authorized Mazda Dealer. J94S8003 8-48 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 337

    Maintenance #nQ083-44A1E I Replacing a Bulb (Rear) Rear-turn signal lights Brake lights/Taillights Back up light 27W (1156NA) 27/7W (2057) 18W (921) For bulb access: J94A7035A+J94S8005+06 Remove the trunk end trim J94S8006 J94S8005 J94A7035A The number in ( ) shows the bulb number.

  • Page 338

    Maintenance License plate light 5W (–) Trunk light 5W (–) High-mount brake light 27W (1156) J94A7038 J94A7037 (J18T7051) 94S060–001 The number in ( ) shows the bulb number. J94S8001–2 8-50 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 339: Customer Information

    Section 9. 085-1A1E Customer Assistance 9- 2 Mazda Importer/Distributors 9- 7 Warranties for Your Mazda 9- 9 Outside the United States and Canada 9-10 Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and Accessories 9-10 Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)

  • Page 340

    STEP 1: Contact Your Mazda Dealer Discuss the matter with an Authorized Mazda Dealer. This is the quickest and best way to address the issue. If your concern has not been resolved by the CUSTOMER RELATIONS, SALES, SERVICE, or PARTS MANAGER, then please contact the GENERAL MANAGER of the dealership or the OWNER.

  • Page 341

    Customer Information STEP 2: Call the Mazda National Customer Relations #800 If for any reason you feel the need for further assistance after contacting your dealership management, call Mazda North American Operations’ Customer Assistance toll-free at: 1 (800) 222-5500 In order to serve you efficiently and effectively, please help us by providing the following information: 1.

  • Page 342

    Irvine, CA 92618-2922 P.O. Box 19734 Irvine, CA 92623-9734 This way, we can be sure to respond to you as efficiently as possible. That is our goal. If you live outside the U.S.A., please contact your nearest Mazda Distributor. Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 343

    Mazda Dealer personnel, we recommend that you take the following steps: STEP 1 Discuss the matter with an Authorized Mazda Dealer. This is the quickest and best way to address the issue. If your concern has not been resolved by the CUSTOMER RELATIONS, SALES, SERVICE, or PARTS MANAGER, then please contact the GENERAL MANAGER of the dealership or the OWNER.

  • Page 344

    Customer Information 2. Year and model of vehicle 3. Vehicle Identification Number (17 digits, noted on your registration or title or located on the upper driver’s side corner of the dash) 4. Purchase date and current mileage 5. Your dealer’s name and location 6.

  • Page 345

    Mazda North American Operations 7755 Irvine Center Drive PUERTO RICO Irvine, CA 92618-2922 P.O. Box 19734 Plaza Motors Corp. (Mazda de Puerto Rico) Irvine, CA 92623-9734 P.O. Box 362722, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-2722 TEL: 1 (800) 222-5500 (in U.S.A.) TEL: (787) 788-9300 (949) 727-1990 (outside U.S.A.)

  • Page 346

    Customer Information SAIPAN Pacific International Marianas, Inc. (d.b.a. Midway Motors) P.O. Box 887 Saipan, MP 96950 TEL: (670) 234-7524 AMERICAN SAMOA Polynesia Motors, Inc. P.O. Box 1120, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799 TEL: (684) 699-9347 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 347

    Customer Information 088-1A2E Warranties for Your Mazda • New Vehicle Limited Warranty NOTE • Safety Restraint System Limited Detailed warranty information is Warranty provided with your Mazda. • Anti-perforation Limited Warranty • Federal Emission Control Warranty —Emission Defect Warranty —Emission Performance Warranty •...

  • Page 348

    Example of problems encountered Non-genuine parts and accessories for States require that automobiles meet outside the United States and Canada: Mazda vehicles can be found in stores. specific emission regulations and These may fit your vehicle, but they • Recommended fuel may be safety standards.

  • Page 349

    Customer Information WARNING WARNING Mazda assumes no responsibility for death, injury, or expenses that may Installation of Non-Genuine Add-On Electrical and Electronic result from the installation of add-on Parts or Accessories: Equipment: non-genuine parts or accessories. Installation of non-genuine parts...

  • Page 350

    Customer Information n091-1AE Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS) WARNING This information relates to the tire The relative performance of tires grading system developed by the U.S. depends upon the actual conditions of The traction grade assigned to National Highway Traffic Safety their use, however, and may depart Administration for grading tires by significantly from the norm because of...

  • Page 351

    Mazda vehicle may vary with respect Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard buildup and possible tire failure. to grade. No. 109. Grades B and A represent...

  • Page 352

    TEMPERATURE A could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in addition to notifying Mazda Motor Corporation (Your Mazda Importer/Distributor). J94S. J94A8001 (J18T8003) If NHTSA receives similar...

  • Page 353

    P.O. Box 19734 Irvine, CA 92623-9734 Customer Assistance Center or toll free at 1 (800) 222-5500 If you live outside of the U.S.A., please contact the nearest Mazda Distributor shown on page 9-7 in this booklet. 9-15 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 354

    Customer Information nn093-1A1E Service Publications Factory-authorized Mazda service publications are available for owners who wish to do some of their own maintenance and repair. When requesting any of our publications through an Authorized Mazda Dealer, refer to the chart below.

  • Page 355

    Customer Information OWNER’S MANUAL: This booklet contains information regarding the proper care and operation of your vehicle. This is not a technician’s manual. 9-17 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 356

    Index 11-1 Form No. 8P95-EA-00G...

  • Page 357

    Index Page Page Page Fluid level ....8-29 Break-In Period ....Overdrive .

  • Page 358

    Index Page Page Page Child Restraint ....2-26 Customer Assistance ..9-2, 9-5 Child restraint precautions .

  • Page 359

    Index Page Page Page Winter driving ....4-12 Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light . . . 5-38 Recline ..... . . Engine Starting .

  • Page 360

    Index Page Page Page How to Minimize Environmental Paint O/D (overdrive) OFF ... 5-43 Damage ......Rear window defroster .

  • Page 361

    Headlights ....5-44 Mazda Importer/Distributors ..On reminder ....

  • Page 362

    Index Page Page Page Odometer and Trip Meter ..5-31 Paint Damage ....Radio .

  • Page 363: Specifications, Index

    Index Page Page Page Reporting Safety Defects ..9-14 Seat Belt ..... . . 2-24 Light bulbs .

  • Page 364

    Index Page Page Page Limitations to side air bag To turn off an armed system ..3-28 Transaxle, Automatic ....activation ....2-49 Tilt Steering .

  • Page 365

    Warning lights inspection ..5-35 Warranties for Your Mazda ..Washing ......

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