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Electrolux HSG Brochure

Electrolux HSG Brochure

Panini grill
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HSG Panini Grill



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  • Page 1 HSG Panini Grill...
  • Page 2 HSG Panini Grill. Taste the difference! 30˝ Bread type: piadina Ingredients: bread, hard-boiled egg, anchovy, lettuce, tuna, cream cheese, bread. 40˝ Bread type: bagel Ingredients: bread, mustard, smoked provolone cheese, dried tomatoes, crispy bacon, sliced turkey, mayonnaise, bread. 50˝ Bread type: ciabatta...
  • Page 3 Cycle 4: without microwave Heats in the shortest time. Stays hot to the very last bite! See the difference between the HSG Panini Grill and a Traditional Panini Grill in the comparison* below. Isn’t that amazing? 60 °C in only 40˝...
  • Page 4 HSG Panini Grill. Fast food, fast business! Do you want to increase your business by serving delicious foods in the shortest time? LED digital display showing cooking countdown Food Typology Hot sandwiches and wraps with different kinds of bread, stuffing (meat, cheese, fish, vegetables) and dressings.
  • Page 5 Top plate • Aluminium ribbed plate • Non-stick coating • Temperature up to 250 °C • Dimensions: 215x215 mm Automatic holding and opening system • Automatic holding system during the cooking phase (upper lid stays closed) • Automatic de-activation of the holding system at the end of the cooking phase (upper lid opens) • Machine re-starts only when the lid is closed Self-adjusting upper plate • Adjustable height: from 0,8 to 7,5 cm...
  • Page 6 Top plate power: Bottom plate power: Microwave power: Speed Up to 6 times faster than a standard sandwich grill* while offering the highest quality. The HSG Panini can grill a tasty and warm-to- the-last-bite sandwich in only 30 seconds! *depending on the filling Quality Higher food quality in terms of taste, grill marks, crispiness, flavour and nutritional values (vitamin and protein preservation). The...
  • Page 7 Easy to Use. Easy to Clean. Do you want more? Baking paper Degreaser Brush Scraper Spatula...
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