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Electrolux HSG Brochure page 5

Panini grill
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Top plate
• Aluminium ribbed plate
• Non-stick coating
• Temperature
up to 250 °C
• Dimensions:
215x215 mm
Automatic holding
and opening system
• Automatic holding system during
the cooking phase (upper lid
stays closed)
• Automatic de-activation of the
holding system at the end of the
cooking phase (upper lid opens)
• Machine re-starts only when the
lid is closed
Self-adjusting upper plate
• Adjustable height:
from 0,8 to 7,5 cm
Electro Magnet
The holding system is controlled
by an electro magnet which is
activated when the lid is closed
and de-activated as soon as the
cooking phase ends (countdown)
Moisture exhaust grid
A stainless steel grid positioned
next to the top plate extracts
excess humidity leaving your
sandwiches crispy and tasty
Bottom plate
• Glass quartz smooth plate
• Non-stick surface
• Dimensions: 250x250 mm
(net cooking area:
215x215 mm)
Great tasting, hot, toasted and
marked sandwiches in less than
60 seconds


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