D-Link DPH-120S Quick User Manual

D-Link DPH-120S Quick User Manual

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DPH-120S SIP Phone
Quick User Guide
Version 1.0


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  • Page 1 DPH-120S SIP Phone Quick User Guide Version 1.0...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION......................4 PACKAGE CONTENT....................4 LIST OF FIGURES ......................5 SUMMARY OF KEY FUNCTIONS ................6 CONNECTING THE IP PHONE ................... 7 IP PHONE SETUP ......................8 ......................8 UMMARY ......................10 ISPLAY ADSL D ....................... 10 IALUP DHCP (D ) ..........
  • Page 3 7.11 STUN S – STUN S , UP ......... 25 ETTING ERVER ETTING ETTING 7.12 S ....................26 OICE ETTING AND 7.13 – P ................27 HONE ETTINGS HONE ETTING 7.14 – T ....................28 HONE ETTING IMER 7.15 ....................... 29 RACING 7.16 .........................
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Voice over IP (also known as Internet Phone) is a technology that allows anyone to make a telephone call over the Internet. This is a quick user guide for the DPH-120S SIP Phone. It is intended to help you configure the telephone and have it ready to run within a few minutes.
  • Page 5: List Of Figures

    3.0 LIST OF FIGURES Diagram for D-Link IP Phone ( Model: DPH-120S (1) 2 x 16 Characters (10) Down LCD Display (11) Up (2) OK / Right (12) Cancel / Left (3) Menu (13) Voice Message (4) Mute/Function (14) 3-Way...
  • Page 6: Summary Of Key Functions

    4.0 SUMMARY OF KEY FUNCTIONS Keys Functions (1) LCD Display Displays menu, time, clock, name, phone number, call status OK/Right Confirm setting change, exit menu, dial, save changes Menu Access the phone menu (4) Mute/Function Disable user’s microphone so that the person on the other line can not hear anything, access the language selection, access the time format (5) Transfer...
  • Page 7: Connecting The Ip Phone

    5.0 CONNECTING THE IP PHONE Connect the IP Phone as the following diagram: Wide Area Network / Internet Cable/xDSL Modem Router/HUB Ethernet Cable Ethernet Cable Power Adapter...
  • Page 8: Ip Phone Setup

    6.0 IP PHONE SETUP Press the MENU key Menu Summary Display Name: kevin Enable Disable ADSL DIALUP: ENABLE/DISABLE ADSL DIALUP: ADSL DIALUP: ENABLE DISABLE ADSL ID: mike_2004 ADSL Password: ******** Enable Disable DHCP: ENABLE/DISABLE IP Address: IP Address: AUTO Subnet Mask: Subnet Mask: AUTO...
  • Page 9 SNTP Cycle: Do Not Disturb: ENABLE/DISABLE CF Unconditional: ENABLE/DISABLE CF User Busy: ENABLE/DISABLE CF No Answer: ENABLE/DISABLE Anonymous Call: ENABLE/DISABLE Anony Call Rej: ENABLE/DISABLE Ringing1/2/3/4 - select Ring Type: Ringing1/2/3/4 ringing1, 2, 3 or 4 MAC Address: 00D0E90137DB Version: V: 1.0 Press the MENU key UPDATE CHANGES? <OK>...
  • Page 10: Display Name

    NOTE 1: If you made any modifications, you may quit setup at any time by pressing MENU to save and exit or MENU CANCEL to quit without saving. The phone will automatically exit from the menu screen if there are no inputs from the user. NOTE 2: Use to select ENABLE...
  • Page 11: Dhcp (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

    • Press ADSL Password: • Enter ADSL password ******* DISABLE ADSL Dialup • Press ADSL DIALUP: • Press to select DISABLE DISABLE DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) DHCP allows the network administrator to distribute IP addresses when a computer is plugged into a different place in the network.
  • Page 12 • Press Subnet Mask: • Subnet mask automatically acquired 255.255.254. • Press Router IP: • 61. 63. 83.254 Router IP automatically acquired DISABLE DHCP • Press DHCP: • DISABLE to set DHCP to DISABLE • Press IP Address: • Enter the IP address
  • Page 13: Dns Server Ip

    • Press Subnet Mask: • Enter the subnet mask • Press Router IP: • Enter the router IP address DNS Server IP The domain name system (DNS) is the way that Internet domain names are located and translated into Internet Protocol addresses. There is probably a DNS server within close geographic proximity to your ISP that maps the domain names in your Internet requests or forwards them to other servers in the Internet.
  • Page 14: Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb This setting allows the user to reject all incoming phone calls. • Press Do Not Disturb: • DISABLE to select ENABLE DISABLE CF (call forward) Unconditional Enable CF Unconditional to forward all the incoming calls to another number. Otherwise set to disable.
  • Page 15: Anonymous Call

    6.11 Anonymous Call Enables the caller (user) to hide the name and phone number from the receiver. • Press • to select ENABLE DISABLE Anonymous Call: ENABLE 6.12 Anony Call Rej (Anonymous Call Rejection) Reject any anonymous incoming calls. • Press Anony Call Rej: •...
  • Page 16: Mac Address

    • Press • Version: Firmware version is displayed on screen V: 1.0 6.16 Language Selection The VoIP Phone (model no. DPH-120S) supports two languages: Japanese and English. Language: • English Press followed by • to select the preferred language •...
  • Page 17: Volume Adjustment

    6.18 Volume Adjustment 6.18.1 Ringer Volume While the handset is in place, • Press to increase the ringer volume and to decrease the ringer volume 6.18.2 Speaker Volume While the handset is in place, • Press • Press to increase the speaker volume and to decrease the speaker volume 6.18.3 Handset Volume...
  • Page 18: Using The Configuration Menu

    7.0 USING THE CONFIGURATION MENU The configuration menu can be accessed using a web browser. Some advanced features such as CF Unconditional, CF User Busy and CF No Answer must be setup from the web browser. Accessing Configuration Menu • Open the web browser (ie.
  • Page 19: Management Setting - Restore Factory Setting

    User Name Configuration menu login name. Password Configuration menu login password. Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol used to help NTP Server IP match your system clock with an accurate time source (eg atomic clock, time server). It is good practice to have all your networked computers synchronized with one server.
  • Page 20: Management Setting - Firmware Update

    Management Setting – Firmware update FTP server, login ID, login password and firmware filename are preset when you purchase the phone. These are required to download and update the firmware. FTP Server FTP Server address. Login ID Login ID provided by your supplier. Login Password Login password provided by you supplier.
  • Page 21: Network Setting - Pppoe

    Network Setting – PPPoE Choose PPPoE if your ISP uses PPPoE. Most DSL users use PPPoE. PPPoE ID PPPoE ID/username provided by your ISP. PPPoE password. PPPoE Password DNS Server DNS address provided by your ISP. Network Setting – Static IP Choose Static IP network setting if all Wide Area Network IP is provided to you by your ISP.
  • Page 22: Sip Setting - Sip Phone Setting, Registrar And Outbound Proxy Server

    NOTE: RESTART the system for new settings to take effect after you modify the IP address. SIP Setting – SIP Phone Setting, Registrar and Outbound Proxy Server Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the most popular Voice over IP standard. It enables two or more people to make phone calls, share multimedia and make multimedia conference over the internet.
  • Page 23: Sip Setting - Others

    SIP Setting – Others This section is for network administrators. Session Timer The time interval in which the phone periodically refresh SIP sessions by sending repeated INVITE requests. These INVITE requests allow the user agent or proxies to determine the status of the SIP session. Real-time Transport Protocol port number.
  • Page 24: Sip Account Settings

    7.10 SIP Account Settings You may have up to 4 accounts. i.e., the IP phone can receive up to four different phone numbers. Default Account When you dial a number, the default account is used to dial. User Name of default account is displayed on the receiver’s IP phone.
  • Page 25: Stun Setting - Stun Server Setting, Upnp Setting

    7.11 STUN Setting – STUN Server Setting, UPnP Setting STUN Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol through Network Address Translators is a protocol that allows applications to determine the types of NATs and firewalls are in between them and the internet. STUN also provides the ability for applications to determine the public IP addresses allocated to them by the NAT.
  • Page 26: Voice Setting And Qos

    7.12 Voice Setting and QoS Voice Compression Algorithm priority settings. Select Codec from the most used codec to the least used codec. RTP Packet Length Real-Time Transfer Protocol (RTP) packet length. VAD detects voice activity and adjusts the signal to a target power level.
  • Page 27: Phone Settings - Phone Setting

    7.13 Phone Settings – Phone Setting Recall you can only enable or disable call forwarding from the IP phone MENU key. With the web-browser, you can enter the forwarded phone numbers in the Phone Setting menu. Select the tone for particular country Tone Setting Ringer Type Select the type of ring (1 to 4).
  • Page 28: Phone Setting - Timer

    Call Forward Click No Answer to enable call forward to another number when no one answers the phone after 180s (default). The timer can be changed from 0-600s. Refer to section 7.14 to change the timer. Click Busy to enable call forward to another number when user is busy on the phone.
  • Page 29: Call Tracing Log

    Auto Speaker Off The time interval that the speaker phone is on before turning off automatically (due to inactivity). 7.15 Call Tracing Log Call Tracing Log keeps a record of all the phone activities. This log is used by our engineers to troubleshoot hardware problems.
  • Page 30: Speed Dial

    7.17 Speed Dial Speed dial numbers can be accessed from the IP phone. Refer to section 8.2 for speed dial info. Number 0x Speed dial phone number. 0x is the speed dial number. 7.18 Restart System Click Restart to update all the modifications and reboot the system.
  • Page 31: Operating The Phone

    8.0 OPERATING THE PHONE Dialing 8.1.1 IP Address Lift handset or press SPEAKER button Dial IP address. For example: dialing Press or wait until the timer expires to dial. 8.1.2 SIP Number Note: You have to register with SIP server to use SIP number. Lift handset or press SPEAKER...
  • Page 32: Speed Dialing

    Speed Dialing Lift handset or press SPEAKER button Dial Speed Dial number. For example: dialing speed dial number 08 Answering a Phone Call Note: The CANCEL key may be used to reject a call. When phone rings: Lift handset or press SPEAKER button to begin conversation.
  • Page 33: Call Transfer

    Call Transfer While having a conversation: Press Hold to put the person on the other line on hold. Dial the IP address or the extension number where you like the call to be transferred. Press Transfer to transfer the call. Redial Note: To return to idle mode, press CANCEL key 8.7.1 Last Dialed Number...
  • Page 34: On Hold

    On Hold Note: To transfer a call while on hold, press the TRANS key. Dial the extension/phone number and press the TRANS key again to transfer the call. While having a conversation: Press HOLD (Press HOLD again to resume conversation) Call Forward Please refer to IP Phone Setup and Web Browser Configuration section to setup call forwarding.
  • Page 35: Using The Phonebook

    9.0 USING THE PHONEBOOK Dialing from the Phonebook Press the PHONE BOOK to access the phone book. Press to scroll down the list until the name is displayed on the screen. Press to dial. Storing a Number Press and hold the PHONE BOOK until “...
  • Page 36: Editing A Number

    Editing a Number Press the PHONE BOOK to access the phonebook. Press until the name is displayed on the screen. Press the PHONE BOOK again. Select “ Edit ” and press to edit. Enter a new name and press Enter the new phone number and press Press to save and override the previous name and phone number.
  • Page 37: Troubleshooting

    10.0 Troubleshooting The following troubleshooting information can be used to help solve most common problems. QUESTION RECOMMENDED ACTION There are no DIAL tone 1. Check if there are any loose connections. Nothing is displayed on the 1. Check if power cord is connected properly. LCD screen 2.
  • Page 38 3. Check with your supplier if firmware filename is correct. 1. Unplug the power cord from the IP phone. Wait 2 seconds I accidentally set DSL to enable and now the phone and plug the power cord back in the IP phone. Press and hold does not boot up MENU key.

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