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Proofing Bread; Range Care; Clean Cycle - KitchenAid KGRS202BSS Use & Care Manual

Use & care guide
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Proofing bread prepares the dough for baking by activating the
yeast. Follow the recipe directions as a guide. Standard Proof
should be used for fresh dough, thawed dough, and for the first
and second rise. Rapid Proof (on some models) operates at a
slightly higher temperature than Standard Proof, and it can be used
for the second rise of formed dough.
To Proof:
Before first proofing, place the dough in a lightly greased bowl and
cover loosely with wax paper, coated with shortening. Place on
rack guide 2 and close the oven door.
NOTE: If the temperature of the oven is greater than 100°F (38°C),
"oven cooling" will be displayed until the temperature is less than
100°F (38°C).
AquaLift™ Technology is an innovative cleaning solution that
utilizes heat and water to release baked-on spills from the oven in
less than 1 hour. This new cleaning technology is a low-heat, odor-
free alternative to traditional self-cleaning options.
Allow the oven to cool to room temperature before using the Clean
cycle. If your oven cavity is above 200°F (93°C), "OVEN COOLING"
will appear in the display, and the Clean cycle will not be activated
until the oven cavity cools down.
To Clean:
1. Remove all racks and accessories from the oven cavity and
wipe excess soil. Use a plastic scraper to remove easily-
removed soils.

Proofing Bread

1. Press BREAD PROOF until the desired proof is displayed
("Stndrd Proof" or "Rapid Proof"). Rapid Bread Proofing is
available only on some models.
2. Press START.
Let the dough rise until nearly doubled in size. Proofing time
may vary depending on dough type and quantity.
3. Press OFF when finished proofing.
Before second proofing, shape the dough, place it in baking pan(s)
and cover loosely. Follow the same placement and control steps
above. Before baking, remove the cover.
NOTE: If the oven temperature is greater than 100°F (38°C), the
display will indicate "oven cooling" until the temperature is below
100°F (38°C).


Clean Cycle

2. Pour 1¾ cups (14 oz [414 mL]) of distilled or filtered water onto
the bottom of the empty oven and close the oven door.
IMPORTANT: Do not use chemicals or other additives with the
water. Do not open the oven door during the Clean cycle. The
water on the oven bottom is hot.
3. Press AQUALIFT SELF CLEAN and then START on the oven
control panel.
4. Allow 40 minutes for cleaning and cool down. A beep will
sound when the Clean cycle is complete.
5. Press OFF at the end of the cycle. OFF may be pressed at any
time to stop the Clean cycle.
6. Remove the residual water and loosened soils with a sponge or
cloth immediately after the Clean cycle is complete. Much of
the initial 1¾ cups (14 oz [414 mL]) of water will remain in the
oven after the cycle is completed. If additional soils remain,
leave a small amount of water in the oven bottom to assist with
the cleaning.

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Table of Contents

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