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Xerox C8 - DocuPrint Color Inkjet Printer Manual page 8

Specialty media guide
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Cu t Qu a l i t y & Pa p e r T r i m m i n g Re c o m m e n d a t i o n s
Proper cutting of the paper to be used is critical. Mills offering paper in cut sizes will convert papers
using state of the art rotary slitters on high performance systems. Slitting and edge trimming by
circular knives with dust removal at every cutting point prevents contamination issues.
Trimming papers from parent sheets to get the desired output size may generate dust if dull knifes
are used. The recommendation is to delay trimming until printing has been finalized to prevent paper
dust generation and contamination issues.
If pre-print trimming is imperative, special care must be taken to ensure that any loose fibers are
removed before the paper is loaded into the machine trays. By thoroughly fanning the sheets and
wiping down the edges with a cloth, most of these contaminants can be removed; however, an in-
house maintenance program, including blade maintenance and dust removal with a vacuum or air
system, will be key in achieving good results.
Ca r b o n l e s s Pa p e r s
Carbonless papers are pressure sensitive papers that are coated with several functional coatings.
These coatings promote image transfer through the form set and enable the form sets to separate
appropriately after padding with a special adhesive. Xerox has enabled this application on DocuColor
6060 by combining a unique paper coating chemistry (Xerox Premium Digital Carbonless), with a
software "switch" designed to disable key machine components reducing the frequency of service
calls. Since each supplier of xerographic carbonless papers has developed their own chemistry, the
following procedure does not enable any other carbonless product.
• Contact your local service representative to ensure machine software has been upgraded to V
2.0 (printer V 2.2.5) or later.
• Enter machine "tools" mode (Refer to System Administration Guide for more information)
• Touch "Machine Defaults 3" tab on the machine User Interface (UI)
• Enter Chain Link 700-920 on the UI key pad (hyphen will be added automatically)
• Press "Start" to display "Current Value". "0" (on) will be displayed.
• Touch "1" on the UI key pad. "1" (off) appears in "New Value" box.
• Touch "Close" and then "Exit Tools" on the UI touch screen
Note: This procedure must be performed at the start and end of each Xerox Premium Digital
Carbonless Paper run. Failure to do so will lead to premature component failure.
As this machine is equipped with a friction feed device, the sheet sustains a small scuff mark visible
on the CF and CFB sheets as it is fed from the trays.
The quality of image laid down by the printer may not be as good as typically seen with plain paper
sheets designed for color xerography, and areas of halftone / solid coverage may degrade more
For more information on Genuine Xerox Supplies, call 1-800-822-2200 in the USA and 1800-668-0133 in Canada


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