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Xerox C8 - DocuPrint Color Inkjet Printer Manual page 9

Specialty media guide
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quickly. Please ensure that print quality meets your requirements before committing to extended
Lastly, Xerox Premium Digital Carbonless paper may react with the residual debris left behind by
non-Xerox branded carbonless materials resulting in significant and immediate contamination of
machine components. If a non-Xerox branded material has been run prior to running Xerox Premium
Digital Carbonless it is suggested that all components, in direct contact with the paper, be replaced to
ensure trouble free operation.
2 -Si d e d Pr i n t i n g o n H e a v y w e i g h t Pa p e r s
It is possible to automatically print two-sided documents on Xerox Heavyweight (>220 gsm) papers
with DocuColor 7000 / 7000AP / 8000 / 8000AP systems by setting the machine to the 186 – 220
gsm weight setting. While this weight setting is slightly less than the actual basis weight of these
papers, it has been determined through testing that performance will not be compromised. There are,
however, some adjustments that may be required.
Custom Paper Profiles (2
Image Quality, and color rendition. This adjustment should be performed at regular intervals, and
more frequently for heavier weight papers, to maintain consistent output. Refer to the DocuColor
8000 / 7000 System Administration Guide for instructions on programming these settings.
The following settings should be used for reference only. Environmental factors and job parameters
may require additional adjustment.
Also, Xerox Digital Color Supreme Gloss 12pt. must be loaded in the tray such that the uncoated side
is imaged first (up) to avoid scratching the soft coating material.
M e d i a a n d A p p l i c a t i o n s N o t i n t h e Re c o m m e n d e d M a t e r i a l s L i s t
DISCLAIMER: The information in this section is intended only for those who have a specific
request to use a special material or application in the DocuColor 8000 / 7000 that is not on the
Recommended Materials List. It must be understood that running these types of jobs may
result in degraded image quality, an increase in jams, an increase in service calls, or, in the
For more information on Genuine Xerox Supplies, call 1-800-822-2200 in the USA and 1800-668-0133 in Canada
BTB) will allow you to adjust machine parameters to achieve optimum
100# Digital Color Elite Gloss
110# Digital Color Elite Gloss
100# Digital Color Elite Silk
110# Digital Color Elite Silk
12 pt. Supreme Gloss
100# Graphic Xpressions
Side 1: 80
"B" Simp
Side 2: 80
"A" Dup
Side 1: 110
"B" Simp
Side 2: 100
"A" Dup
Side 1: 110
"B" Simp
Side 2: 70
"A" Dup
Side 1: 100
"B" Simp
Side 2: 90
"A" Dup
Side 1: 90
"A" Simp
Side 2: 110
"A" Dup
Side 1: 90
"B" Simp
Side 2: 100
"A" Dup


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