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Specialty media guide
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Ou t p u t Cu r l a n d De c u r l i n g De v i c e s
Paper curl is caused by a variety of factors. Many papers tend to curl toward one side after toner is
applied and fused. For some paper products, paper curl variability may be evident from batch to
batch and even from ream to ream.
The DocuColor 8000AP / 8000 / 7000AP / 7000AP has an automatic curl control system that uses a
number of variables to adjust the amount of pressure applied by different decurlers in an effort to
reduce as much curl as possible from printed output. Default settings are programmed in the system
based on equipment design parameters; however, the default settings may not be appropriate for all
Most of the papers designed for xerographic use indicate the preferred printing side with an arrow on
the ream label. Follow the manufacturers' suggestions for first image side, and load paper with the
arrow pointing up for onboard trays 1 and 2, as well as Secondary Feeder Module (SFM) trays 3 and
4. If the output prints have too much curl, first try flipping over the stack of paper in the paper tray
being used.
If flipping the stack of paper over does not resolve the curling problem, enter the Tools Mode and
manually select a new decurler setting for the paper. Refer to the DocuColor 8000 / 7000 System
Administration Guide for information on how to access Tools Mode and the Decurler Setup screen.
The four pre-programmed decurler settings are named A, B, C, and D and refer to a set of
parameters that characterize how a particular paper interacts with the DocuColor 8000AP / 8000 /
7000AP / 7000 decurling system. Select a different setting for the tray, type, and weight of paper with
a curling problem, then exit Tools Mode and re-run a few sheets using the new setting. A difference
in behavior should be visible, but if output curl remains unacceptable, try additional settings until
desired output is achieved.
Six additional settings (E1-E6) provide additional adjustment flexibility based upon actual output curl
To use settings E1 – E6, you must first program these settings to match paper grade, type, area
coverage, and environmental conditions. Refer to the DocuColor 8000 / 7000 System Administration
Guide for instructions on programming these settings.
Ou t p u t Co n s i d e r a t i o n s a n d B & W Pr i n t i n g
DocuColor 8000AP / 8000 / 7000AP / 7000 performance is tightly linked to good media selection and
adequate job creation. For particular applications, using coated materials will improve image quality.
The DocuColor 8000AP / 8000 / 7000AP / 7000 can be used to produce black and white documents
as well as color. Because of the way black and white documents are processed and fused, you will
need to run a fine grain paper when running jobs with blocks of solid black. For these jobs, try using
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