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Xerox DocuColor 7000AP Release Notes

Powered by creo for xerox docucolor 7000ap/8000ap digital presses
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Xerox CX Print Server, Powered by Creo for Xerox
DocuColor 7000AP/8000AP Digital Presses
Release Notes


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Xerox DocuColor 7000AP

  • Page 1 Xerox CX Print Server, Powered by Creo for Xerox DocuColor 7000AP/8000AP Digital Presses Release Notes 739-00422A-EN English...
  • Page 2 Hexachrome, PANTONE, PANTONE Hexachrome, and PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM are the property of Pantone, Inc. PEARL, PEARLdry, PEARLgold, PEARLhdp, and PEARLsetter are registered trademarks of Presstek, Inc. XEROX is a trademark of XEROX CORPORATION. Internal 739-00422A-EN Revised August 2007...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction What is in These Release Notes ... 1 Software Kit Contents Key Features Hardware Components... 3 Spire Tabs Plug-In ... 3 Mixed Paper Size ... 5 Imposition Template Builder... 6 Viewing Templates... 8 Simulating Jobs With a Template ... 8 Imposition Tab...
  • Page 4 Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes Backup and Restore Configuration ... 28 Incorrect Print Status Information ... 28 Job Preview & Editor—Adobe Acrobat Window in Background... 29 Simulating Jobs in the Imposition Template Builder... 29...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction We are pleased to send you the release notes for Xerox® CX Print Server, Powered by Creo® for Xerox DocuColor® 7000AP/8000AP Digital Presses software. These release notes highlight the key features for the 1.0 release of CX print server software.
  • Page 6: Software Kit Contents

    This CD contains the utilities, and the CX Print Server User Guide. The CD has both Macintosh both platforms. You can copy the Xerox CX Print Server, Powered by Creo for Xerox DocuColor 7000AP/8000AP Digital Presses User Guide to any client workstation that has a CD-ROM drive and send the guides to any printer.
  • Page 7: Key Features

    User disk:2 × 250 GB SATA2 disks as system disk • Printer (Image) disk: 2 × 250 GB SATA2 disks as image disks Spire Tabs Plug-In The Spire Tabs plug-in for Acrobat (version 7.0 or later) is used to create and place tabs in your unprocessed (PDF or PostScript) jobs, manage the tab and text attributes, and save a set of attributes for future use.
  • Page 8 The tabs that you add become part of the document. window, right-click your unprocessed job and select Storage menu, select Plug-Ins Spire Tabs Printing tab you can select the location of the tab pages for the job as Content Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes tab. Text Attributes...
  • Page 9: Mixed Paper Size

    Key Features You can also manage the tabs while on the be performed: • Remove a tab • Change the location of a tab • Replace a page with a tab • Insert a tab before or after a specific page •...
  • Page 10: Imposition Template Builder

    These templates will need to be recreated using the Imposition Template Builder. To Open the Imposition Template Builder From the The Imposition Template Builder window appears. Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes menu, select Tools Imposition Template Builder...
  • Page 11 Key Features To Create a New Template From the Click Type the name of the new template, and press E In the need. The imposition method that you select determines the number of columns and rows that you can enter. For to 64 pages on one sheet (8 ×...
  • Page 12: Viewing Templates

    Simulating Jobs With a Template You can simulate how jobs from the Storage window will look if you apply an imposition template to them. Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes Template layout type in the layout list: Step & Repeat, Cut & Stack Step &...
  • Page 13 Key Features To simulate a job with a specific imposition template: In the Imposition Template Builder window, click the Click The Storage window opens. Select a job, and then click The parameters of the job ( sheet values in the Simulate Imposition window. Note: Both RTP and non-RTP jobs are available for simulation.
  • Page 14: Imposition Tab

    Saddle Stitch , sets per sheet Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes Step method and Step & Repeat method.
  • Page 15: Template Options

    Key Features Template Options Layout determines which layouts appear in the list. There are two types of layouts: • System layouts • User-defined templates (created in the Note: If you select Best Fit or a user-defined layout, some or all of the other parameters are unavailable.
  • Page 16: Scale

    This is the default option, set box, type a value from 25% to 400% for how you want to fits the page layout to the sheet size. Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes...
  • Page 17: The Preview Window

    Key Features The Preview Window The Preview window enables you to view your imposition layout and settings. You can open the Preview window at any time and keep it open to check your imposition settings as you select them. The Preview window dynamically reflects any changes that you make.
  • Page 18: Spire Print Driver Software

    DocuColor 8000AP Digital Press from any application on your client workstation. The Print Driver software also enables you to see the DocuColor 8000AP Digital Press configuration, monitor the printer’s status, and save a set of print parameters for reuse.
  • Page 19: Setting Up The Print Driver Software

    Setting up the Print Driver Software The Print Driver software is automatically installed on the client workstation when you set up a network printer. Once the printer is defined, you must activate the print driver’s enhanced user interface. To activate the print driver’s enhanced user interface:...
  • Page 20: Protecting Spot Colors

    New tabs have been added to the Spot Color Editor window: • Spot Editor • Protect RGB • Protect Gray • Protect CMYK Important: The Protect Gray feature is included in this release but is not currently functional. Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes...
  • Page 21: Defining Rgb And Cmyk Spot Colors

    Key Features Defining RGB and CMYK Spot Colors When you define a specific color as an RGB or CMYK spot color, and enter a fixed CMYK target for it or align it to a predefined spot color, the CX print server treats it as a spot color, protecting it accordingly.
  • Page 22 Type the RGB source values and the CMYK target values, or select a spot color from the Click On the The color information appears. box, type a name for your color. Color name list. Predefined Spot Save tab, select the color. Protect RGB Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes tab. Protect RGB...
  • Page 23: Protecting Spot Colors In The Workflow

    Key Features If necessary, in the Click A similar procedure is performed to define CMYK colors as spot colors. Protecting Spot Colors in the Workflow Once you have defined spot colors to protect, you need to indicate in the job workflow if one or more of these spot colors should be protected.
  • Page 24: Pdf Analyzer

    Text and line art: identifies the size of text, the width of the lines, white text, and objects and flatness tolerance • PDF/X: determines whether the file conforms to PDF/X-1a or to PDF/X-3 and whether the file contains PostScript fragments Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes...
  • Page 25: Default Trim Size

    Key Features To run the PDF analyzer: In the Storage folder, right-click the PDF file, and select In the • • If you do not want the report to automatically open when it is generated, clear Display report automatically If desired, change the report file name. By default, the report file name consists of the original file name and the suffix checked is If you want to save the report to a specific location, click...
  • Page 26 • Sheet 4 is printed in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Custom Custom enables you to select the separations that you want to print for each sheet for each page of the job. Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes...
  • Page 27: Enhanced Job Info

    The following information can be added: • Color bar and consistency of the printer and calibration, and if color proofing needs to be performed. • Job name •...
  • Page 28: Restore Paper Sets

    ISO ICC profile. It is located in the Utilities/Profile/Source_Profile folder. Enfocus PitStop Edit Software The Enfocus PitStop Edit software plug-in version 6.51 for Acrobat is provided in this release. Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes Administration > Configuration backup ISO_coated_sb.icc , the Paper...
  • Page 29: Limitations

    CX print server. Otherwise, the job might not print properly. tab, the job will freeze in the print queue. Tools > Resource Center option does not work with a virtual printer that supports a and select . Select the paper Paper Sets .
  • Page 30: Huffman Compression .Jpg Files

    DCS1 and DCS2 files that have been RIPed cannot be previewed in Acrobat using the limitations: Job Preview & Editor to preview a PostScript or PDF file, issues Job Preview & Editor Job Preview & Editor Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes scaling in PPML files. Fit to Page...
  • Page 31: Admin Page Limitation

    Submit and process the job completely before you submit other jobs. Clear the check box. Print Admin page Select as the delivery option for the job. Face down for a virtual printer is Head to Toe . If this problem occurs, perform one...
  • Page 32: Hcss Front Staple Option Display

    Set all other paper sizes in the PPD file. When using the above applications, before enabling the Print Driver software, go to the Printer properties for the virtual printer and set the PPD page size to the maximum size available.
  • Page 33: Job Preview & Editor—Adobe Acrobat Window In Background

    Limitations Job Preview & Editor—Adobe Acrobat Window in Background After selecting background if the CX print server workspace is clicked as Acrobat is being launched. The CX print server workspace becomes the active window instead of Acrobat. Press A Simulating Jobs in the Imposition Template Builder In this version, you can’t simulate a job in the Imposition Template Builder.
  • Page 34 Xerox CX Print Server 1.0 Release Notes...
  • Page 36

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