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Xerox C8 - DocuPrint Color Inkjet Printer Manual page 3

Specialty media guide
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Xerox Digital Color Elite / Select Gloss or Silk Coated paper in the USA and Canada and Xerox
Colotech + Gloss or Silk Coated in Europe.
Another way of ensuring fine quality solid black images is to change grayscale images to duotones or
process black. This allows the machine to apply its optimum imaging capabilities to the file.
Also, the 150 cluster dot screen, available in the print driver, can be used to soften a grayscale image
and to create specific customer effects. By default, the system uses a 200 cluster dot screen to
achieve its crisp image quality.
N o n -St a n d a r d (Cu s t o m ) Pa p e r Si ze s
For information on loading and programming non-standard paper sizes, refer to the Operator's
Manual and System Administration Guide.
Dr i l l e d / Pu n c h e d Pa p e r s
2, 3, and 4 hole drilled / punched papers can be run from any tray in DC8000AP / 8000 / 7000AP /
7000. Papers with 3 holes, however, will require an extra step to run successfully due to interference
between the center hole and machine sensors. First, go to NVM Read / Write in the tools mode (refer
to the System Administration Guide Tools Mode Chapter) and enter chain link 700-545. Change the
default setting from "1000" (on) to "0" (off). Please remember to reset the default value to "1000"
when you are finished running 3 hole drilled / punched papers. Failure to do so may result in
degraded image quality, an increase in service calls, and damage to the machine.
T r a n s p a r e n c i e s
Transparencies can be run from any tray yielding a 30 page per minute output. For more information
on loading transparencies, refer to the Operator's Manual. Use only the recommended Xerox
transparencies to ensure optimum image quality and transmission efficiencies when projected.
Overhead Projector (OHP) sizes are limited to 8.5"x11" in the US, and A4 in Europe. For best results
use transparency 3R5765 (US/Canada) and 3R93179 (Europe).
To ensure consistent image quality and minimize streaking, only 500 transparencies should be run at
one time. If a larger run is required, it is recommended to break the job up into smaller ones and print
approximately 25-50 sheets of regular paper between sets to absorb any excess fuser oil.
Even though paper backed transparencies will run through the system, it is important to be aware
that productivity enhancements may be offset by image quality degradation. Even when run at the
slowest speed possible by selecting the 221-300 gsm (single and mixed paper weight settings),
image quality on paper-backed transparencies will likely be inferior to that which can be achieved by
using the recommended removable stripe transparencies and running them in the OHP mode.
For more information on Genuine Xerox Supplies, call 1-800-822-2200 in the USA and 1800-668-0133 in Canada


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