Whirlpool ECKMF94 - Automatic Ice Maker Installation Manual

Whirlpool ECKMF94 - Automatic Ice Maker Installation Manual

Modular ice maker kit


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  • Page 1 Contents Table ....2 (complete) Assistance Requesting ..,,....2 Service mation . . .3 Inf of cmpoftant ..4 You Begin Before Installing...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Action Program (MACAP). MACAP consists of a group of independent consumer experts that voices consumer views at the highest levels of the major appliance industry. Contact MACAP only when the dealer, authorized servicer, and Whirlpool have failed to resolve your problem.
  • Page 3: Important Information

    Important Information The following information is used throughout this installation Guide. Read it carefully SO you are familiar with it. information that alerts you to potentially dangerous conditions. These conditions can cause serious personal injury if the suggested procedures are not observed. @This Installation Guide gives you complete instructions on how to install the Ice Maker Kit in your refrigerator-freezer and connect a...
  • Page 4: Before You Begin

    Before You Begin Tools Installation notes 1. Follow the instructions carefully. Read You will need these tools to install your kit. through the entire step so that you under- 1. Regular screwdriver stand it before you perform it. 2. Phillips screwdriver and l/i’...
  • Page 5: Components

    Components Remove the contents from the shipping carton and set them on a table where they can be easily identified and located. Check all of the components in the kit against the following list to help you become familiar with them. When you identify a component, place a check mark ( 3) after it.
  • Page 6: Installing The Ice Maker

    Installing the Ice Maker Making preparations Refer to the illustration below for the following steps. 3.On an appliance with bottom freezer, 1. Carefully pull the refrigerator away from remove the slide-out basket, the ice cube the wall so that you can easily access the trays, and the wire ice cube holder (if rear panel.
  • Page 7: Side-By-Side Models

    Side-by-side models Refer to the side diagram for the following steps. You will be working inside the freezer ln8ert pin compartment. 1. Remove the phillips screw from the ice Phillips slot Wiring 8crew maker wiring cover and remove the cover. harness Insert tab 2.
  • Page 8 Refer to the side diagram for the following step. You will be working inside the freezer compartment. 1. Position the long aluminum fill tube exten- sion so that the curve is pointing down, and slide the flared end over the fill tube as far as it will go (see DETAIL A).
  • Page 9: Top/Bottom Freezer Models

    Top/bottom freezer models Refer to the side diagram for the following steps. 1. Remove the phillips screw from the ice Mounting hole - maker wiring cover, unhook the right side tab from the edge of the back cover, and remove the wiring cover. Phillips 2.
  • Page 10: Installing The Tubing Clips

    Installing the tubing clips DETAlL Refer to the side diagram for the following steps. 1. Remove the seven hex-head screws from the rear access cover, then remove the cover and set it aside. NOTE: If you have a later unit with a metal Fill tube for panel, (see DETAIL A), remove the hex- top and SXS...
  • Page 11: Preparing The Water Valve Tubing

    Preparing the water valve tubing (for bottom freezers only) CUT TUBING Refer to the side diagram for the following HERE steps. 1. Untape the coiled flexible tubing coming from the water valve and straighten it. I II MAKE AN EVEN CUT 2.
  • Page 12: Mounting The Water Valve

    Mounting the water valve Refer to the diagram below for the following steps. 1. Locate the 2-pin water valve solenoid 3. Refer to DETAIL B and mount the water connector (with the brown and two white valve to the mounting holes in the cabinet wires) that is taped to the main wiring frame with two X’hex-head machine...
  • Page 13: Connecting The Water Valve Tubing

    Connecting the water valve tubing Refer to the diagram below for the following 4. Refer to DETAIL 6, and slide the end of the tubing into the end of the fill tube spout as steps. far as it will go (if the tubing does not reach, pull as much as necessary up 1.
  • Page 14: Mounting The Ice Maker

    Mounting the ice maker Refer to the side diagram for the following step. 1. Look at the ice maker’s fill cup and note that the rear of the cup has a “U” shaped groove (either of the sides may also be grooved).
  • Page 15 Refer to the side diagrams for the following steps. 1. Position the ice maker inside the freezer compartment and connect its wiring con- nector to the wiring harness connector so they lock together (the locking arm will snap over the raised tab). The connectors will fit together only one way.
  • Page 16: Installing The Water Line

    Installing the Water Line Choosing a location 1. Open the copper tubing kit that you pur- chased earlier, and lay the contents neatly on a table where you can identify them easily. The parts from the kit that you will use are as follows: 1 Regular Valve (not the steel- piercing type)
  • Page 17: Routing The Copper Tubing

    Routing the copper tubing Refer to the side diagram for the following steps. 1. Uncoil the necessary length of copper tubing and straighten it, then route the end of the tubing through the access hole you drilled to the location you have chosen to install the shut-off valve.
  • Page 18: Installing The Shut-Off Valve

    Installing the shut-off valve Refer to the diagram below for the following steps. 1. Locate the shut-off valve and the front pipe 4. Carefully slide the pilot tube of the shut-off clamp (with the threaded hole in the center) valve into the water pipe access hole so it from the copper tubing kit.
  • Page 19: To The Shut-Off Valve

    Connecting the copper tubing to the shut-off valve Refer to the diagram below for the following steps. 5. Use a l/2” open-end wrench, and further 1. Straighten a 2” section of copper tubing and tighten the compression nut on the shut-off make sure that the opening is round and valve If necessary, you...
  • Page 20: Connecting The Copper Tubing

    Connecting the copper tubing to the water valve Refer to the diagram below for the following steps. 1. Check to make sure that the free end of 9. Insert the end of the tubing into the water the tubing is round and cut even. If neces- inlet connector at the top of the water valve as far as it will go, and hand tighten sary, prepare the end in the same manner...
  • Page 21: Turning The Water On

    Turning the water NOTE: Be very careful when you tighten the compression nuts that you do not overtighten them and destroy the compression sleeving and the end of the soft copper tubing. If this happens, you will have to cut off the end of the tubing, purchase a new compression sleeve, and start over.
  • Page 22: Final Installation

    Final Installation Installing the access cover and forming copper tubing 1. Reinstall the rear access cover on the refrigerator so the water valve tubing is inside the cover, and the copper water line is outside (see the diagram below), then secure the cover with the seven hex-head screws you removed earlier.
  • Page 23: Connecting The Power

    Connecting the power/leveling the unit 1. Plug the power cord into its AC outlet, and carefully push the refrigerator back against the wall. 2. Place a level on top of the cabinet. If you need to relevel the refrigerator, follow the procedure to adjust the front casters, as outlined in your refrigerator’s “Use and Care Guide.”...
  • Page 24: Starting The Ice Maker

    Starting the Ice Maker 1. Wash out the ice bucket, and then slide it under the ice maker (see the side diagram) as far as it will go. The ice bucket will be sitting on top of the freezer shelf. Installing the ice bucket IMPORTANT: On top-mount models without a full-width freezer shelf, you will need to place...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Operational notes i.The Ice Maker water valve contains a flow 2. The Ice Maker’s water valve is equipped with two strainers: a plastic basket type washer that acts like a pressure regulator to and a wire-mesh screen. Both of these control the water flow.
  • Page 26: The Modular Ice Maker Service Sheet

    The modular ice maker service sheet Module test points Specifications MOLD HEATER - 185 WAllS, 72 OHMS THERMOSTAT - CLOSE 17” * 3 o (BIMETAL) OPEN 32” f 3” WATER FILL - 14OCC, 7.5 SEC. MOTOR -u WAlTS, 8800 OHMS MODULE -STAMPED CIRCUIT, PLUG-IN CONNECTORS...
  • Page 27: Ice Maker Replacement Parts List

    Ice maker replacement parts list When you place an order for a part, use the “Part Number,” not the “Key Number.” Part Number Number Description Mold and Heater Assembly 628228 628356 Bearing and Inlet 627843 627788 Ejector Ice Stripper 627790 Support 627796 Retainer, Thermostat...
  • Page 28 Ice maker replacement parts list (cont’d) The following parts are not illustrated. Optional parts are not included in this list. Part Number Description 939529 Cube 837142 Trim, Ice Cube Pan 1121997 Accessory Bag, Outside 836489 Fitting, Water Tube ‘1106508 Seal Gasket 488645 Screw, 8 x l/2”...

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