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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Reference Card

Hp netserver lpr technical reference card.
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HP 219239 BACK SIDE PN D9431-80204 6.181 X 11.811
Management Port
Rear Panel
PCI Slot #3
PCI Slot #2
PCI Slot #1
Power Inlet
Ultra SCSI
Rear Panel LED Definitions:
Steady green when the LPr's network adapter and the network
switch are properly connected and receiving power.
Rate of green flashes reflects network traffic to/from LPr's network adapter.
100 Mbps
Steady green indicates support of 100 Mbps transfers. Off for 10 Mbps transfers.
Control Panel
Power On/Off
Reset Switch Drive Activity LED
On/Off LED
Control Panel LED Definitions:
Power On/Off
Steady green shows system power ON.
Drive Activity
Flashes green to show access over embedded SCSI controller.
Drive Error
Flashes red to indicate that one of the two drives in the hot-swap bays has failed and
must be replaced. Remove front bezel to check drive LEDs. Flashes yellow to predict
drive failure or to indicate that the drive is running out of space. Use TopTools to
determine cause.
Flashes red when temperature is hazardous -- shut down and check for sources of over-
temperature. Flashes yellow when temperature nears hazardous levels - check for
source of over-temperature.
Fan Failure
Flashes red to indicate a fan failure - shut down gracefully and replace the fan.
Flashes yellow to indicate the start of a fan failure -- schedule shutdown and fan
DC 1682 ALA SP 85/2400 OM
Link LED
Activity LED
Power Requirements
definitions below
100 Mbps LED
Serial Port B
Serial Port A
Parallel Port
Space Requirements
Air Conditioning Requirements
Drive Error
Use only HP DIMMs.
Fan Failure
The LPr ships with 64MB and can support 1GB.
DIMMs may be installed in any combination in any
Two hot-swap SCSI drive shelves support LVDS
low-profile SCSI devices.
Do not use HVD SCSI devices in the LPr.
Use single-ended SCSI devices on the SCSI bus
outside of the LPr.
Be certain any external SCSI cable ends with proper
termination and does not exceed 2.5 meters.
Operating Current
100 VAC
120 VAC
200/208 VAC
220/230 VAC
Voltage and Frequency
88 - 264VAC, 47-63Hz
In-Rush Current
Leakage Current in Rack 15mA
Delayed Action Circuit Breaker
60Hz - NEMA AB1 Class 14B
50Hz - IEC Type C for 16A circuits
System Dimensions 3.5"H x 17.6"W x 28"D
(8.9cm x 44.7cm x 71.1cm)
Rack Space
2 EIA units
Rack Clearance
None required
System Weight
40 lbs (88 kg)
Maximum Heat Output 1041 BTU/hour
Operating Temperature 41 to 95 degrees F
(5 to 35 degrees C)
Operating Humidity
20% to 80% RH
Mass Storage
HP NetServer LPr Service
Electronic Support Services
• Internet Web Page
• Internet FTP
• CompuServe Library GO HPPC
• HP Navigator CD
Support Questions
• HP-Authorized Reseller
• CompuServe Discussion Forum GO HPPC
• US / Canada Phone Support 1-970-635-1000
• Europe Phone Support (+31-20) 581-3330 (Netherlands)
HP has offices in over 100 countries. Check your local telephone
Selected HP Accessories
For other tested accessories, download the Order Assistant from
the HP Web page.
Audience Assumptions
This Service Reference Label is for trained service personnel.
Hewlett-Packard Company assumes you are qualified in the
servicing of computer equipment and trained in recognizing
hazards in products with hazardous energy levels.
Electrostatic Discharge To avoid catastrophic or hidden
damage to components, wear a wrist strap and use a static-
dissipative work surface connected to the chassis when
handling components. Use an antistatic service kit, such as
3M 8501/8502/8505 or equivalent.
System Troubleshooting
Check LEDs at front and rear of system as shown in
panels at left.
On power-up, a beep error code message may appear
before the video display starts. Refer to the list of Beep
Codes in Information Assistant on your LPr On-Line
Documentation CD.
If an error code appears during boot, place the HP Network
Navigator CD in the CD-ROM drive, attempt the boot and
then press the ENTER key when the error code appears.
An explanation will appear on the screen.
• Check that the System Board is properly seated in the
I/O Board.
Interrupt Sharing
Note that the embedded SCSI Controller and PCI Slot #3
share the same interrupt line. The operating system will
distinguish the interrupt source, but performance will be
adversely affected.
This information is subject to change without notice and is
provided without warranty.
©2000, Hewlett-Packard Company. All rights reserved.
P/N: D9431-80204
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