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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr Frequently Asked Questions Manual Page 5

Hp netserver lc 2000 frequently asked questions.
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What utility is used to configure the embedded SCSI controller configuration?
The BIOS has the SCSI configuration utility. SCSI configuration is used for configuring
embedded SCSI controllers and devices connected to the SCSI controllers. Features provided
using this utility include the option of reassigning the designation of channel A and B, verify
or modify SCSI host adapter settings, to low-level format SCSI disks, or verify SCSI media.
Are High Voltage Differential (HVD) devices supported in the NetServer LC 2000?
High Voltage Differential SCSI devices are not supported on the embedded SCSI bus. The
devices will be damaged if connected to the embedded SCSI bus.
What optional SCSI kits are available for the NetServer LC 2000?
HP NetServer LC 2000 SCSI Duplexing kit P/N D8280A
Use to mirror maximum of 3 + 3 hot swap drives on two different SCSI channels. This
requires a minimum of two hot swap hard disk drives and the Duplexing Kit.
The NetRAID 1Si/NetRAID 3Si with Duplexing kit can be used to duplex. For more
details please refer to Duplexing Kit manual
HP NetServer LC 2000 Internal to External SCSI Cable kit P/N D8600A
The NetServer LC 2000 can be configured to extend one of its SCSI channels (typically
channel B) to an external connector. This allows you to connect additional external
mass storage devices to the second channel of the system's embedded SCSI controller.
This requires the External SCSI Cable Kit.
Does the NetServer LC 2000 share interrupts?
The IRQ settings are automatically assigned and don't require user intervention. The HP
NetServer provides various ways to automatically share interrupts in the NetServer. Each
device and slot can be assigned an individual interrupt, because no sharing is done at
hardware level. The sharing mode can be selected under the heading "PCI Device Settings"
in the Setup Utility. The IRQs are automatically assigned during boot up for each PCI slot
and embedded device in the NetServer, avoiding any IRQ conflicts and providing the best
performance. The NOS and plug-n-play assigns interrupts to devices. Sharing of IRQs can be
done at the NOS level. Refer to Chapter 10 of LC 2000/2000r Installation Guide,
"Configuring the HP NetServer," for more information. The document is also available from
the NetServer web site.
What is the slot architecture for the PCI Bus in the NetServer LC 2000?
It supports six PCI accessory slots in the system, the NetServer LC 2000 has a two peer buses
and thus one can place any PCI card in any slot.
PCI Slots
Slots 1 and 3
Slots 4 through 6
Peer 1 PCI Bus
Peer 2 PCI Bus


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