Behringer FCB1010 User Manual

Ultra -fleible midi foot controller with 2 expression pedals and midi merge function.
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User Manual
Ultra-Flexible MIDI Foot Controller with 2 Expression Pedals
and MIDI Merge Function

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  • Page 1

    User Manual MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 Ultra-Flexible MIDI Foot Controller with 2 Expression Pedals and MIDI Merge Function...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 User Manual Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions ........3 Legal Disclaimer ............. 3 Limited Warranty ............3 1. Introduction ............... 5 1.1 Before you get started ............5 1.2 The user’s manual ............... 5 1.3 Control elements ..............5 2.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions, Legal Disclaimer, Limited Warranty

    A list of authorized resellers can dangerous voltage inside the moving the cart/apparatus be found on BEHRINGER’ s website behringer. com under enclosure - voltage that may be suffi cient to constitute a combination to avoid “Where to Buy”, or you can contact the MUSIC Group offi ce risk of shock.

  • Page 4

    MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 User Manual • connection or operation of the unit in any way “Support” at behringer. com. If your country is not (3) This warranty does not detract from the seller’ s listed, please check if your problem can be dealt with...

  • Page 5: Introduction, Before You Get Started, The User's Manual, Control Elements

    14 days of the date of purchase. You may also register online at interface gives you fun instead of frustration, and invites you to fully exploit the The serial number needed for the registration is located at the top capabilities of your MIDI equipment.

  • Page 6: Programming The Fcb1010, Selecting Banks And Presets

    (10) SERIAL NUMBER. Please take the time to have the warranty card filled out completely, and return it within 14 days after the date of purchase, so as to be entitled to benefit from our extended warranty. Or use our online registration option available on the World Wide Web under (11) (12) (13) Fig.

  • Page 7: Global Configuration

    MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 User Manual To leave GLOBAL CONFIGURATION menu, you need to press the DOWN/ESCAPE key for at least 2.5 sec. ◊ Only keeping the DOWN/ESCAPE key pressed for at least 2.5 sec. saves your newly entered settings! 2.2.1 DIRECT SELECT page...

  • Page 8: Quick Start Guide For Preset Programming

    Therefore, when you wish to remotely control channel PRG CHG 3 Program change command #3 change on a BEHRINGER guitar amp not via MIDI but via switch outputs PRG CHG 4 Program change command #4 (because you have no MIDI cable at your disposal), you have to power off switch 1 &...

  • Page 9: Detailed Preset Programming

    MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 User Manual number the EXPRESSION PEDAL of your choice is aimed to send values for. MIDI functions are activated by keeping the corresponding keys Confirm your selection with UP/ENTER and enter the lower value (pedal up).

  • Page 10

    MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 User Manual ◊ To program a MIDI function, you have to first activate it. Individual Musical Note MIDI Note Number MIDI functions are activated by keeping the corresponding keys pressed for a few seconds. Active MIDI functions are indicated by a C#-2/Db-2 permanently lit footswitch LED.

  • Page 11: Controller Toggle Function, Tap-tempo Function, Data Storage

    (VALUE 1), with each additional key press you can alternate between CNT2 the entire range from 0 through 127; or a limited range from 0 through 63, and CNT1. Example: Select preset 1 without DRIVE function on the BEHRINGER and so on. So, the VALUE parameter simply determines the resolution with V-AMP—each time you press the same button again, DRIVE will be switched...

  • Page 12: Restoring Factory Presets

    Resetting your FCB1010 lets you restore various default settings that are MIDI IN connector of the FCB1010 (see fig. 2.6) optimized for use with BEHRINGER audio equipment. This is why there are three • Keep the DOWN switch pressed during power-up to enter the different key combinations that let you reload the desired defaults into the GLOBAL CONFIGURATION menu...

  • Page 13: Calibrating Expression Pedals A And B, Applications, Basic Setup, Expanded Setup (using The Switch Function)

    MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 User Manual 2.9 Calibrating expression pedals A and B 3.1 Basic setup Should you experience problems with exact MIDI controller data transmission while using the expression pedals, we recommend calibrating the pedals. Calibrating the pedals follows the complition of the FCB1010 self-test.

  • Page 14: Connections (general), Midi—a Standard, A Revolution, Midi Connections, Midi Data Format

    MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 User Manual 4.2 MIDI data format The effects processor is controlled via MIDI, while the SWITCH function toggles the amp. Thus, you’ll need no additional footswitch when you switch between Although the FCB1010 is very easy to operate, it does make sense to know a few the channels;...

  • Page 15: Midi Implementation, Specifications

    Channel Changed 1-16 Default Mode BEHRINGER is constantly striving to maintain the highest professional standards. As a result of these efforts, Messages modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without prior notice. Specifications and Note programmable 0-127 appearance may differ from those listed or illustrated.

  • Page 16

    MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 User Manual FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION COMPLIANCE INFORMATION MIDI FOOT CONTROLLER FCB1010 MUSIC Group Services US Inc. Responsible Party Name: 18912 North Creek Parkway, Address: Suite 200 Bothell, WA 98011, Phone: +1 425 672 0816 Phone/Fax No.:...

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