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Behringer FCB1010 User Manual

Behringer spezielle studiotechnik users manual fcb1010
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  • Page 7: Global Configuration

    Tv‡pu HD9DÃsˆp‡v‚ PRG CHG 1 PRG CHG 2 PRG CHG 3 PRG CHG 4 PRG CHG 5 CNT 1 CNT 2 EXP A EXP B 10/0 NOTE...
  • Page 8: Configuration Setup Menu

    PRESET SYSEX Sends the entire memory as a sysex SEND When this switch is pressed, the FCB1010 waits for the reception of SYSEX system-exclusive data. Switch LED dies out when the data have been received correctly. Allows to merge MIDI IN data with FCB1010-generated data.
  • Page 10 Hˆ†vphyÃI‚‡r HD9DÃI‚‡rÃIˆ€ir… 8Æ!9i! 9Æ!@i! AÆ!Bi! BÆ!6i! 6Æ!7i! C3 (Clef C) 60 (Yamaha Convention) " &...
  • Page 12 Tv‡pu 9rshˆy‡Ã†r‡‡vtÃs‚…à 1 + 6 V-AMP family products 1 + 7 BEHRINGER guitar amps 1 + 8 BASS V-AMP product range...
  • Page 14 T‡h‡ˆ†Ã7’‡r 9h‡hÃ7’‡rÃÆ 9h‡hÃ7’‡rÃÆ! Note Off &8n (n=channel #) Note # Note On &9n (n=channel #) Note # Velocity Velocity...
  • Page 15 HD9DÃD€ƒyr€r‡h‡v‚Ã8uh…‡ U…h† Aˆp‡v‚ Srp‚tv“rq €v‡‡rq Default Basic 1-16 Changed Channel 1-16 Default Mode Messages Note 0-127 Number Note ON 0,64 Velocity Note OFF After Keys Touch Channels Control 0-127 Progr. True # Change System Exclusive Song Pos. System Song Sel. Common Tune System...

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